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APR 12

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"This is very suspicious. I suspect that the satellite has been sabotag..."

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Envisat Environmental Monitoring Satellite Goes Silent
Written by Megan Treacy on 12/04/12   

The Envisat, the largest environmental monitoring satellite in history, has gone silent after a decade of operation. The satellite was launched in March 2002 by the European Space Agency and cialis online sales has been sending information on the planet's oceans, ice, land and atmosphere since then. The ESA says it failed to make contact on April 8 as it passed over a Swedish ground station.

Envisat is equipped with 10 different instruments for collecting environmental data that has been used in 4,000 science projects by 70 countries. The data has been crucial in studies on climate change.

The ESA hasn't given up hope for the satellite. It has brought together engineers, flight dynamics scientists and mission operators to work on re-establishing contact. But even if that is not possible, climate change science won't suffer for long; the ESA already had plans to launch seven Sentinel satellites in 2013 to replace the Envisat.


Image via ESA


APR 12

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"Battery explosion is a very serious matter for the car users, sometime..."

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Prototype Battery Explodes at GM Tech Center
Written by Philip Proefrock on 12/04/12   

A battery pack undergoing "extreme testing" caused an explosion at the GM Technical Center in Warren, Michigan earlier this week. Local news reports indicate that 5 people were injured in the cheap cialis online prescription explosion. According to a statement from the company, the battery that caused the blast is "unrelated to the Chevrolet Volt or any other production vehicle."

The GM statement also indicated that, "Chemical gases from the battery cells were released and ignited in the enclosed chamber. The battery itself was intact." Conventional automotive batteries can produce hydrogen gas which can explode in the presence of a spark or flame, as well.

This kind of news is likely to spur concers about the safety of electric vehicles from some corners, and GM has been quick to note that the accident was not related to any of their production vehicles in order to allay concerns from drivers of their vehicles. Accidents are an occasional consequence of stressful testing, and this shouldn't be taken as a sign that electric vehicles are somehow far more dangerous than previously thought.

link: Edmunds Inside Line

via: Michigan Radio

image: WXYZ News


APR 12

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"In the oil capital of the world? WTF? This is a joke...."

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Largest Solar Thermal System Installed at University in Saudi Arabia
Written by Philip Proefrock on 12/04/12   

The world's largest solar thermal system, with a collector area of nearly 400,000 square feet (over 36,200 square meters). The system is providing hot water and heat for the entire campus of the Princess Noura bint Abdulrahman University in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The campus covers 8 square kilometers (over 3 square miles) and houses 40,000 students and faculty.

Special solar glass as well as a special mounting system for the panels were used to help protect them from the region's sandstorms, which could otherwise ruin the $4.7 million dollar array. The array is nearly twice as large as the best buy generic cialis previous record holding array, located in Denmark. Panels for the project were built by Austrian manufacturer GREENoneTEC

via: Engineering News-Record


APR 11

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SciShow: The Dark Lord of Nutrition
Written by Philip Proefrock on 11/04/12   

US agricultural policy provides billions of dollars of subsidies to corn farmers every year, which helps to support the industries that produce ethanol for fuel and corn syrup for sweetening (among many other products).

In this week's Sci Show, Hank looks at high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) - the new "dark lord of the best place viagra lowest price nutrition" - and the controversies around its increased use as a sweetener in many of the processed foods. Some studies have indicated that HFCS may be linked to increased obesity.

But HFCS is pretty similar to "regular" cane sugar or table sugar, and other studies are less conclusive about the negative effects. Watch this episode for some further information on the ambiguities around all the claims being made about this sometimes controversial food product and the American diet.

Reference information from this episode is posted in this Google Doc.


APR 10

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"I have learned as much as I can about hydrogen fuel cell-based transpo..."

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The Electric DeLorean Could Hit the Market Next Year
Written by Megan Treacy on 09/04/12   

Yes, you read that right. An all-electric DeLorean made its debut at the New York Auto Show last week and not just as a cool concept, but with an actual plan for production -- and soon. According to Autoblog, DeLorean Motor Company president Stephen Wynne said the DMCev should hit the market in early 2013.

