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Human Powered

Is it a Bike...or a Suitcase?

I just got quite a cool tip from the proprietor of Apparently they've received a couple of anonymous tips about a new bike that folds into a suitcase. While the first round just showed some simple 3D mockups, now they've received some photos from a factory in China (show above) that with actual working suitcase bikes!

After the buy online genuine pfizer viagra jump, you can check out a super-duper fancy-pants 3D video of the new bike too. Larry at RideThisBike says that the MSRP will probably be around $400.


Muscle Power to Electric Power

cell charger It's silly that we have so many muscles yet are so completely at a loss to produce power when our gadgets die. I mean, we have the power! We just don't have any way to get it into our iPod. Until now. This awesome little gadget converts your arm-power to electric power, and pumps it into your favorite gadget. It might not be as awesome as a pull-string charger, but it's a good first step.

Via SciFi Blog

Uhhhhhh....Strange Fast Bike Thing (with or without scary lady)


I don't know why I feel so compelled to share this with you all...but here goes. Human powered transportation has always been an extremely important part of personal mobility, and by "human powered transportation," I generally mean walking and generic cialis india biking. There are some other options, of course, including the extremely bizarre looking hyperbike.

I actually think it's very cool, but the peculiar factor is a bit much to handle right now. The inventor of the hyperbike sees them replacing cars (heard that before?) but needs a few million dollars to finance the first round of production. The hyperbike is powered by both the cialis no prescription hands and the feet, the wheels are taller than a man, and the inventor apparently believes that Robert Palmer dan

I actually enjoyed this rather lame interview with the inventor, but not nearly as much as I enjoyed this really horrible website.

Via TreeHugger


Weight to Watts

exercisebikeFinally, a pre-built human power generator. Turn those pounds into watts with this exercise bike that can easily put out enough juice to power a full desktop computer system (as long as you don't use a hardcore gaming rig.)

Of course, it's hard to type while pedaling, but if you're going to exercise, you really ought to cialis in australia for sale pump some of buy tramadol discount that energy into your house. The maxium output for a typical biker is about 500 watts, but keeping up 300 is no problem. It can be used as a backup power source, or you can simply incorporate it into your house's gird, just like a solar panel. A final option is to charge the onboard battery for later use.

Now, when I said "Finally," I meant that it finally exists. Unfortunately, the only place I've seen it is at an online import outlet. So if you want to import one from India, it will be $250.
BTW, that's not the bike up there, but I couldn't find a good picture. 

Ktrak SnowBike


Well, since we've been talking about odd bikes lately, and I mentioned that the weather was discouraging my bike-riding habits this winter, I figured I should bring you all an innovation in snow-biking, the Ktrak.

Very simply, the Ktrak has regular wheels for summer days, but if every you want to take the bike out in some packed snow, just pop on the included front-ski and rear snow-tread. The resulting vehicle looks a heck of a lot like a bare-bones, human powered snowmobile. Frankly, the world could use a couple fewer snowmobiles, and I hope the Ktrak has that affect.
Via Engadget
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