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Old-Fashioned Hand Crank Powers New-Fangled Gadgets

Datexx SuperBattery is woman and cialis an all-encompassing solution to only here levitra headaches most any battery-operated gadget with a USB connection. Here I sit with wires spewing out of my laptop – iPod, digital camera, PDA…and rather than suck power from my computer, which in turn sucks electricity from the grid, I could plug these gadgets into the SuperBattery, crank away, and get powered batteries and tramadol from india powerful biceps at the same time. Who needs a Wii Fit?

The 600mA Mega Power Battery provides instant power - if fully charged, that amounts to basically a fully charged cell phone battery. If you’re feeling lazy, you can charge the SuperBattery via viagra buyviagra onlin its AC adapter, though the whole point seems to be to get away from wall plug-ins.

It does require quite a bit of cranking – you have to put in 2 minutes of effort to get 6 minutes of talk time for your cell phone, and should you need to crank while talking, you run the risk of levitra cheap canada being hung up on as some sort of heavy breathing pervert. Should you be looking for this kind of exercise, you might want to effect of levitra on women go bionic instead and charge up while on a walk. But, for something useful to have during power outages or on trips, it’s a pretty handy sidekick. And no new gadget is legit without having a few extra “and it cooks too!” features – the SuperBattery has a built-in flashlight! If you like this kind of wind-up toy, there are others to play with.

Via Inhabitat


Bike Trees Save Space and Keep Bikes Safe

We spend an awful lot of time talking about cars here at EcoGeek. And that's not necessarily something that we're proud of. We think that cars, in the end, can never be green...only greener. Which is why we love Carectomy, and also why we love these bike trees.

In general, bike racks suck. They're used improperly, often there aren't enough around, and they can even be downright insecure. Parking and walking away from your thousand-dollar investment is never fun, especially when we all know that any lock, with enough persistence, can be cut.

Enter the 100 mg cialis bike tree, a marvolous bit of technology which will keep your bike safe in any situation (save a meteorite.) Abhinav Dapke of Bahrain and India designed the trees to deal with theft, and with congested bike parking. The trees actually use significantly less space than traditional bike parking.

Just hook your bike into the device, push the thumbprint scanner, and the bike gets lifted to safety. When you return, scan your thumb again your bike comes down to meet you. A simple system, and one that could also be performed with RFID or a swipe card, to lower the costs of thumb-scanning.

In any case, one more way to make biking more convenient. Now if they just put a roof over the whole thing we  wouldn't have to worry about soggy-butts after a rainstorm.

Via TreeHugger


Cheap Electric Bike Saves Cash...But at What Cost

It's a no-brainer. Bicycling is cheap transportation and good for the environment. But not all bikes are created equal and while they're all cheap compared to viagra no rx cars...some can seem a bit steep. And then there's the whole pedaling me lazy, but I like the buying real cialis without prescription idea of my vehicle moving me, instead of brand name cialis for sale me moving my vehicle. It's certainly a less green alternative, but far greener than a car. Unfortunately electric bikes can cost upwards of a couple of thousand dollars, but an extraordinarily inexpensive option is being produced by California company Currie Technologies

The $350 hybrid electric bike 388-PP can reach top speeds of 18 miles per hour and womans cialis the range is 15 miles.

A rack-mounted regular Sealed Lead Acid rechargeable battery powers the all-terrain bike. The battery, which is purchase viagra in budapest detachable, takes between two to four hours to charge up.

The good news is this cheap bike is available now for purchase. The bad news is if you're looking for something light, this probably won't cut it. The bike weighs a whopping 76 pounds and so if you run out the charge, it's going to be a heavy haul with that battery weighing you down. And the rechargeable battery has a short life span of between 200 to 300 charges before you need to buy a new replacement one from Currie for $120.

Via TreeHugger


Electro-SeeSaw Harnesses World's Most Energetic Thing

What contains the most energy per square meter in our solar system? The Sun? The Earth's Core? Uranium? No...not even close. Without a doubt...the most energetic object in the universe is the human child.

At least...that's what everyone who has ever had one of their own seems to be telling me. And I'm not about to try to argue with millions of moms, no matter what the laws of natural viagra for men thermodynamics tell me. But, as with any source of raw energy, the question becomes how do we capture that energy. Unfortunately, five year-olds don't come with three-pronged sockets.

Well David Sheridan, a 23 year-old product design student from Coventry, England has designed a power generator that harnesses energy from children. The modified seesaw converts the it's great! cheapest viagra movement of the kids into electrical energy which can then be transferred by an underground cable to a nearby classroom. Sheridan hopes to cialis trazodone one day create a playground full of energy-producing playground equipment. His calculations show that after only 10 minutes of use, the seesaw could light a classroom for the evening.

This isn't the first time seesaws have been used for practical purposes though. The Gaviotas community in Columbia has a seesaw that is used to pump groundwater. And it's not the first time people have looked to children to create power: Sony has a line of upcoming kid-powered gadgets for Japan.

The question, of course, is cost. If wind or solar can produce more energy for less money, it's not all that useful. But Sheridan has won a $10,000 grant to develop the idea, so there shouldn't be too much trouble determining the feasibility of the electro-seesaw.

If it works out, and isn't too expensive...I might look into getting one for EcoGeek headquarters (my house.) My wife and I could work off some calories, have some fun and, of course, slow down the electricity meter for a while.


Image from Pittsinger on Flickr


Solar Bicycle Boat Built for Four

solar pedal boatWouldn't it be nice to have a boat that your family could take out to nearby pristine sandy beaches with crystal clear blue water and billions of tropical fishes? And wouldn't it be nice if, somehow, that boat didn't disrupt the fishes, or the environment, in any way? And while we're dreaming (here in Montana we haven't escaped from the 40s yet, and it's raining), let's throw in some solar panels as well.


Well, that's the dream that Jonathan Mahieddine is throwing at us. It's a pedal-powered boat for four. And if you get tired (or step on a stingray) there's always the solar-powered electric motor to how you get pfizer viagra get you home again.

A cute design that I couldn't help but feature here at EcoGeek

Via Gizmodo

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