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JUN 16

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Pocket-Sized Fuel Cell Charges Gadgets Away From Home

Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies, a maker of cool fuel cell gadgets, like hydrogen-powered toy cars for kids, has introduced their coolest gadget yet:  a pocket-sized portable fuel cell power plant that can charge your cell phones, MP3 players and other devices.

The MiniPAK, as it's called, comes with two refillable cartridges that each store the new drug levitra same amount of energy as 1,000 disposable AA batteries.  It can charge devices requiring up to 3W and has a DC output of 2.5W.  It contains an air-breathing fuel cell and a solid-state hydrogen storage unit (meaning no self-discharging of the energy).

The cartridges, called Hydrostiks, can be refilled with an included home recharging unit that uses water and electricity to generate and store the hydrogen.

The MiniPAK costs $100, not a high price to pay for grid-free charging on the go.

via Inhabitat

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A nonsensical product
written by Peter, June 17, 2010
The article says "costs $100, not a high price for grid-free charging on the go".

Try taking one of these things on an airplane... ooops.
written by Zachary Stowasser, June 17, 2010
I reposted this on my blog ! love it! I look forward to bigger units to power laptops and then even bigger units to power cars and homes !
stores 5 AA batteries not 1000
written by Jackal, June 17, 2010
The article says 1 stick stores same energy as 1000 AA. The brochure say each stick stores 15Wh. An AA battery stores 3Wh. So it is at most 5 times, not 1000.
written by Androo, June 18, 2010
Yeah, it's only 15Wh - that is, 2-3 smartphone charges. It's refillable, but where the hell do you get the hydrogen? Same issue as is facing all fuel cells - electricity is everywhere, hydrogen is nowhere.
written by Christian, June 18, 2010
You need the desktop unit to recharge the little canisters. As of right now the look here buy canada in viagra unit is about $500, and is powered by wall plug. All you do is fill it with water and through electrolysis hydrogen is extracted. My son made one for his 6th grade science fair project. Very easy to do.

Anyways, they think after the initial evaluation phase the units should come down in price. Also their will be a solar and wind option to power the desktop unit.

This is the coolest thing to hit this site in a long time.
written by Wazza, June 20, 2010
I don't get it. The world is deep doo-doo environment wise and viagra from canadian pharmacy we acknowledge that a huge proportion of the world's environmental problems stem from wasteful use of resources in order to produce goods for 'consumers'.

This product is yet another one of those mindless 'goods' , but it is worse because it is deliberately going to be marketed using 'green'.

The world doesn't need this expensive garbage (which is where the product will probably be in a year or less from purchase).
Personal Power
written by Garry G, June 22, 2010
Great for Horizon...

Putting power plants into the hands of individuals is a very (low end) disruptive idea... One that I've written about - in terms of bypassing competition and reaching new markets via 'packets' of energy and portable power plants:

written by Bob, June 24, 2010
It would seem that there are a lot of negative people on this list.

This seems to be a very practical device that would benefit my son who is going into the Peace Corps to we like it viagra by mail power his SW radio. When you are out in the boonies without power (as much of the world is) anything that gives you access to news of the world would be useful. I would assume that the price will come down over time and a device that would be infinitely rechargeable instead of buy cheapest levitra throwing away batteries is viagra express delivery a step forward.

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