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Slashdotters Pwn Gravity Lamp Claims

In a display of the awesomness of the Internet, users of the website Slashdot have thoroughly debunked claims made by the inventor of the Gravia gravity lamp. The inventor claimed that the viagra best peice lamp could use a 50 lb weight dropping five feet to power a 700 lumen LED for 4 hours.

But when the Slashdotters actually did the math, they discovered a few flaws. First, the inventor assumed 100% efficiency.

Much worse, is that they seem to have put a decimal in the wrong place, and ended up with completely erroneous numbers:

There's 50lbs of weight that fall about 4ft, if I'm reading the diagrams right. That's 200 ft-lbs. Which comes out to... hmm... 0.075 watt-hours. Over 4 hours that means 0.019 watts continuous power.

To get ~700 lumen light at 200 lumen/watt would require 3.5 watts of power, over 4 hours is growth hair propecia 14 watt-hours or 3700 ft-lbs. Over 4ft of fall that amounts to 925 lbs. My goodness, that is a group effort.

It's sad news, but it is nonetheless the case. The inventor has admitted his mistake and buy generic levitra online offered the Greener Gadgets honor to viagra label the levitra soft tabs 100 mg runner-up below him.

Really, this makes you appreciate how much work needs to be done even to power the lowest-wattage light bulbs. Sometimes, it's good to realize how really remarkable and efficient our current system is...even if it comes at the cost of an idea that, at first glance, looked quite appealing.

Via Slashdot


EcoLove: Valentine's Day from Zaproot (PG-13)





I admit it...I watch every single episode of ZapRoot. I don't generally share with the EcoGeek crowd, maybe because I'm ashamed of order cheap levitra my half-crush on Jessica, or maybe because there's not always a lot of technology mixed in with the fashion / culture angle.

But I had to share this. There is no more comprehensive listing of green Valentine's day possibilities than this. To see links to all of the dozens of mentioned websites and products (not to mention a bunch of other episodes) head to cialis in spain


Greenpeace's EfficienCity Shows the Flash Form

Every once in a while it's nice to pretend. Personally, I'm still a huge fan of building fake cities in Maxis games and making everything as beautiful and sustainable as possible. But Greenpeace has done me one better, in their marvelous Flash Application: The EfficienCity.

Take a tour of how much is levitra what a real sustainable city would look like, complete with wave power, combined heat and power plants, high speed rail, and (if you look really closely) Smart Cars.

The city gives you information on all of these beautiful sustainable aspects of itself. You can zoom into the city and learn about wind power, small-geothermal power, bio-gas, solar, wave, wind, and tidal power. The amount of informating hiding in this little city is staggering.

If you want to give yourself a little tour of what it is to be an EcoGeeky city, this is a great place to start. But don't dive in if you don't have a few minutes to spare. It'll suck you in.

Via Greenpeace


Software Offers 30% Reduction in PC Energy Use

Verdiem, a Seattle company whose name means “Green Day” in Latin, is making a tidy profit off the fact that we just can’t seem to turn our computers off when we’re not using them. Just a few weeks ago, the company reached the half-million mark for PCs now using their energy-saving software, SURVEYOR.

Verdiem’s SURVEYOR software works by providing centralized management of networked computers to shift them into lower power states when they are not being used. The company estimates that the average office PC can reduce its power consumption by 30% when using SURVEYOR.

CEO Kevin Klustner states, “We’ve created a business here by taking advantage of the fact that all PCs come with lower power settings that can be invoked. The problem is that end users either ignore them, or override them, for whatever reason…Department of Energy studies show that 90% of the end users never do that.”

You can go to their website ( to check out a live tally of not only the estimated kilowatt hours of energy and dollars saved by their customers, but also the amount of greenhouse gas reductions (and automobile removal equivalency) the software has provided for so far.

Current clients of Verdiem using SURVEYOR include the state of California, Citigroup, and a number of cities and school systems.

Via Veridiem Press Release


CSCI Reducing Computer Power Use by 50% in 3 years

Well, we're not quite to the point where our laptops are solar-powered and our server farms run on sewage. So for now, let's set our sights on some realistic intermediate goals, like the ones set forth by the good folks at The Climate Savers Computing Initiative, a consortium consisting of virtually every major player in the PC industry (Intel, AMD, Google, Microsoft, Dell, HP, Sun Microsystems... the list goes on and on). CSCI has an ambitious gameplan: reduce power consumed by computers worldwide by 50% over the next three years.

I know that sounds far out, but when you consider that the average lifespan of a computer today is levitra prices somewhere between three and five years, that's 60-100% of all computers in use today replaced by 2010. The average desktop produced today wastes over half the power delivered to it, and the the best site cialis shop average server more than a third... so simply improving hardware energy efficiency, implementing virtualization, and using automated power management software might be enough to meet these goals. As part of a push to see improved technologies brought to market, CSCI has launched a catalog featuring many of the latest green offerings:

With 300 products, the Initiative’s new online catalog offers individuals and enterprises a comprehensive and searchable listing of Climate Savers Computing-compliant desktop PCs, laptops, servers, power supplies, power supply components, motherboards and chinese viagra pills power management software.

Unfortunately, this kinda celebrates obsolescence, and as computers use about as much energy being produced as they do during their lives, short life spans are also something that we need to deal with. Understandably, that's a problem that HP and Dell are less interested in solving.

Browsing through, one sees a lot of product listings containing third-party green certifications, such as EPEAT silver and gold, Energy Star 4.0, RoHS, and 80+. Although there are many consumer-level products available, including desktop and laptop offerings from HP, Dell, and Lenovo, this seems mainly geared towards IT professionals - servers, power supplies, converters, and rectifiers make up the bulk of the catalog. Though you can't do any holiday shopping on the site itself, it's a great place to start when searching for energy-efficient computers, components, and software.


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