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AUG 01

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"I suppose you know at this late date that "hock" as a verb in this co..."

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Jack Nicholson Hocks Hydrogen Cars in the '70s

For those of you who think that the BMW Hydrogen 7 is a new idea, someone has dredged up a video of viagra sale cheap a similar car from 1978 being showed off by Jack Nicholson.

The "news" report seems laughable now, but it's a good lesson for a world that see,s to think "breakthroughs" happen every day. Feeding hydrogen into an internal combustion engine is and old idea and, it turned out, a bad idea. And while almost all car companies (aside from BMW) are focusing on much more efficient hydrogen fuel cell cars, decades of development still haven't brought us a mass-market car.

We're closer than ever, of course, with the Honda FXC Clarity and the Hydrogen Chevy Equinox both on the road in California. But Hydrogen cars might need decades of development before they can operate coast to coast. And, by that time, I hope we've come up with another, better solution.

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Typo In Title
written by Tom Saxton, August 01, 2008
You mean "hawk" (carry around and offer for sale) not "hock" (pawn).
Flunked English but still writing.
written by Zony, August 03, 2008
"is and old idea" or do you mean "an" old idea?
They're everywhere
written by fuzion, August 03, 2008
Tom and Zony work for Big Oil.
not hydrogen but aether (The Force is Re
written by celestine, August 03, 2008
Advanced designs of the canadian meds viagra Joe cell will be the united states future energy source and the oil companies know that they cant control it because its completely free....thus all the hikes in gas prices. They are getting theirs before oil becomes obsolete. ;)
funny there were
written by Marodona, August 03, 2008
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Not to be nit-picky...
written by anonymous, August 03, 2008
The Honda fuel-cell concept is known as the FCX Clarity.

I also agree that hydrogen is an intermediate step (at best) down the alternative-energy path.
written by John Jones, August 03, 2008
I had a car that ran on LP gas in the 80s. It was an El Camino with a big LP tank in the back. There was a switch on the dash you could go from gasoline to LP gas with the flip of that switch.

Wow, impressed
written by Stephen, August 03, 2008
To be honest, I'm completely shocked and impressed at the same time. Why didn't I hear about it earlier. Yet, I admire the whole idea of using hydrogen as an alternative to gas. It works and does its job great.
still fightin to this day
written by garry, August 04, 2008
and after 30 some years the non generic viagra OIL "CRACKHEADS" I MEAN THE OIL COMPANIES HAVE STILL KEPT THESE THINGS DOWN

watch who killed the electric car GREAT FILM just makes you sick to see some one pretty much run a small child over for money
who killed the electric car
written by auto parts carms, August 04, 2008
I have seen the trailer of "Who Killed the Electric Car" movie in Discovery Channel. Looks very interesting. However, I haven't seen the actual movie yet.
written by Luc Briere, August 04, 2008
Wows that news to me! The fuel cell being more efficient at turning hydrogen into mechanical power then internal combustion engine. As far as I know, most fuel cell manufacturers went belly-up because of two naggings problems; were does the hydrogen come from and lack of generic viagra generic efficiency? That being said, I work in the early 2000 on fuel cell research and, the best one could hardly transform 35% of the hydrogen energy into electricity. When considering a full cycle (from the energy source wind, photocell or other to electricity), most fuel cell were running in the negative (ask Gaz de France) to barely positive.

Considering fuel cell best efficiency of 35%, the rest heat losses, well, BMW experimental reciprocating H2 engine achieve a whopping 50% efficiency. When one study hydrogen characteristics, its very wide ignition range make it quite possible by allowing very very lean mixture. So please, forget about the fuel cell, they are only viable in Space, because hydrogen is free over there!

Just drove the levitra daily BMW 7 hydrogen last week. Drove like a normal 400 hp car. One draw back is that hydrogen is kept liquid by an evaporative cycle using… you guess it, hydrogen. This means that the tank will empty itself over time (week) in order to stay cold. And the evaporated hydrogen is “burned” expelling water AND heat. Talk about a waste of energy… by the way, that would be the same regardless of the end user is viagra uk online viagra uk a fuel cell or reciprocating engine.
written by Buy Prilosec Online, August 05, 2008
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Who Killed The Electric Car?
written by Ray Kabigting, August 21, 2008
After watching that movie a couple of times over, I cannot imagine what the executives of General Motors where thinking when they decided to crush all the EV1 pure electric vehicles and dismantled its assembly plant in early 2003, despite the fact that they know it was a commercial success. I guess the pay off from oil companies, parts manufacturers and even the government was too much to resist. Now they are paying the cheap cialis uk price by losing billions of dollars in sales of tramadol buy online their gas guzzling vehicles. It would have a different story if they only stuck to their guns and continued improving on canadian viagra scam an already existing technology. Where else can you buy a car that you can plug at home and can run up to 80 miles on the average at one charge. With newer and improved battery like the lithium-ion available today, that EV-1 would have traveled with a higher range at this point in time and GM could have possibly redeemed itself as the number one auto maker instead of Toyota...
written by Sardondi, June 20, 2010
I suppose you know at this late date that "hock" as a verb in this context is embarrassingly incorrect. It's "hawk", as in "to sell". What you meant was, "Jack Nicholson hawked hydrogen cars", etc., etc.

"Hock" on the other hand is primarily known as slang for putting into pawn or for generally being in debt; e.g., "Jack Nicholson hocked an Oscar because he owes so much in attorneys fees", and, "Jack Nicholson is in hock because he had to settle so many palimony suits."

It's the secondary meaning of "hock" as a verb which makes your incorrect use so unpleasant. That is, to cough up a huge, nasty glob of phlegm or mucous; e.g., "Jack Nicholson screamed at the referee so much he hocked a huge loogie all over the poor ref's shirt."

Of course, as a noun "hock" refers to viagra canada no prescription the "knee" part of a horse's hind leg. It's also a German white wine, as Shakespeare told us. Or was it Edgar Allen Poe? I forget, but I know it's something like a Liebfraumilch.

Hey, just tryin' to help.

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