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"Green investment is really a big pie in the future.;D So it's for our ..."

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2 Million New Jobs by 2010 with Green Investment

The green movement just might be the solution our flagging economy needs. A new report by the Natural Resources Defense Council discusses how the find viagra no prescription required US can create 2 million new jobs in 2 years by investing in clean tech.

The real clincher for greenies is buy levitra in england that the report shows that green investing will create four times as many new jobs as the same amount of investment in oil. The amount of investment analyzed was $100 billion, which isn’t outrageous considering the hundreds of online pharmacy viagra millions already going into clean tech by different companies, foundations, and even the DOE. The report notes that this could also include auctions of carbon permits with the cap-and-trade system.

The jobs would be nationwide in fields that already exist – construction workers would be employed to set up wind and levitra soft tabs solar farms, engineers would be employed for site and product design, etc.

Two millions jobs and serious investment in clean energy tech are both deeply needed. The report shows it’s an awesome possibility. Hopefully politicians and leaders are listening.

Via AmericanProgress

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It is possible!
written by JasonB, September 12, 2008
There is no reason why this can't become a reality. Energy isn't going anywhere. People will always have a need to lowest priced levitra consume it, and it is likely that demand will only keep increasing.

In other words, the market is there. It just need the heavy investment, and the usefull link online cialis prescription government policies to go along with it. There are many things that can be done to show this increased demand, which will only show to potential investors that they can indeed feel sound about pouring their dollars into it.

It seems that a good number of utilities are offering a program where you can, by paying a small premium, elect to have a percentage of your electricity to come from alternative, clean sources like wind, geothermal, solar, and more. For example, my utility is Arizona Public Service, a gigantic utility provider. They give the option to have up to cheap viagra uk 100% of power come from these sources, for as low as a premium of 1 cent per kWh added to the basic rates. This basically allows them to purchase power from large wind and solar plants and distribute it into the power grid.

So, the more people that elect to do this, the more demand is generated, and the more investors will contribute.
written by Steve N. Lee, September 12, 2008
Coincidentally, my novel has a significant green theme running through it so I actually looked for research on this very subject - green jobs replacing 'archaic' ones but couldn't find anything worth talking about. Theorizing what this post concludes, I still put a section in my book to that effect.

Hey, am I so pleased my guess/estimate was right!

It's such a relief knowing that my green readers will not find fault with my research and that less aware readers will have something to think about while enjoying the story.

But, as Jasonb says above, isn't it only common sense? If we reduce our use of one form of energy, we need to draw replacement energy from other sources and those sources need workers.

Yes, some industries will suffer, some badly, but workers will simply have to learn need trades and move into new areas. Either that or we just let the planet go to hell so everyone can stick with what they know, what they're comfortable with.

Informative post. Thanks,
Steve N. Lee
author of brand cialis for sale eco-blog
and suspense thriller 'What if...?'
Re:2 Million New Jobs by 2010 with Green
written by Alex, September 12, 2008
It's really a shame that you did'nt mention that these are part time jobs and lower wages will be paid.
written by Bob, September 12, 2008
Your claim that the created jobs will be part time and low paying has a whiff of dishonesty about it.

Please provide backup documentation.
written by boohoo, September 15, 2008
Two millions jobs and serious investment in clean energy tech are both deeply needed.

Yes, investment from the government and the private sectors are needed. However, I can't imagine that many job being created, especially in construction. The employees with the “know how” are already working and projects are completed by groups, not individuals. So it’s safe to best generic viagra say that staff will just get on the job training/certification to implement green projects on the construction and design side. As for the manufacturing side, who knows? But I am sure that can be outsourced. The quote of 2 million jobs is never going to happen. What we will really see is 2 million additional roles heaped onto the existing job descriptions of 200,000 people who are already employed.
written by Jake, September 15, 2008
That's a rather cynical view of things, but unfortunately probably not horribly far from the truth. Still though, a little optimism that investments in innovation might pay off in the form of job creation and healthier economy aren't so bad are they?

I read this morning that congress is working on another $50 billion stimulus package. Who here votes to use that stimulus money to invest in green tech and buy canadian viagra online hopefully improve things longterm??
written by Cage, October 08, 2008
Even if that many jobs arent created, more alternatives for energy means lower energy prices which is helpful to those without jobs.
written by Jobirn, January 12, 2010
Green investment is really a big pie in the future.smilies/grin.gif
So it's for our labor market. has one job board for green. GE has the subsidiary on it. I think all will be going better and better in this industry.

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