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Human Powered

Grocery Bike

Fan-frikkin-tastic... I'm not entirely familiar with the intricacies of this design, but while not exactly practical, it does say a lot without, y'know...words. In fact, lets make a list of what it says to me:
  1. I want to ride my bike in the grocery store. Why don't they let us ride our bikes in the grocery store!
  2. If the cart could detach from the front wheel, and re-attach without trouble, grocery runs on your bike would become excitingly simple.
  3. The wobbly wheel effect becomes much more of levitra shop buy a problem. Let's get this thing some rubber tires.
  4. How the frak does he turn!!!
That's all.

Via Reuben Miller

Hacked Heelys Generate Power

I'm kinda a fan of Heelys. I mean, I know that there is viagra cheapest pharmacy no way they could ever be, like, cool...or anything. But, honestly, there's no way I could ever be cool either, and I'm down with that. So when you combine my favorite rolling sneakers with a miniature generator...this ecogeek gets pretty excited.

A couple of clever artists hacked a Heely to power a small LCD screen and 100 tramadol pill a little micro-processor. Now, the shoe, as is, just gives you completely random directions (that being part of the real viagra without a prescription project, an exploration of transportation to no where...a journey vs. destination thing...I guess) but it could just as easily be used for less profound, more practical tasks, like charging your dying cell phone or iPod. Hopefully the folks at Heelys will catch on, and add another level of dorkiness to their product.

Via the extremely snarky Gizmodo

How Many Corndogs Does it Take to the best place drug levitra Power a TV Broadcast

In an exciting experiment concerning energy content of fried food, a Minnesota television station, WCCO, is going to attempt to power several television broadcasts from the Minnesota State Fiar with fair go-ers on bicycles. Not only will they save on generator fuel, but I imagine it's getting them some good press as well.

The fair starts in about a week, and the WCCO team will be setting up their normal news coverage except that they will have a "power core" consisting of buy tramadol fedex overnight shipping several electricity-generating bicycles. They're going to try to use these bikes to power the entire set up while they broadcast fair news live. 

So why would we even try something this wacky? Because we wanted to see if it could be done. We wanted to see how much power we use for a newscast at the fair … or maybe it was just because we wanted to know how many corn dog calories it took to create a watt of energy.

Regardless of the reason (or our potential for failure), it's just more fun this way. The power of the unknown is just so electric … OK -- we'll stop now. Enjoy the ride and the corndogs! Oh and thanks for the buy viagra online no prescription watts!

The fair is twelve days long, and WCCO will be attempting to buy viagra in england power three broadcasts with the bikes. I have no idea how much power a news van uses, so I can't give odds on whether they'll be successful. But I will say that the maximum power output of a typical fair goer is likely to be around 300 watts. Enough to power a personal computer and monitor. Without batteries for storing the power, it's not gonna be easy.

Way to go WCCO.

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Every Step You Take You'll be Powering the World

We move...we move a lot, we're built for it, and we do it very efficiently. But all of that movement loses energy that could, conceivably, be harvested. For example, if we could harvest the power of 84,162,203 people taking a single step, we could launch the space shuttle with that power.

Which is why people are actively looking into how we might work on capturing some of that energy. Two students at MIT, James Graham and Thaddeus Jusczyk, just won first prize at the Holcim Forum 2007 for their concept crowd farm. Basically the farm would simply be millions of tiles that, when compressed, spin a little generator. When hooked together in busy locations into "crowd farms" this could actually generate a significant amount of electricity.

This isn't as advanced as some of the plans we've seen, which utilize piezoelectric materials which, by their very nature, emit electrons when squeezed. However, piezoelectric materials are currently quite expensive, so using small generators, while probably needing more maintenence, would likely also be significantly cheaper.

Via Inhabitat

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No More Plugs! Windup Mp3 Player and Cell Charger

Electronics companies are spending a lot of time and money trying to squeeze solar panels onto cell phones and MP3 players. But why, when decades old technology could keep your gadgets running with nothing more than the free shipping on tramadol orders muscles in your arm.

Trevor Baylis, inventor of the original wind up radio has come up with a media player that also charges mobile phones and has a built-in flashlight. It plays mp3, wma, asf, wav, and mp4 files, and has a built in FM radio plus an analog recorder, and a photo-viewer too. If you have the stamina you can wind it for 20 hours' worth of playback.  The Eco-Media Player gives you about 40 minutes of use for each minute of cranking. For those of levitra fast delivery us who can't spare a minute to crank, it also has a standard USB charge connector and computer interface. 

You can store a lot of media and viagra shop data onto the 2gb internal memory. The Eco-Media Player is expandable with plug in SD cards.

The player is listing for about £169.99, and can be pre-ordered now at the ethical super store. Keep Reading for more on the Eco Media Player's specifications.

Via:  Eco Digital and BoingBoing

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