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Bigger, Roomier Prius V Goes on Sale Next Month
Written by Megan Treacy on 20/09/11   

The Prius line is expanding rapidly these days.  Toyota will begin selling the bigger and roomier Prius v next month in the U.S., opening up their popular hybrid franchise to those who need to carry a bit more with them on the road.

The Prius v looks a lot like the regular Prius except for the viagra online order extended cargo space in the rear.  According to Toyota, the vehicle will offer more storage space than 80 percent of viagra online order all small SUVs -- a nice 34.3 cubic feet of it.

The Prius v will use the same hybrid drivetrain as the regular Prius.  As for mileage, the larger size does take down the fuel efficiency a bit.  The Prius v is rated for 44 mpg city and 40 mpg highway with a rating of 42 mpg combined.  The regular Prius has a combined rating of 50 mpg.

For a nice-sized hybrid, the price is actually pretty affordable.  The car comes in three levels ranging from $26,400 to $29,990.

A plug-in version will likely follow soon.

via Green Car Congress



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Combined Power Hydrogen Station
Written by Philip Proefrock on 20/09/11   

A hydrogen refueling station in Fountain Valley, California is not only providing fuel for vehicles, but is also helping to buy low price viagra supply power to an adjacent industrial facility, and it is reported to be the first "tri-generation fuel cell and hydrogen station" in the world.

The hydrogen energy station is located next to a wastewater treatment facility, and biogas generated from that facility provides the feedstock for the system. The biogas is converted into hydrgen which is then available for refueling hydrogen vehicles as well as for a hydrogen fuel cell from FuelCell Energy which generates 250 kilowatts of electricity for the wastewater plant. Approximately 25 vehicles per day can be refueled from this station, in addition to the electrical power generated.



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Canada's Geothermal Resources Could Power the Country One Million Times Over
Written by Megan Treacy on 19/09/11   

Canada's federal Geological Survey Commission has released a report stating that the just try! viagra dosage country's geothermal resources are so vast that they could power the country one million times over.

Heavy concentrations of geothermal stores near the surface in the Northern and Western parts of Canada (including British Columbia, Alberta, the Yukon and Northwest Territories) are the stars of the new report, though resources exist across the country.  A team of spain female viagra scientists from the agency said that as little as 100 projects could completely power the country while generating very few greenhouse gas emissions.

Geothermal has its downsides, like high upfront costs and long construction times because of the tricky nature of drilling miles into the generic viagra mastercard earth, but once a geothermal plant is operational, the energy is practically unlimited and purchase of levitra -- unlike wind and solar -- constant.

Countries like Iceland, Indonesia and St. Lucia have started relying on and even exporting energy from their large geothermal resources.  Canada could easily be next.

via Montreal Gazette


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Toyota Unveils the Plug-In Prius
Written by Philip Proefrock on 19/09/11   

Toyota has unveiled a new plug-in version of its hybrid Prius for the 2012 model year. Although the aftermarket has been offering conversion kits to allow it, and Toyota's competitors have come out with a variety of plug-in electric vehicles and hybrids, only now is Toyota producing a hybrid vehicle that can be recharged by plugging it in.

Almost since it was first released, Toyota has been working on numerous new versions of its iconic Prius, but it has taken until recently for any of these to reach the public. We've seen concepts for other Prius options, and Toyota is now bringing these to the market. In addition to the new plug-in version, there is also the original Prius, and the larger Prius v.  Also, Toyota will also be bringing out another version called the Prius c in 2012.

The plug-in Prius now uses lithium ion batteries, rather than the buy levitra on line nickel metal-hydride batteries in earlier models. The 4.4 kWh battery will give the new Prius a range of cialis super active 15 miles at 62 miles per hour (about 24 km at 100 kph) in electric-only drive*. The car "is expected to achieve a manufacturer-estimated 87 MPGe (miles per gallon equivalent) in combined driving and 49 MPG in hybrid mode."

hat tip to: @JaymiHeimbuch

[* edited to clarify range is for electric drive]


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Cleaning Uranium Contamination with Bacteria
Written by Philip Proefrock on 16/09/11   

Bacteria may be a key in containing radioactive contamination and other environmental pollutants. A naturally occurring bacteria found in soil called Geobacter has been known to be useful in contaminated soil cleanup, but the process by which it prevents the spread of pollutants has not been known until the work of Gemma Reguera and cheap generic overnight viagra her team of researchers at Michigan State University identified how the the bacteria concentrates contaminants.

