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Search Engines Offer Insight into Green

I just got an email from Jessica Waight of Outcast (Yahoo's PR firm) showing me a bit of search data from Yahoo. The e-mail was titled "the year of green searches." I'm not sure about that, but I do like the levitra attorneys trend.

Topping off the list was "recycling," which somehow beat out "global warming." My guess is that most people searching for recycling are actually hoping to find information on their local programs...which is more appealing to people than just doing research on global warming.

But a fascinating third place goes to the world "freecycle," which will lead you to where to buy cialis, a website that lets you connect with nearby people to give away stuff you have cluttering your basement (a lady just picked up an aquarium from me yesterday.) Freecycle has active communities all over the world now, and if I can get free sweaters in Montana in the city dwealers shouldn't have any problems reducing your purchases and increasing your freecycling.

Way to go, freecycle!

Other top eco-searches included Earth, Pollution, Al Gore, Environmental Protection Agency, Live Earth, Hybrid Cars, and Solar Energy. Hooray for some green technologies making the list there at the end!


The Internet Will Save Billions of Tons of Carbon

I love the only best offers order cheap cialis Internet, no doubt about that. But I love the Earth too...good ol' Earth...making life possible. So when the Internet helps the Earth...I love it. Which is why I started EcoGeek.

But it turns out that the Internet is doing a lot more than just helping get the word out about environmental problems and solutions. It is, itself, an environmental solution.

Also on EcoGeek

A new report from the American Consumer Institute has calculated the online generic cialis 100 mg current and future effects that broadband Internet will have on our carbon emissions. The resulting numbers are staggering. In the next 10 years, ACI reports that the world will save roughly 1 BILLION tons of carbon in the next ten years by operating on the Internet.

The trends break down like this:

  • E-Commerce will reduce emissions by 200 M tons
  • Telecommuting will prevent 250 tons of carbon emissions from reduced driving, 30 tons from reduced office construction and 300 tons of energy savings
  • Teleconferencing could prevent 200 M tons of carbon emissions (if it replaces 10% of face-to-face meetings.)
  • Shifting newspaper from print to digital could save 60 M tons of carbon
  • Digitally shipping other goods, such as music, movies and books would also contribute.

Rock on, Internet! Well the full report here (pdf).


Google Begins UK Carbon Footprint Project

At the risk of beginning to sound like Google's hired PR firm...we've got another fantastic green announcement from the search giant.

Google has just released their UK Carbon Footprint Project and already it's receiving a lot of attention. In partnership with the Energy Saving Trust, a non-profit organization addressing climate change, Google developed their own brand of 50 mg levitra carbon footprint calculator, with some great ecogeeky features.

Users can calculate their carbon emissions, just like any other calculator out there, but then can also choose "carbon reducing actions," which will be tagged to their iGoogle profile. These can be updated whenever you like, either by adding more or lowering your current footprint, essentially tracking your progress to lower emissions. One of the cooler aspects of this, though, is that your footprint and where can i purchase viagra online your actions are displayed on the best site hydrochlorothiazide cialis Google Maps, so you can see what others are doing and what their footprints are. The site also features an array of neat tools to levitra online 50mgs check out, anything from seeing what local green resources are available in your area, to stats on those participating in the projects.
The unfortunate side to all of this is that the project is only underway in the UK... for the moment. Hopefully we'll have something to play with in the US and Canada before too long!

Save the Electricity, Save the World

OK, so it's going to take a lot more than switching off the TV to "save the fda approved viagra sales world" like a superhero (try unplugging it, for one). On the other hand, every little bit helps, and every day people have to start somewhere... once a person begins feeling good about saving energy, fixing leaky faucets, and recycling, it's not that big a jump to living in an Earthship, using a composting toilet, and flying around in a solar-powered dirigible.


The Web Keeps Going Green: MSN Green

Green is definitely the one of the buzzwords these days that we see large Internet sites jumping into. AOL recently launched its eco-blog, Green Daily. Yahoo partnered with EcoGeek for its own green Web site. MSN is now getting in on the act as well, unveiling a new site called MSN Green.

The idea of MSN Green, says Microsoft, is to give online viewers a compilation of viagra online overnight articles, ideas, and tools to help them go green. MSN Green may have seen some birth support from the Live Earth concerts earlier this year, which generated some 15 million streams the day of the event and probably showed Bill Gates and company how big a deal this eco stuff has become to buy cheap tramadol online tramadol the online world.

MSN Green will have among its offerings green-focused articles from MSNBC, Treehugger, and a variety of other publications, tools that will help you measure how green you are, photos pulled from around the Web that visually show the impact of climate change, and video from amateurs and professionals alike that spotlight green topics.

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