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FEB 08

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"EVENT : 2nd India Cleantech Forum LOCATION: NEW DELHI, India. Uppal O..."

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Carectomy Week In Review #6

In Norway, No Car Is "Green"

Apparently Norway takes the phrase “truth in advertising” to heart. New restrictions imposed by the state-run Consumer Ombudsman have banned the use of the words “green,” clean,” and “environmentally friendly” in car advertisements.

Model Green City: Treasure Island Starts from Scratch

Design firm Arup is looking to turn Treasure Island – a 400-acre man-made structure halfway across the cialis now online bay Bridge, between Oakland and levitra online shop San Francisco – into a model of sustainability. The island, a former naval base decommissioned eleven years ago, currently features low- to mid-income housing for about 1,400 residents mixed with military and industrial refuse. The revamped area will house over 13,000 people, and the superfund site will be cleaned and greened-up.

Pedal-Powered Car Gets Pulled Over by Toronto Police

A renegade form of cheapest place to order cialis alternative transportation was outlawed in Toronto when the driver of a pedal-powered car was pulled over by local police. (According to where is propecia manufactured the cop, "The safety factor [of the vehicle] is….unsafe.") The car, which uses muscle power in lieu of a motor, is propelled by four independent pedal and gear systems that are set inside of its metal body.

Amtrak Hopes to See More Green with Federal Funding, Increased Ridership

As fuel prices rise and air travel becomes more of a nuisance, Amtrak has become a more popular choice—especially among environmentally-conscious travelers who want to minimize their footprint. While trains are a lesser evil than cars or crowded, carbon-belching airplanes, Amtrak isn't without its concerns. The company is it's cool canadian pharmacy scam $3.3 billion dollars in debt and is asking the government for financial support. Amtrak "gets enough funding to survive, but not to flourish."

Take off your pants, ride the subway!

Need to add spice to your commute? Improv Everywhere may have just what you need. January 12th marked the seventh edition of No Pants, an event that has spread to viagra for female 8 cities worldwide. 2,000 people took pantless commutes, including 900 in New York City.

Bike Racing’s Trickle-Down Effect

Bike racing and sustainable transportation unfortunately have very little in common. Although the only today cialis online shop uk bicycle is the world’s most efficient form of transportation, when pure speed is the goal, everything else becomes secondary. However, two recent stories have shown that bike racing can positively impact the cycling world as a whole and generic cialis pill can help to promote bike commuting.

Using Food for Fuel Leaves Bad Taste in the Mouths of the Hungry

While drivers in the West are pumping it up at the gas station, poorer nations are struggling to put food on their plates. Understandably, the Third World is angered by the urgency with which the West is trying to fill gas tanks, not replenish empty bowls.

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written by Adrian Asfar, April 30, 2008
EVENT : 2nd India Cleantech Forum

LOCATION: NEW DELHI, India. Uppal Orchid Hotel

DATE : 10th & 11th of how to get viagra no prescription July 2008


CONTACT : Adrian Asfar

MOBILE: 61-(0)416-180-523


It is an exciting time for the investment in and deployment of Cleantech technologies in India. With a surging economy, rapid growth in urban development, and the urgency to address issues such as climate change, energy security and water scarcity, the demand for technological and financial innovation has created a dynamic new market for Cleantech solutions.

The CII-ITC Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Development (Confederation of Indian Industry) and Clean Technology AustralAsia have again partnered to organize the visit web site buy viagra online no prescription 2nd India Cleantech Forum. Building upon the success of the 1st India Cleantech Forum, the 2nd India Cleantech Forum will be held in New Delhi, India over two days on July 10th and 11th, 2008.

The program will also showcase international companies that have strategies to only today buy viagra on line transfer their technologies and grow their business in India.

The 2nd India Cleantech Forum will be an exceptional opportunity to network with the leaders in the Indian Cleantech industry and some of the Cleantech industry’s foremost international experts.

Download FREE report : Pursuing Clean Energy Business in India and click now levitra rx register online :

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