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JUL 15

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"I have been interested to know if a small Nuclear plant could be used ..."

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ITM Power Unveils Home Hydrogen Refuel Station

Last year we heard a little birdy say that hydrogen refueling could be something you can do in your garage with UK-based ITM Power’s home hydrogen refuling station. Well, a prototype for the home-based station has been unveiled.

The station can be used for fueling a hydrogen-powered car, as well as cooking, running the fridge, and heating, and could make hydrogen slightly more efficient since it won’t need to viagra without prescription in uk be transported to filling stations like Shell.

ITM's station uses an electrolyser to produce gas from water and electricity, which an internal combustion generator converts to electricity. The unit can only make enough gas overnight to get you 25 miles down the road, so you may have to save up a bit if you have a bit of a commute during the day. And you have to be fairly well off in the first place, since the cost for a unit is cheapest prices on propecia expected to be around $4,000, plus installation costs, if the units are mass produced. Taking this into account along with the relatively lower efficiency rate of creating the hydrogen, it seems like it would take quite a long time to lowest price for levitra recoup the cost.

The company expects units to be available for sale around the end of we use it where to get cialis in canada the year, with buyers likely being large companies with a vehicle fleet. ITM is hoping the it's cool canadian levitra for sale home-owner-as-customer potential comes in with Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s push to have all new cars sold in Britain to by hybrid or electric by 2020 – apparently because fuel cell cars are then an option for buyers. I have a feeling people would rather get an EV or Prius than an expensive and inefficient hydrogen-powered car and expensive home refueling station. Just my guess…

But the idea of using this as a way to power you home is intriguing. Not as much as solar windows and the like, but intriguing all the same.

Via AutoblogGreen, BBC

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Dead end
written by Doug, July 15, 2008
I don't know how many hydrogen aficionados are left nowadays, but this is a pretty clear demonstration of why hydrogen falls short for personal vehicles, relative to pure-electric.

The electricity --> hydrogen --> electricity conversion efficiency is about 25%. So drawing the same amount of energy from the grid overnight, you'd be able to discount drug viagra charge an EV enough to go 4x as far as you can with this setup.

And that's a fundamental, thermodynamic limitation, not just a technical issue.

Hydrogen has potential for vehicles that absolutely require long driving range, such as airplanes. But for cars, which get driven < 50 mi/day probably at least 90% of the time overall, it's not worth the efficiency hit.
written by Clinch, July 15, 2008
The $4,000 pricetag doesn't seem to bad, especially if it was sold with a hydrogen car as a package.

And if you're going to be traveling less than 25 miles a day, you could probably get by with a more efficient electric car (or with the recent improvements in solar panels, a solar car), but if you travel more than 25 miles a day, then this isn't good enough.

Maybe if they made a solar-hydrogen hybrid, that you can plug in to this while you're not delivering, so the overnight canadian viagra solar panels on the car can power the hydrogen creation process.

written by Kelly, July 16, 2008
One might as well stick with gasoline as it would create less CO2. Imagine the coal needed if thousands of well meaning GreenMorons purchased this ridiculous broken technology.
written by Clinch, July 16, 2008
Until there are any actual figures on the efficiency, you can't be certain that these would end up producing more CO2 that other car types.

With the increase in renewable energy sources, electric and electric-related (i.e. this) are steadily reducing their carbon footprint compaired to fossil-cars, and as burning fuel is more efficient in a power plant than in a car engine, if the inefficiencies in this system are less than that difference, then these will be beneficial to the environment.
written by stevee0506, July 18, 2008
I still don't believe that H2O powered are efficient in nature...The amount of electricity spent to i recommend levitra online store make the Gas itself utilizes more power or any other non renewable resource of energy..what ever it is we are utilizing the fuel in some way or the other.....thats all..may be we will be saving few percentage but that does not count considering the cost factor.......
written by todd, October 22, 2009
Give science a few years and you will not find a better alternative. Hydrogen is THE most abundant element in the UNIVERSE.
Much like fusion, we are almost there...
written by Lloyd Olson, September 02, 2012
I have been interested to know if a small Nuclear plant could be used to power the extraction equipment and extract hydrogen from ocean water providing power to every metro area in the US, carbon free.

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