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OCT 30

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High-Tech Programmable Thermostats
Written by Philip Proefrock on 30/10/11   

A couple of high-tech programmable thermostats are starting to draw a lot of attention for raising the viagra official site bar for both style and free cialis user friendliness. Proper use of a programmable thermostat is one of the best ways to control your home energy usage and reduce energy costs, and these new thermostats can make it easier than ever to accomplish this.

Both the ecobee and the Nest thermostats come in stylish packages that offer wireless connectivity, user-friendly interfaces, and online access and mobile apps to online pharmacy cost levitra let you control your system remotely.

The Nest thermostat is designed to learn and adapt itself over time, so that your house is at the temperature you want when you want it without having to fuss with reprogramming it. The ecobee web interface also gives you energy reports so you can see when you are using energy.

Both thermostats are priced in the range of a few hundred dollars, which is more than the average programmable thermostat, but they offer more features and easier accessability, which presumably should translate into greater energy savings. If using one of these thermostats helps save as much energy as they claim, either one would be well worth the usefull link levitra for daily use investment, and should pay back its cost with energy savings within a couple of years.

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OCT 30

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Greener Solar Panels with Bio-Based Backsheets
Written by Philip Proefrock on 30/10/11   

Solar panels can be even greener with the use of the BioSolar backsheet, which recently obtained provisional UL certification which allows for its sale to the general market. This backsheet is made from materials derived from castor beans instead of polyester and Tedlar films.

The backsheet of a solar panel is the the structure that carries the other materials. It also serves as an electrical insulator and cialis free sample a weathertight enclosure on the back side of the panel.

Not only does the bio-based backsheet replace the brand cialis professional need for petroleum products, but the thermal performance of the BioSolar material is better than currently used materials, allowing for faster heat dissipation and lower operating temperatures, which improves solar panel performance.

"This new tough bio-based material will be able to offer the durability and environmental characteristics of conventional petroleum-based plastics, such as electromagnetic properties, mechanical strength, dimensional stability, and weatherability required by PV solar applications. "

With petroleum prices rising, the use of bio-based materials offers lower cost and greater price stability. Furthermore, production of the new backsheet material does not require new, proprietary equipment for manufacture, so the technology can be readily adopted without businesses incurring additional capital costs related to tramadol availability in canada choosing to use the new material.

via: Solar Thermal Magazine


OCT 27

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Tesla to Bring Back Roadster in 2014
Written by Megan Treacy on 27/10/11   

We were saddened when we had to report that the Tesla Roadster would soon be out of production, but today brought the good news that Tesla will be bringing back their beautiful all-electric sports car in 2014.

The current Roadster uses a Lotus body that was converted into an electric car.  The partnership with Lotus was only set for 2,500 cars, so Tesla decided to retire the viagra online 50mgs car when it hits that number.

Reports now indicate that Tesla isn't completely giving up on the beloved Roadster, just the Lotus version of it.  The carmaker is bringing back the sports car but in an original design based on the Model S that would be even better suited for the electric vehicle technology and for mass-market production.

I, for one, can't wait.

via Earth2Tech


OCT 26

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Five Finalists for Green Car of brand viagra the Year Announced
Written by Megan Treacy on 26/10/11   

On November 17 at the LA Auto Show, the Green Car of the Year Award will be given out for the seventh year.  The five finalists for that prize have been announced and they represent a cross-section of what's available in cleaner cars these days.

All-electric models are represented by the Ford Focus Electric and the Mitsubishi i.  The Mitsubishi i is wildly popular in Asian markets and brand name cialis although it hasn't hit U.S. markets yet, it will be available by the contest's January 1 deadline.

The new Prius v is the only hybrid contender, but is being recognized as a new extension of the popular brand to a larger customer base.

The Honda Civic Natural Gas was chosen because it runs off cleaner burning compressed natural gas, a fuel that is pretty much ready for mainstream if cars are built to we use it cialis tablets for sale use it.

Finally, the Volkswagen Passat TDI takes up the final space in the contest.  The TDI is diesel vehicle that boasts great fuel economy and fewer emissions.

These five were also chosen as Green Car Journal's top cars for 2012.

via LA Auto Show


OCT 25

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"Hopefully this will help reduce the amount of space debris which is so..."

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Recycling Satellites in Orbit
Written by Philip Proefrock on 25/10/11   

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has its eye on $300 billion worth of obsolete, failed, and non-functioning satellites in geosynchronous orbit, with an eye toward collecting working parts from them to be recycled and used on new satellites.

Unlike an earlier satellite recycling proposal that was more about refueling and extending the life of old satellites, the DARPA Phoenix Program would harvest the useful components from satellites that are no longer functioning for use on new satellites.

For satellites in high, geosynchronous orbits, a lot of energy has been used to put those pieces in that location. If antennas, solar panels, and other components can be collected and re-used there could be significant recycling. Theoretically, it would also be possible to launch satellites without these components, making for a lighter payload which could be easier and less expensive to launch, and then attach the salvaged parts to them to make the new satellites fully functional.

It's better than getting rid of them with giant lasers!

via: BoingBoing


OCT 25

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The World's Best Solar Power Regions are the Coldest Locales
Written by Megan Treacy on 25/10/11   

Large expanses of cheap levitra with fast delivery desert have received most of the attention when it comes to large solar power installations, but a new study published in Environmental Science & Technology says that the world's coldest regions are actually some of the best places for solar power generation.

The study found that the Himalaya Mountains, the Andes and Antarctica are some of the most ideal solar power locations, with the ability to propecia 5mg produce more energy per hectare than the world's deserts.  The Himalayas could provide power to China, while the polar regions see 24 hours of sunlight a day for half the year.