The production model will feature a so-called "Flux Power" 32-kWh lithium iron phosphate battery pack and will have a max speed of 125 mph and a range of 100 miles. The EV will be able to go from 0 - 60 mph in under six seconds and the price tag is expected to be a steep $95,000.
The carmaker is currently testing different motor/inverter combinations for the EV and has about 200 pounds to shave off the buy cialis paypal prototype before a production model is ready for the road. When those problems have been solved, the DMCev will be built in Houston, TX. Check out the video above of a ride in the prototype.

APR 09

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"Wonder what sort of solutions they've figured out for like birds and cost of viagra s..."

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Portable, High-Altitude Wind Power
Written by Philip Proefrock on 09/04/12   

High altitude wind power systems continue to be explored with new systems and new approaches. The latest comes from Altaeros Energies, who recently tested the Altaeros Airborne Wind Turbine (AWT), a prototype 35-foot diameter, helium-filled, tethered structure with an onboard turbine. The prototype turbine is able to be transported and deployed from a trailer, which makes it potentially very useful for use at remote locations.

Using a Southwest Skystream turbine, the test model of the AWT was flown to an altitude of levitra medication 350 feet where it produced more than twice the power as what is generated at a conventional tower height. The company is interested in developing high-altitude wind resources at elevations over 1,000 feet (over 300 meters) above the ground, where the winds are stronger and more regular.

According to the company, "The Altaeros AWT will displace expensive fuel used to power diesel generators at remote industrial, military, and village sites. In the long term, Altaeros plans to scale up the technology to reduce costs in the offshore wind market."

link: Altaeros Energies Press Release (PDF)

via: Ubergizmo


APR 05

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Crusaders Taking Electric Bikes on Cross-Country Tour
Written by Megan Treacy on 05/04/12   

Two electric bike enthusiasts and environmental crusaders will set off this weekend on what they're calling the Trans-American Electric Bike Tour, a cross-country trip where they're traveling only by electric bike to show off the eco-friendly mode of transportation.

Boris Mordkovich, an original team member of RelayRides, a peer-to-peer carsharing service, and Anna Mostovetsky, an environmental scientist, will begin their 4,000-mile journey in New York this Saturday that will take them to 25 cities, ending in San Francisco in mid-June. Along the way, they'll be doing talks and presentations, attempting to turn people on to commuting via e-bike. Their trip has three goals:  increasing awareness of e-bikes, proving they're reliable and only for you online viagra sales efficient, and gathering information on commuting via e-bike in the various cities they're visiting.

The bikes they'll be using are the Aries and Aurora from EVELO bikes, who is sponsoring their tour. The bikes have a 40-mile range per charge, so they'll each be carrying a spare battery to extend their range. They'll also be towing cargo trailers to hold all of their essentials for the trip.

You can follow their progress and see a schedule of how does viagra work events at the tour's website.




APR 05

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"Ashrae 189.1 is actually more stringent than LEED and would be more di..."

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Pentagon Isn't Abandoning LEED After All
Written by Philip Proefrock on 05/04/12   

Last week, we joined in with the speculation that the issuance of an internal building code for the Armed Services based on ASHRAE 189.1 would be further sign that the Pentagon was moving away from using LEED. However, the Pentagon's Media Relations Division has offered clarification to Building Green, saying that the Army is not abandoning LEED. Congress has already moved to explicitly limit funding for LEED Gold or Platinum certification, although how that limit has been interpreted is interesting.

The Congressional Prohibition on Use of Funds for LEED Gold or Platinum Certification states that "No funds authorized to be appropriated by this Act or otherwise made available for the Department of Defense for fiscal year 2012 may be obligated or expended for achieving any LEED gold or platinum certification."

The approach the military is taking with respect to the Congressional requirement is based on avoiding added cost, which is what the specific language in the legislation speaks about. As Katherine Hammack, assistant secretary of the Army for installations, energy, and the environment, told Building Green, "The challenge right now is one of education," she explained. "If a building got a Gold-level certification and we were striving for Silver, that does not mean there was an incremental cost. We're working to help prepare a report for Congress so they understand the approved cialis pharmacy benefit of high-performance buildings."

