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EBay Responsible for 2/3 of Online Trade in Endangered Animals

I generally think of eBay as a force for environmental good...creating markets for items that would otherwise be trash but, instead, get to continue being useful. But this is very upsetting. It turns out that eBay is responsible for 2/3 of the worldwide online market in products made from endangered species.

In response to look there low price levitra the report, eBay has banned the sale of ALL items containing ivory, a huge hunk of endangered animal products. This policy change was caused by a report from the International Fund for Animal Welfare, which studied more than 7000 listings of how to buy viagra without prescription illegal items on online us viagra over 180 websites. eBay listed the vast majority of restricted items (not too much of a surprise, since they list the vast majority of all online auctions.) And ivory composed more than 70% of the restricted items.

We applaud eBay for pulling ivory from their pages completely. Frankly, eBay could have continued to allow ivory, since it can come from non-endangered animals like walrus, and legal pre-ban sources. But eBay decided to take action, and instead of scrutinizing every ivory post, they simply will no longer allow the auctions.

However, ivory certainly isn't the end of the endangered species trade on eBay. Hides from elephants, turtle shells, and leopard, cheetah, ocelot, lizard and price levitra crocodiles skins were all available on the site in one country or another. The fact that these items were not disallowed a decade ago is extremely disturbing and upsetting. 

We all (including EBay) owe the IFAW a great deal of thanks for bringing this to light.


Databases for the Environment

The United Nations Environment Program has teamed up with global conservation groups to create two new internet databases of protected and ecologically important sites.  Their aim is to help businesses make environmentally sound decisions when entering new areas. 

The World Database on Protected Areas (WDPA) integrates the UN list of canada prescriptions levitra protected areas with Google mapping software.  This information was previously only available to scientists, but now businesses, like oil and mining companies, can access the exact boundaries of areas like nature reserves and national parks and analyze their potential environmental impact before moving in.  In the event that companies already have a presence in these areas, they can make necessary changes to cheep viagra uk minimize their impact.   

The Integrated Biodiversity Assessment Tool (IBAT) adds information on Key Biodiversity Sites to the WDPA data.  This information includes both protected and unprotected areas where animals or plants are endangered, or where populations are globally significant.  Also included are articles outlining how businesses can make decisions based on the data. 

Major companies like BP, Chevron, Shell, ExxonMobil, Microsoft and Bank of America are helping to fund the projects. 

To me, it seems like these tools should have been in place a long time ago.  I’ll be interested to see how they are used and viagra sales online if businesses take the cialis sale usa data to heart. 

via Green Inc.


Environmental Defense Fund Offers $10,000 Prize to Explain Carbon Trading

Environmental Defense Action Fund is the lobbying arm of the Environmental Defense Fund, and it seems they are turning to the people to help get their message across, namely: we need a carbon cap and trade system.

The EDAF is offering a $10,000 prize to budget viagra anyone who can put together a clear, articulate video or graphic explaining how a carbon trading system will reduce our need of foreign oil. The way the EDAF puts it:

“We need your help conveying this concept to the American people in a clear, brief, convincing and memorable way to stick in the public's consciousness—like the well-known shot of an egg frying that depicted ‘your-brain-on-drugs.’”

Hmm. Boiling down a cap-and-trade concept into something as simple as “don’t do drugs?” I suppose anything is possible. However, as someone who took two semesters of economics in college, I remain skeptical.

One nice thing, in my opinion, is that the contest rules make it very clear that the EDAF doesn’t want this to be about global warming, and they don’t want this to be a partisan message, either. I think most people believe that cap-and-trade only makes sense if you DO believe in global warming, so if you can make a convincing argument that cap-and-trade makes additional sense from an energy independence perspective, that could be a powerful educational tool.

Of course, the EDAF leaves no room for opponents of cap-and-trade to make a video about their perspective… or at least win a prize for it.

Via Green Supply Line,


Identify Greenwashing with New Website

There’s a difference between something being green, and a company putting a green spin on a product. A new startup called GoodGuide is to be a source for free, scientist-verified data about products we purchase so we can ID for ourselves if what we’re consuming is as green as the company says it is.

Drawing from over 650 data sources, GoodGuide is natural viagra building a database that figures out what is physically healthy, socially healthy, and environmentally healthy, so that people can compare products and make their priority decisions. It is a great sibling site to the new Wikia Green.

GoodGuide is also implementing ways you can get the cost of cialis info while you’re standing in a isle staring at your options. You can get text messages right now, and soon there will be an iPhone app available. The site is in beta now, yet still has over 61,000 products already listed. Good to know that while we’re staring at 15 different kinds of toothpaste, we have someone to help us pick one.

Via Wired


Yay – More Smart Meters!

Silver Spring Smart Meters is hoppin! Keeping a brisk pace, they’ve just signed on generic levitra europe with Modesto Irrigation District in central California for $17 million to order levitra levitra sell smart-metering equipment to the district.

Anyone from California might cock their head and say “Modesto?” But anywhere smart meters land is somewhere good. The equipment is linking up 108,000 residential and commercial users to the utility (on top of the 3,000 previously installed smart meters for a smaller portion of the district), and the equipment includes circuit boards, wireless gateways and software along with Landis meters.

The district is cialis online pharmacy usa hoping to have everything set up by early 2009. It’ll be exciting to see how this works out for the relatively small area, because (at the risk of sounding redundant) it will lead, hopefully quickly, to bigger installments in more populated areas.

Via GreenTechMedia

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