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eBay Launches Green Shopping Site

There’s no shortage of feel good websites where you can buy stuff that is eco-friendly, or stuff that isn’t but you buy it in an eco-friendly way. From to, from to, you’ve got some options.

eBay wants to get in on this kind of action, of course, so they’ve launched, which sells products that keep the it's cool cheap viagra from uk earth in mind…at least, mostly. Basically, with people growing conscious of the need to be green, but not wanting to let go of consumerist ways, the “green” shopping industry is worth about $206 billion a year. eBay wants some.

"We have an opportunity to rx viagra drive large-scale consumer demand by helping consumers make more informed choices about the products they buy, and doing so in a market that's historically been inefficient," said Robert Chatwani, eBay's general manager of the project.

So with, you’re getting a whole lot more info about where the products are from, what’s in them, how they’re made, their impact on the environment, and so on, so you can make a highly informed purchasing decision. The prices are fixed, rather than auctioned, and the roughly 20,000 listing to start off the site are from over 70 countries.

For now, only US folks have access, but they’re expanding to Europe and then worldwide as it takes off. One of buy levitra online pharmacy the best shopping decisions we can make is to not buy something, or if we do, to buy it locally. With even big box stores providing greener items, going at least a little more local is getting a bit easier to do. But when those aren’t options, could be a pretty rockin’ resource.

Via cnet


Siemens EcoPhones a Big Maybe

Feast your eyes on online viagra without prescription paypal these cool phones. But that’s as close as you’ll be getting to Siemen’s eco-taunting of how green a cell phone can be.

Siemens, the German engineering giant, commissioned design firms to come up with the buy viagra from canada ultimate in green phones. Formwelt and Hans-Henning Brabänder dreamed big and envisioned something bold and green.

The Leaf is made of raw recyclable materials of eco-plastic and liquid wood and plant-based fiber. The invisible OLED display is embedded in the translucent casing which gives the phone a futuristic look.

The Solar is the high-end phone and uses solar cells harnessing sunlight as a natural energy source. The phone has detachable materials like metal, plastic and eco-glass. The neatest component of the solar is prescription tramadol buy cheap its eco-index, a touch pad that breaks down how environmentally-friendly the phone is, from its 92% recyclability to its organic LED.

There’s no word if Siemens will ever actually make these phones.

Via Treehugger, Yanko Design, MobileWhack


GE Partners with Eka for Smart-ware

It’s always good to hear about smart meter startups gaining ground. Eka is just such a start up, and it has landed a deal with GE Energy to integrate GE meters with Eka’s wireless smart meter system.

GE recognizes that smart meters and women levitra smart grid systems are coming and might as well get ahead of the curve by providing desired equipment and software. To that end, GE is pairing up its I-210+ meter family with the EkaNet Smart Network Advanced Metering Infrastructure solution.

The system provides the ability to network utilities, including electric, water and gas with smart grid devices so customers can monitor usage and utility companies can figure out more intelligent structures for pricing and access to resources. So we’re that much closer to an ubiquitous smart grid.

Via Earth2Tech


Oklahoma Launches Smart Grid System

Oklahoma Gas and Electric is getting on board with the inevitable – smart grids. They’ve paired up with Greenbox Technology and Silver Spring Networks to provide an interactive energy management platform for users.

The program uses a web-based interface to help users manage their energy consumption, and cut their bills down through tracking habits and conservation. While not that different from the many programs we’ve seen lately, Greenbox is pretty cool in that it sends users email reports and alerts about what’s going on in their home, educating them about pricing, historical trends, and making the female herbal levitra whole concept very user friendly. They interface with Silver Spring Networks, which supports all the applications Greenbox utilizes.

The hand-holding of Greenbox, Silver Sling Networks and OG&E underscores all the happy connections different agencies have to make to get something like a smart grid up and running – a really, really tough thing to do. The program is a bit of generic viagra fast delivery a trial run, and will be the guinea pig for larger scale deployment of smart grid programs. Hopefully, it works smoothy, and we can see some set-ups happening on a national scale.

Via Greenbox


EcoBrain Gets On Top of Paperless Books

There are a lot of ways to get electronic books, like NetLibrary, Kindle, and so forth. But the titles are often limited. EcoBrain is onto this issue, and is providing an eco-sensitive way to get eco-educated.

They’ve started an online book store on environmental studies that is totally paperless. The main goal of the company is only here soft cialis tablets to reduce the environmental impact of reading. Going paperless is a sure-fire way to do that.

Readers can choose from hundreds of books in different areas, from environmental studies to fiction, from memoirs to recommended site best prices for levitra day hikes, from green building to gardening, from renewable energy to kids books. While there are hundreds of titles, it’s a bit of a bummer that it is so niche. But a whole lot of other sites have the ebook thing covered, so niche marketing works in this case.

The company is only a year old, and more titles are rapidly being added to the library. The downloaded formats work with Adobe Reader, Palm Reader or Microsoft Reader, and there is also a selection of audiobooks in MP3 format. So if you’re running out of green reading material, can’t find many eco-titles at NetLibrary, or haven’t yet gotten your hands on a Kindle, EcoBrain is worth a look-see.

Via Ecolocalizer

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