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YoYo Powered iPhone Charger?

Why the heck not right? I mean, YoYos are a very efficient way of generating power, and iPhones don't really need all that much power to charge. So what's the problem with this idea?

I'd even say that it's several times cooler, more convenient, and better for the environment than a solar powered charger. What remains to be seen is whether or not you can actually get enough power out of one of these things to charge your phone easily. Of course, no one wants another thing to carry around. Which makes me think...why not just put the phone inside the YoYo!

Inhabitat is treating this thing like it will actually exist soon, but I'm not so sure about that. It seems like a pretty design project to me...a joke even. Big cues that it's not coming to market any time soon include the Apple logo on the cheap viagra canadian device (which would never be allowed for a real design project.)

But that doesn't mean it's not a good idea...and we certainly hope that this and levitra pfizer india other human-powered charging devices will make our mobile future more convenient and more sustainable.

Via Peter Huvander and Inhabitat


Self-Powered Light Switch Has No Wires

There's a new way of wiring your lights...and it doesn't involve wires. Pretty freakin' cool actually. Right now, your light switch has a physical connection to your light. When you flip the switch, a circuit is completed and the light turns on.

But connecting every light to every light switch basically requires twice as much wiring for a house's lighting system. That's just dumb.

Since the advent of us overnight cialis remote control, people have been trying to figure out a way to have a light switch turn a light on and off without having to be physically connected to the light. Unfortunately, this has always required some kind of battery (to power the remote) and that battery would invariably die.

But now, EnOcean (a company that specializes in pulling power from ambient sources) has figured out a way to have the light switch be powered by you.

Every time you flip the switch, a tiny generator creates a tiny charge. That tiny charge powers a tiny remote control that sends out a tiny signal that can be received by the viagra ed light. All from the "power" of your flipping. Pretty cool.

The first adopters of the technology will be folks looking to retrofit old (possibly historically significant) buildings. But peel-and-stick, no-wiring-needed electronics are needed everywhere...and having them be self-powering is a true green innovation.

Via GreenLight


2 Million New Jobs by 2010 with Green Investment

The green movement just might be the solution our flagging economy needs. A new report by the Natural Resources Defense Council discusses how the US can create 2 million new jobs in 2 years by investing in clean tech.

The real clincher for greenies is that the where to buy cialis now report shows that green investing will create four times as many new jobs as the same amount of investment in oil. The amount of investment analyzed was $100 billion, which isn’t outrageous considering the buy levitra sale hundreds of millions already going into clean tech by different companies, foundations, and even the DOE. The report notes that this could also include auctions of carbon permits with the cap-and-trade system.

The jobs would be nationwide in fields that already exist – construction workers would be employed to set up wind and solar farms, engineers would be employed for site and product design, etc.

Two millions jobs and serious investment in clean energy tech are both deeply needed. The report shows it’s an awesome possibility. Hopefully politicians and leaders are listening.

Via AmericanProgress


Green Competition is cheapest cialis without prescription a Good Thing

Yep, that’s a “duh” title. But worth mentioning since there’s some fun news coming from the Bay Area.

We talked awhile ago about San Jose’s drive to recommended site canada cheap viagra become the greenest city around. We’ve also covered some excellent green initiatives coming out of San Francisco. Well, there’s more to it than just introspection and self-improvement for these two cities. They represent some significant Keeping Up With the Jones’ syndrome for cities, which is some of the best news the green movement can get right now.

SF Mayor Gavin Newsom and SJ Mayor Chuck Reed are both actively working on one-upping each other, with Newsom joking about how he daily scans San Jose’s news and website for info on what the city has done to green up. Both are working on getting clean tech companies to call their cities home, and both are pursuing greener options for everything from transportation to renewable energy.

Both mayors pointed out how great it is to compete for green status at the Silicon Valley Leadership Group’s Clean & Green conference yesterday, noting that all major cities are beginning to take similar steps. Since San Francisco and San Jose are only an hour apart from one another, the result may be a very clean Bay Area.

Via Earth2Tech


Cool Revolving Door Concept for Powering Up

Regardless of online pharmacy propecia viagra the realistic possibility or usefulness of such concepts, I love kinetic energy concept devices. The Revolution Door is just such a one from Fluxxlab. The idea is that revolving doors at the front of buildings should be hooked up so that they generate useful energy from the force of someone pushing through them. We’ve debated the possibilities of kinetic energy here on canada levitra generic EcoGeek several times before, but for a second every so often, I like to generic levitra pills put physics aside and say, “Wouldn’t it be cool if we could power a building in part by walking through a door….” Via CoolGreenGadgets

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