The bacteria have nanowire structures called pili, which are like fine hair on the exterior of the bacterial cells. In a toxic waste site contaminated with uranium, these nanowires essentially become electroplated by the recommended site 5 mg viagra uranium. This process contains it and renders it insoluble, so that it cannot be dissolved and taken up by groundwater.

“This tiny microorganism can play a major role in cleaning up polluted sites around the world,” Reguera says. “Uranium contamination can occur at any step in the cycle of production of nuclear fuel – from mining, processing and enrichment to accidental spills from the nuclear plant. Contamination can spread fast and cialis prescription stay in the environment for many, many years. However, you can stimulate the natural Geobacter community of buy cheap cialis the soil and groundwater, or feed the improved strains in the environment. The bacteria will oxidize and precipitate the uranium.”

The pili also serve to protect the bacteria from the uranium, which is toxic, by keeping it outside the cell. The researchers are now working to develop strains of Geobacter with increased pili production to make it more effective for this type of remediation work.

via: MSU News

Hoverbarge Allows Difficult Access Construction
Written by Philip Proefrock on 15/09/11   

As wind energy developers continue to develop new locations, there are many instances where site access is particularly difficult because of swampy conditions, or the location is in a tidal zone, or is otherwise difficult for more conventional access. To make access to these sites possible, Hovertrans Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has a vessel called a hoverbarge.

The hoverbarge is a standard marine barge (which means that it will float even if it is not powered) which is further equipped with fans and skirts to perform as a hovercraft. The hoverbarge is self-propelled, and has a cargo capacity of up to 50 tonnes and an overall deck area of 24 meters by 7 meters (approximately 78.75 feet by 23 feet). The modular construction of the hoverbarge makes it possible to dismantle the vessel and ship it to remote locations, and then be re-assembled for operation.

The hoverbarge produces very little ground pressure, making it useful for construction with minimal adverse impact on a site. Barge based construction can eliminate the need to construct long roads and work pads for heavy equipment in areas with difficult ground conditions.

via: NA Windpower


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New York City Bike Share Program Will Have 10,000 Bikes, 600 Stations
Written by Megan Treacy on 14/09/11   

Last year, we heard that New York City was considering a huge bike sharing program and now it's becoming a reality. New details have been released about the program and it's just as big as had been hoped. There will be about 600 stations with 10,000 bikes and the program could be up and running by next summer.

The stations will be widespread, covering the Upper East and West sides all the way down to the tip of cialis order 5 mg Manhattan and then across the East River into Brooklyn as far as Greenpoint and Crown Heights.

The city has chosen Alta Bike Share to install and operate the system. Alta operates bike share programs in Washington, D.C., Boston and Portland, but the New York system will dwarf those systems by a few thousand bikes, making it the only now ordering viagra largest in the country. Above is a video featuring the Capital Bikeshare program in D.C.

The program will allow for 24-hour, multi-day or annual subscriptions as well as shorter rentals charged by the half-hour. Monthly subscriptions will be cheaper than a monthly MetroCard.

Bike share programs have had varying degrees of success around the world, but we hope that this ambitious system in a city that loves alternative forms of transportation will catch on quickly.

via New York Observer


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Computer Energy Efficiency Doubles Every 18 Months
Written by Megan Treacy on 13/09/11   

A new study done by an engineering professor at Stanford University has found that the energy efficiency of computers doubles roughly every 18 months, and has done so since the very first general purpose computer, the Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer (ENIAC) that was built in 1956.

