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"I used to just wheel my bike right into the store -- it had a big bask..."

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Grocery Bike

Fan-frikkin-tastic... I'm not entirely familiar with the cheap tramadol india intricacies of tramadol in mexican pharmacies this design, but while not exactly practical, it does say a lot without, y'know...words. In fact, lets make a list of what it says to me:
  1. I want to ride my bike in the grocery store. Why don't they let us ride our bikes in the grocery store!
  2. If the cart could detach from the front wheel, and re-attach without trouble, grocery runs on your bike would become excitingly simple.
  3. The wobbly wheel effect becomes much more of a problem. Let's get this thing some rubber tires.
  4. How the frak does he turn!!!
That's all.

Via Reuben Miller
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Funny, but what about...
written by kevin, September 07, 2007
Cute photo, but what about xtracycle or the bikes being intro'd at Eurobike, Yubba Mundo or something like that.
Xrtacycle adds a purpose built frame to an existing bike (and designs for 3rd world countries as well)for major load carrying, even lumber or surfboards. Yubba makes the frame larger in the first place
written by Amy, September 07, 2007
I love that! It would make the supermarket trip so much easier with that. I suppose you would just lock up the cialis by mail whole contraption and then transfer the sacks, but wouldn't it be cool if he found a bike friendly grocer?!?!?
you read my mind!
written by Marianne, September 07, 2007
Haha, now I wish I would live further away from my supermarket, I would totally get one of those bikes! To bad, my supermarket is levitra and women only 50 meters from my frontdoor...
written by Ashley L. now F., September 08, 2007
I saw someone hauling a little cart with a giant extension ladder off the back of their bike about a week ago.
It was fairly perplexing (who is this person? why the extension ladder? but what?) and yet the coolest thing I'd seen all day.
written by andrea, September 08, 2007
i like the idea
but the there should be three wheels that are larger. that way its easier to turn and the online pharmacy cialis wheels dont get damaged as quick and are a lott more stable.
written by Zieak, September 11, 2007
Thanks for the nod on my little project. Could i get some link love to the original post?
written by celia, November 23, 2007
How can one get a shopping cart that doesn't belong to a store?
written by Thomas Carroll, April 16, 2008
There needs to be a way to allow electric wheelchair drive up from back so a quad or para can drive.
written by tina, June 19, 2008
I used to just wheel my bike right into the store -- it had a big basket on the front and two in back, and I would fill those up instead of using a shopping cart. Then unload onto the conveyor belt, pay, reload, and ride home. Easy! I did it that way for years, and nobody ever gave me any grief about having a bike in the store.

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