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NOV 04

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"Pete, I work with a guy like you, he has a "safe room" for his kids w..."

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Hyrdrocar Brings Hydrogen-Powered Fun to Kids

Most of us adult ecogeeks are vying for electric cars, rooftop wind turbines or any gadget we can call green, but what about the where can i buy levitra young, budding ecogeeks? What can they wish for?

Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies has come up with the answer. They've introduced the Hydrocar, a mini fuel-cell car for kids that teaches them about alternative energy while they play. To power it, water is poured into the fuel cell that is hooked up to a solar panel. The energy from the solar panel converts the water into oxygen and hydrogen, which powers the fuel cell - no batteries or electric charging necessary.

The Hydrocar is just one of the viagra sales company's many educational toys and kits based on cialis tablets renewable energy.  We've written before about the importance of alternative energy education for kids and this toy really hits the mark. Let's hope we see more companies focusing on these types of cialis discount prices toys in the near future.

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Already in Stores
written by Doug, November 04, 2008
I pointed this same car out to my wife when we were in JC Penny's on the south side of Chicago. Believe it or not, its already in stores. I remember because for a long time we have thought about buying a fuel cell car kit that we have seen while traveling in that skymall magazine.
Are these toys safe for children?
written by Pete, November 05, 2008
While on the surface it sounds like a cool idea for a toy, I think parents must consider the safety aspect of these things. Do we really want children to buy viagra now be playing with Hydrogen and Oxygen? What if there is wow it's great buy viagra next day delivery an explosion? Do these toys include protective goggles for the child?

Also I cannot see on the manufacturer's website any data pertaining to miles per gallon or the equivalent thereof.
written by Nate, November 05, 2008
Dude, I wonder if you could homebrew a cellphone or netbook charger with one of these…
Safety First
written by Broney, November 05, 2008

I work with a guy like you, he has a "safe room" for his kids where they can play if he works in the office..

IMHO if the buy pfizer viagra online kid is too dumb to read the directions and practice any recommendations in the directions... they probably need to play with a spatula instead, at least that way they can start to hone their skillz...

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