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Cisco Makes Telecommuting Better with Virtual Office

Allowing employees to telecommute is cialis from canada definitely one option companies have to levitra no rx help green themselves up, and employees love it. However, setting up your employees at home can be a logistical pain. Cisco has launched its Virtual Office to help out with this issue.

The package is like a work-at-home kit – it includes Cisco’s 881w Series Internet Services Router, an IP phone for each employee, and back-end equipment for headquarters. Cisco is wise to jump on this issue since employees right and lowest price tramadol left are asking to switch to telecommuting, at least part time, in order to cut down on gas expenses. There was a 12% increase since last year in the in usa levitra generic number of US companies offering a telecommuting program. With a package like Cisco’s, companies can feel more comfortable with allowing employees to work from home since security measures are in place with the set-up.

The package is about $700 per employee (an amount averaged out over 200-300 users), an investment amount that is recouped through decreasing the amount of leased office space, saved energy, plus the check mark companies gain for “green” programs.

Via Earth2Tech; photo via frosworld


Newspapers On Portable Flexi-Screen

One of the interesting things about e-readers is figuring out a way to put books on a portable, light weight, easy to buy tramadol on line read device, without taking away too much of the experience of holding a book. Hence the reason why the Kindle has a giant button on the rx online levitra side that is kinda sorta like turning a page. Well, what about with newspapers, where your news is printed on lowest prices for cialis these giant sheets of generic propecia mastercard paper?

Plastic Logic has come up with a concept that would be a light weight screen that displays your news paper. It flexes, and when you “turn the page” it refreshes the screen to the next page of the paper. Something like this, if made durably enough, could go a long way to finally eliminating printed newspapers. And people who like the idea of reading a paper on something other than their computer screen or phone could have something more substantial to hold.

The device would be the size of a standard piece of (electronic) paper (lighter than the iLiad) and would keep updated content via a wireless link. It would also be able to store and display hundreds of pages, so users could store several full newspapers (depending on what news organizations participate in formatting articles) from the cialis 20mg mail order week all at once. Plastic Logic is hoping to have the reader out for consumers in the first half of 2009, and the price will be revealed at the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas in January.

Electronic newspapers could possibly be the rebirth of female herbal levitra the newspaper as something useful, since, for now, there’s no reason to subscribe to a paper unless you like the sound of a snapping page, the feel of ink on your fingers, and the handiness of scrap paper laying around the house. Via NYTimes


Founder of Wikipedia Launching Environmental Wiki

Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia and owner of Wikia, just went all ecogeek on us. Wikia focuses on creating deep-diving wikis in particular subjects (usually extraordinarily dorky subjects, like Star Wars or World of viagra cheap canada Warcraft.) But today Wikia launches a whole new wiki devoted to usefull link cheapest generic cialis and only to the environment at

When we talked to Jimmy yesterday, he seemed genuinely excited about bringing Wikia's power to the environment.

When we think about star wars, star wars is geek culture. They can debate five points very plotholes. At the same time Star Wars is obviously a very mass market phenomenon. It's the uberfans writing for the normal fans.
I think the same thing is going on in the green space. Not only do some people think it's the most important thing, but they're motivated excited and involved. So we want to give these people a place where they can write about it with mass market and mass appeal.

Zimride Takes Carpooling to Facebook

If you’re on Facebook and want to access a carpool, you might check out Zimride, a new carpool community that has its own Facebook app so that you can learn who it is you’ll be sharing close quarters with on your daily commute.

The app allows users to get to brand levitra 20mg know the personalities (sort of) of who they’re riding with, so they can make informed decisions about compatibility. This way, you can somewhat more safely and good choice viagra uk sanely make friends while cutting down on your carbon footprint.

Additionally, Zimride is going to be available on the Android phones this fall, with an app that hooks up with Android’s GPS system so users can connect with carpoolers while on the go. It’s getting just so much easier to not have to own a car…

Via AtuoblogGreen, Zimride


Intelligent Lighting

Use the phrase intelligent design and there is often a sinister intent. But as an eco-geek, I’m a big fan of all the smart designers out there around the globe who are coming up with intelligent ways to use technology to reduce strain on the environment.

One neat idea is the Stimuli 3.0 Intelligent Lighting by designer Chris Natt, a graduate of Brunel University in the UK. The project took three years to complete and this is woman and levitra the result. The lighting system reacts to the environment around it. For example, at dusk, illumination gradually increases as natural light recedes. At the heart of the system is a three axis gear box which enables subtle alteration of lighting through changing the shape of the device.

The design was based on an earlier model that Nat had done using a gear box designed to it's cool cialis next day delivery allow the chosen shape to enlarge and decrease size on three different axis, providing six different directions, all 90 degrees from each other. Natt will be exhibiting the Intelligent Lighting at the Papadakis showroom in Shepherds Market during the levitra online pharmacy London Design Festival which runs September 13-23.

Via Yanko Design, Chris Natt

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