With help from Intel and Microsoft, Professor Jonathan Koomey was able to gather information about computing devices from 1956 until now and viagra sale uk with this new finding, Koomey is revising and improving Moore's law -- the observation that computer processing power doubles every 18 months.  Fortunately, the things that contribute to that power improvement (reducing component size, capacitance and communication time between them) also increase energy efficiency.

This finding has great implications for the future of computers and cialis for sale in us battery-powered devices.  As we constantly increase the performance power of computers and gadgets, we'll be improving their energy efficiency as well -- a much needed trend as we become more reliant on our portable devices.

Also, theoretically, we're far from the limit of how much electricity we can save.  In 1985, physicists projected that we could improve computer energy efficiency by a factor of levitra 20 mg 100 billion and since then we've only hit a factor of about 40,000.

via MIT Tech Review


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Greece Planning a Solar Power Boom
Written by Megan Treacy on 06/09/11   

Greece has laid out a new plan to get itself out of a recession and to spread renewable energy through the country and the EU.  The new plan called Project Helios would see the country expanding its solar power capacity to 10 GW by 2050 through financing by international investors.

Greece is hoping to capitalize on one of it's great resources:  the country gets 300 sunny days a year.  Greece would lease out land to investors to build solar installations as a way to generate income and buy ultram overnight add jobs. To make the deal more attractive to investors, the country is promising to greatly ease licensing obstacles and cut out most of the red tape involved in building these projects.

The solar power systems would be connected to the mainland, islands and to the rest of continent, which would help other EU countries meet the only best offers where to get levitra renewable energy mandate that requires member countries to get 20 percent of their electricity from renewables by 2020.  The set up would be similar to the huge DESERTEC project in North Africa, but on a smaller scale within the EU.

The project would see 2.2 GW of capacity installed by 2020, 10 GW by 2050 and ultimately the country would become an exporter of renewable energy.

via Greentech Media


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Glass Roof Tiles Collect Energy
Written by Philip Proefrock on 03/09/11   

The roof is typically the best and biggest part of most homes for energy collection. But most of the available systems for gathering this energy are unsightly. That's not a concern for these roof tiles from a Swedish company, SolTech Energy, that are made from glass.

With a roof made from these tiles, it is possible to produce 300-500 kWh per square meter per year (28-46 kWh per square foot per year). Heated air collects under the glass tiles like a greenhouse, and is then drawn in and concentrated to transfer the heat to a hot fluid for use in heating the building. The system is ideal for use with a heat pump or a boiler where a hot water storage tank stores the cheap viagra no perscription collected heat. Then, when heat is needed, the heat pump or boiler has pre-heated water available, so that less external energy is needed to heat the space.

In addition to the energy benefits, glass tiles are expected to have a longer lifespan than traditional clay or concrete roof tiles. And because the glass is a smooth material, snow tends to slide off more readily, so that the system keeps itself cleared and in operating condition more of viagra soft gel the time. The tiles also match common tile shape so that the glass roof system can be incorporated into a conventional tile roof.

via: Sweets News and viagra super active uk Products


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Big Island of Hawaii Gets 20% of Its Electricity from Geothermal Plant
Written by Megan Treacy on 02/09/11   

A geothermal plant on Hawaii's Big Island is providing 20% of that islands electricity needs, with additional capacity in the works.

The Puna Geothermal Venture is run by Ormat Technologies and is located in the Mt. Kilauea East Rift zone.  The plant has five wells that bring up 650-degree geothermal fluids to the surface where the steam is separated out and used to drive generators.  The plant also captures waste heat from the primary circuit with fluid pentane to increase power output and efficiency.

The plant is currently contracted to provide 30 MW of electricity to Hawaii Electric and Light through 2030, but is looking to add another 8 MW of capacity soon, as well as building new reservoirs off the coast of Maui and near Mt. Hualalai to expand its electricity coverage across the islands.

With the vast amount of geothermal energy in the area, Hawaii could easily get most of their electricity from these sources within the near future.

via Cleantechnica


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