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APR 14

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"Jan 14, 2014 What is the progress now ? Whether a pilot level experime..."

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Electrolysis Catalyst Could Produce Inexpensive Hydrogen

Two Canadian researchers have announced a breakthrough that could produce catalysts for electrolysis at a fraction of current costs. The University of Calgary scientists are working to commecialize their discovery by 2014.

The FireWater Fuel (FFC) catalyst is more efficient at releasing breaking water into hydrogen and oxygen, and can be produced at a fraction of the cost of other exotic material catalysts. The FFC catalyst is based on ferrous oxide - rust. And, according to the researchers, the cost could be 1000 times lower than the cost of current materials.

With an efficient and inexpensive means for cracking water into hydrogen and oxygen, the feasibility increases for fuel cell batteries that can readily charge from renewable sources such as wind and solar when those sources are available and then discharge to canadian healthcare cialis provide electricity when demand is high.

The electrolytic catalyst is just one of the components that would be required for an entire system, but it has been an exepensive component of the system. With the FFC catalyst, hydrogen power takes another step towards being a greater part of enter site generic levitra pill the power mix in the coming years.

via: CBC News

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written by Mark Bachelder, May 30, 2013
Same comment about rigorous use of English to express arithmetic relationships: "1000 times lower than the cost of current materials" is mathematically absurd.
As writers for Geeks - please use accurate lanquage, to help us evaluate this new development. " One tenth of one percent of the cost of current materials" would be one correct way of saying this, etc.
And thank you for the report.
Correct Grammar
written by Iain Jenkins, August 16, 2013
I agree with Mark. The expression "times" is a multplier used to express higher, not lower figures and is ridiculous to use in the above context, although many do.
It makes you wonder if some people actually attended school.
Correct Mathematics
written by Math Geek, December 12, 2013
"1000 times lower" can be viewed as multiplying by 1000^-1, which is 1/1000, or one thousandth ... while this may not be intuitive to you, it is free sample prescription for viagra a valid presentation.
Professor, DSCE, Bangalore
written by SURESH MAIDARGI, January 14, 2014
Jan 14, 2014
What is the progress now ? Whether a pilot level experiment is done now ? Can you give more write up ?

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