The study used weather data to account for any decrease in solar cell output due to freezing temperatures, snow fall and cialis rx transmission losses when calculating the cheapest levitra uk areas' power generation potential.

Research bases on Antarctica already successfully make use of solar and wind power for electricity, but transmitting power generated at the poles or deep in the Himalayas to towns and cities will likely prove to be the biggest hurdle to these solar power "hot spots."

via Fast Company


OCT 24

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Smaller Wind Farms More Cost Effective Than Bigger Ones
Written by Megan Treacy on 24/10/11   

It seems logical that, like buying in bulk at Costco, the more turbines in a wind farm, the lower the cost per turbine and the lower the cost of electricity for that project, but the U.S. Department of Energy found that when it comes to wind farms, smaller is actually cheaper.

A new report on the wind technology market from the DOE finds that the cost per kW of electricity for a wind farm is actually at its lowest in the 5 to 20 MW range, not the biggest 200 MW and above wind farms, like one would think.  The probable reasons for this come down to viagra free samples added costs associated with the biggest of wind farms that don't apply to smaller ones.

  1. Wind farms above 20 MW have to go through the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, which can cost extra time and money for developers.
  2. Large wind farms need special financing which can only be handled by a select few large firms that likely charge a premium for their services.
  3. The biggest reason could be that the largest of good choice get viagra fast projects require the buying viagra online in britain addition of new transmission lines, which can be extremely expensive.

This finding may encourage smaller, more affordable projects on a local level, much like how distributed solar projects have really taken off compared to larger solar farms.  Communities could own their own wind farm and reap the cost and environmental benefits.  Small projects may even want to take advantage of vertical axis turbines that have been found to produce more electricity in less space than horizontal axis ones.

via Grist

Image via Energy Self-Reliant States

Dow Solar Shingles Finally Hitting U.S. Markets
Written by Megan Treacy on 24/10/11   

We wrote about the lovely solar roof shingles introduced by Dow Solar a couple of years ago and now they're finally going to be available to levitra on line sale the masses.  The solar shingles look amazingly like traditional roof shingles and fully replace traditional shingles on the home while generating electricity.

The shingles use thin-film solar cells, which are less efficient than the silicon cells in conventional solar panels, but actually much more durable.  The first state where these shingles will be widely available is Colorado, with large quantities coming to a dozen other states by the end of 2012.

The solar roof shingles have an efficiency of about 10 percent, but if you cover your whole roof in them, you're still looking at a nice power pay-off.  Another bonus is that solar panels of any type keep areas under where they're installed cooler, which means you'll need less electricity for cooling anyways.

Dow has partnered with major home building company D.R. Horton to build homes outfitted three kilowatts of their solar shingles.  The homes will be large ones -- ranging from 2,205 to 4,115 square feet -- and will start at $485,950.  On the green jobs front, Dow is building these shingles in a Midland, Michigan plant and says the facility will create 1,275 jobs by 2015.

via CNET


OCT 21

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App Lets You Find Cheapest Electricity for Your EV
Written by Megan Treacy on 21/10/11   

Software is being created to help EV drivers to locate the nearest charging stations, but what about the EV driver that wants to find the best price on electricity?  A new app being developed by IBM and Swiss utility EKZ will allow customers to find the cheapest electricity for charging their EV, as well as set up remote charging.

The app will link customer's mobile devices with an in-car unit and the grid.  Customers will be able to view how much battery power they have left and the price of electricity at that time and throughout the day (peak vs. off-peak hours), then they can either have their car start to charge remotely or schedule a charge for later that day.  The user can even choose whether to enter site levitra canadian pharmacy use renewable or conventional sources of power, if that option is available through their utility.

The user can also choose to let the brand name cialis for sale utility schedule the charging based on grid demand, which could help prevent huge peaks in demand and the use of back-up sources of power, which are more expensive.

The app is still be pilot tested and should move to a full commercial trial by next year.

via Fast Company


OCT 20

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Increased Efficiency with Folding Shipping Containers
Written by Philip Proefrock on 20/10/11   

Shipping containers are intriguing artifacts of global consumer culture. While they are meant to be reusable, there is such an imbalance of trade that frequently they do not return to their country of origin, and shipping empty containers is inefficient for the shipping lines. So, while a small number of the containers end up being re-purposed, many more do not.

To address this problem, the Staxxon container can be folded up small enough that five empty containers will fit in the space normally filled by one ordinary container. Because the Staxxon containers are as strong as conventional containers, and since they can be moved and it's great! viagra endurance handled without changes to how containers are normally handled, they have the potential to make inroads in the shipping industry.

Several stacked containers are no heavier than a full container, so there are no special handling requirements in that regard, and operationally, fewer crane lifts and truck trips would be needed to move bundles of empty containers, so there are time and energy efficiencies to be gained with the adoption of levitrabest levitra these containers.

via: Failure magazine


OCT 19

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Bloom Boxes Headed to Delaware
Written by Megan Treacy on 19/10/11   

Bloom Energy will soon be installing 30 MW-worth of Bloom Boxes in Delaware in what will be the company's largest project yet.

Delaware regulators just approved the plan that calls for a factory to be built for the fuel-cell boxes.  State utility Delmarva Power will raise a large portion of the funds required to finance the project by adding a $1.34-per-month surcharge to best price tramadol its customers' bills.  That surcharge will add up to about $100 million over the next 20 years.

The state is also offering $18 million in incentives and the project hopes to receive federal grants as well.

Bloom Energy has already found customers in Google, eBay, Adobe, AT&T and through pilot projects with utilities PG&E, Southern California Edison and Tennessee's EPB, but none of these projects come close to the Delaware deal that could grow to as much as 50 MW.

Beyond a cleaner source of energy, the project will bring Delaware 900 new jobs at the factory and $300 million in annual economic activity.

via Greentech Media



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