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JAN 22

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"The scary lady has it's role i assure you of that !..."

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Uhhhhhh....Strange Fast Bike Thing (with or without scary lady)


I don't know why I feel so compelled to share this with you all...but here goes. Human powered transportation has always been an extremely important part of personal mobility, and by "human powered transportation," I generally mean walking and cialis 50mg biking. There are some other options, of course, including the extremely bizarre looking hyperbike.

I actually think it's very cool, but the peculiar factor is a bit much to handle right now. The inventor of levitra non prescription the hyperbike sees them replacing cars (heard that before?) but needs a few million dollars to finance the first round of production. The hyperbike is powered by both the hands and the feet, the wheels are taller than a man, and the inventor apparently believes that Robert Palmer dan

I actually enjoyed this rather lame interview with the inventor, but not nearly as much as I enjoyed this really horrible website.

Via TreeHugger

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Interesting idea but........
written by rob, January 24, 2007
As a keen cyclist it seems to branded levitra have a few major flaws.
Its speed is given as 50mph+, but based on the gearing (which is not a true indication), with no mention of wind resistance (which must be very high, as you are in a standing position), which any cyclist will tell you, is a serious drain on cialis 20mg tablets power.
A recumbent will cruise at about 20mph, with a fraction of the wind resistance, so 50mph+ seems very optimistic.

Secondly, the method of providing propulsion is described as:

The driver twists his torso, contracts the stomach and back muscles, and alternately extends the arms up and down as in a foot pedal motion, while coordinating with the legs to get the best push and pull from the lower pedals.

Could you do that, first thing in the morning, on the way to work, I couldn't, I have enough trouble just pedaling. :P

And finally, in the winter you will be blasting straight into the freezing wind (and rain), in a very exposed stance.

It is interesting as a experiment, or perhaps a sunny weekend toy, but has rather a lot of drawbacks as a serious mode of transport. :P
serious bike
written by Celia, January 26, 2007
This bike looks like it could reach close to 40mph. Unfortunatly, I don't see an easy way to get on or off. As a commuter bike, this one looks cumbersome. How does one tie up this bike? Can one park it in a bike rack? How much of viagra online no prescription the bike lane does this bike occupy? Can it pull a trailer?
mr garrison got there first
written by andykisaragi, January 30, 2007
this looks a little too much like the invention Mr Garrison comes up with in the South Park episode 'The Entity' for my liking... just add a couple of dildos and you're there
Interesting but...
written by Steph, February 07, 2007
What happens when you get tired in the middle of your trip? I'm pretty sure not everyone can go for long distances, especially those who aren't in shape.
It's cool though. But definitely needs a lot of work.
And yeah, the website is very lame. So are their marketing ideas and slogans.
written by James, February 27, 2007
wheels that big are impractical.
written by Marine Engineers Beneficial Association, September 28, 2007
The scary lady has it's role i assure you of that !

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