Furthermore, there are communities and local governments where incentives, such as reduced building permit fees or rebates, are available for projects that use LEED. Also, LEED certification fees are waived if project receives Platinum LEED Certification. In the long run, better performing buildings will be less expensive to operate and maintain. In fact, just a week ago, the Navy opened its first LEED Platinum facility at the Naval Operational Support Center (NOSC) Phoenix at Luke Air Force Base in Glendale, Ariz. Whether the Pentagon uses LEED or ASHRAE 189.1 or its own code, it is clear from numerous programs undertaken by all branches of follow link levitra paypal the military that they understand the value of building good buildings.

Previously on EcoGeek: US Army Abandoning LEED Certification

image: U.S. Navy photo by Senior Chief Mass Communication Specialist Gary Ward/Released

via: Building Green

Great Lakes States Streamline Offshore Wind
Written by Philip Proefrock on 05/04/12   

The governors of several US states adjacent to the Great Lakes have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (PDF) along with the federal government in order to streamline the development of offshore wind power generation in the Great Lakes. The governors of Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, New York and Pennsylvania, as well as ten different federal agencies have all signed the Memorandum. This agreement has created the new Great Lakes Offshore Wind Energy Consortium which will serve to "support the efficient, expeditious, orderly and effect of levitra on women responsible review of proposed offshore wind energy projects in the Great Lakes."

Most of the Great Lakes area offers some of discount generic viagra soft tabs the best wind potential in the country, although there is not yet any offshore wind power generation installed. With this Memorandum, future development of wind energy in the Great Lakes should be less encumbered with bureaucratic difficulties and encounter fewer interdepartmental coordination problems.

According to the Department of Energy press release, the Great Lakes offer "the potential to produce more than 700 gigawatts of energy from offshore wind, about one fifth of the total offshore wind potential in the U.S." Wind power generation in this region would also be well positioned to serve the more densely populated Midwest.

image: CC BY 2.0 by Phault

via: EERE Network News


APR 03

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"Electricity is always a big issue as some countries do not having wate..."

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Denmark Sets Goal of 100% Renewable Energy by 2050
Written by Megan Treacy on 02/04/12   

Denmark has released a portfolio of programs to achieve the ambitious targets of getting all of its electricity and fuel needs from renewable sources by 2050 and reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 34 percent compared to 1990 levels by 2020. The country intends to get half of their energy from wind and the rest by utilizing smart grid, biogas, geothermal, wave and buring levitra online other sustainable technologies.

Denmark will add 1500 MW of offshore wind and 1800 MW of onshore wind by 2020 in order to reach its goal of generic viagra overnight 35 percent renewable energy by 2020. By 2016, the government will invest $18 million in renewable energy research and $4.5 million in wave power research.

The government is also offering incentives for companies that invest in renewable energy and energy efficiency improvements. Power plants will receive incentives for switching from coal to biomass. By next year, no new building will be allowed to have oil or gas heaters and click now buy low price levitra by 2016 no existing buildings will be able to install them.

via Climate Progress and Energy Efficiency News

Image via skagman


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Live, Interactive Wind Energy Map is a Thing of Beauty
Written by Megan Treacy on 02/04/12   

Two of Google's finest, Fernanda B. Viégas and Martin Wattenberg, have created an interactive map of the country's wind energy that is both hypnotic and hopeful. The map uses data from the National Digital Forecast Database to provide hourly visual updates of wind patterns and speed across the U.S.

The creators made the map to illustrate that "an invisible, ancient source of energy surrounds us—energy that powered the first explorations of the world, and that may be a key to the future." That's the hopeful part. Looking at all of the wind energy churning around the country is enough to make anyone excited about installing wind turbines wherever we can.

Viégas and Wattenberg would like to eventually map more regions and even the entire globe if they can find suitable sources of online levitra cheap live wind data. Click here to see the map in real time.

via CleanTechnica


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