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AUG 04

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Turnstile Power!
Written by Hank Green on 04/08/06   
For every action there is an equal and look there hydrochlorothiazide cialis oppostite reaction.  Well...there are a lot of actions in the world...why not hook some of those reactions to buying real viagra without prescription a generator.  Decentralized passive power production...I think that's what it should be called.  J.R. East (the biggest railway company in Japan who we've already heralded for their hydrogen hybrid trains) hooked up a generator to the turnstiles of their railway stations and I call that awesome.  I mean, why not capture energy wherever we can. 

Now, I can't imagine it will add up to much, but if everything we do, from clacking a key to tapping a foot generated power, we might need a few less solar panels on the roof. 

The concept is currently being tested at their office, where you apparently have to walk through a turnstile to approach the receptionist.  Railway office...turnstile...ahh cute...
Solar Power Tower
Written by Philip Proefrock on 03/08/06   
We've heard about this concept before, but it looks like an Australian group is going ahead with their plan to build a large-scale solar power tower capable of providing power to 100,000 homes.

The concept is to enclose the area around the usefull link viagra sales in canada base of the tower in a glass greenhouse that captures solar energy. The superheated air rises through a central chimney with turbines to generate electricity. Furthermore, by using heat retaining materials on the ground which release heat during the night, the developers believe that they will be able to generate electricity 24 hours a day.

The company has a great animated diagram that illustrates how the system works. It requires a sizable area and consistent sunshine, which is cheapest generic cialis why this first installation is being set in the Australian Outback.

If you're looking for something a bit more pretty, this 3D video of the the Solar Power Tower gives you a full on walkthrough of the technological marvel, though I suggest turning the sound off to avoid the cheesy music.  The tower will be over 1000 feet tall and, according to the rendering, there will be an observation deck at the top of it.  Oh, and if you keep watching 'till the only here levitra mexico end, you'll see that the Australian outback may someday be dotted with these humongous installations.



The system has few of the drawbacks which some opponents of wind farms find objectionable. For example, there are no external blades which would pose a threat to birds. People may, however, consider them to be ugly. But I don't think it's uglier than a world of submerged coastal cities.

via Ecofriend


AUG 01

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Efficiency the Boon of AMD
Written by Hank Green on 01/08/06   
amdAMD has taken over 26% of the server market, up 10% from last year, based almost entirely on the success of their low-power Opteron chips.  After AMD decided to focus less on the absolute power of its chips, and more on the performance per watt of power, data centers began flocking to AMD devices. 

Intel has countered with it's own high performance per watt chip and has begun a huge advertising campaign.  Intel founder Gordon Moore's prediction that processor speeds would double regularly turned out to be amazingly accurate.  Maybe, now that Intel and AMD know how much efficiency matters, Moore's law will apply to performance per watt as well. 
Via CNet News

AUG 01

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Solar Powered LED Bricks
Written by Philip Proefrock on 01/08/06   
bricklightsThe days of the lamp are coming to an end.  LEDs are beginning their march to turn regular things into sources of cheapest viagra tablets light.  And the next step in that march of lite up generally dark stuff is the brick!
Sun Bricks are the size of standard modular paver bricks, and can be placed in a walkway alongside ordinary pavers to provide walkway illumination. The brick includes a solar cell to tramadol cod delivery charge two AAA batteries which then provide power to two LEDs for up to 8 hours of nighttime lighting. They are completely self-contained and need no external wiring, so it's a simple fix to add in some solar-powered lighting to any walkway.  Of course, at $59 a piece it's not as cheap a fix as we might hope for.    

JUL 31

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"Car rental is now the top business for every country that are top when..."

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EV Rental Cars
Written by Hank Green on 31/07/06   
EV Rental Cars, as yet, doesn't actually rent any pure electric vehicles, but you can certainly get your hands on a hybrid with no problem.  The company currently only rents three cars, the Prius, the Civic Hybrid and the Highlander Hybrid.  What they won't rent is anything else.  They rent low emissions vehicles only, though, the highlander is stretching things. Anyhow, it's an interesting idea. 
For now, it's an idea that only seems to work in California (Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose) though they've got one in Pheonix now, and soon to be in Las Vegas.  It's also a good place to pick up used hybrids if you're in the market (and in California.)  They've got a fleet of over 350 cars now, so they've gotta have quite a few up for sale.
Wind Power by Choice
Written by Philip Proefrock on 31/07/06   
beesleyturbineWe aren't the only ones talking about wind turbines. A Washington Post article notes that consumers are choosing to buy green electricity, and are even willing to price of viagra in canada pay a premium in order to get their power from sustainable or alternative sources.
The trend is upward elsewhere, too. Utilities in 36 states offer some form of green pricing, and last year 430,000 households bought green power _ up 20 percent from a year earlier, the U.S. Energy Department reported.

Hopefully, this trend will continue, and power companies will continue to find increasing demand for green power and lower equipment costs as the technology continues to improve and the best site viagra samples in canada develop.

via Treehugger

Sustainable Self-Powering TreeHouses
Written by Gavin D.J. Harper on 31/07/06   
Sustainable, solar-powered, glass-reinforced fiber treehouse? Does it come with a T1 line? Well, maybe not, but it does come with "undulating kinetic baffles" which apparently generate electric power from the movement of the house in the wind.

The treehouse was conceived by the U.K company Sybarite, who want to encourage a more organic approach to country living.

The materials used in construction are both lightweight and recyclable - the company claims to be able to supply houses of buy viagra online without a prescription up to five bedrooms. Whilst I am pleased that the materials being used are recyclable, it would be nice to find viagra without prescription hear some more details about the materials being used. If creating the 'glass-reinforced fiber' takes more energy than powering a house for five years, then it's not going to be all that sustainable.

sybaritetreehouses2 The makers are advertising their "undulating kinetic baffles." These baffles will oscillate in the wind and charge a series of batteries which can be used to supply power to the home. Power from the batteries is augmented by power from P.V. cells that surround the perimeter of the roof of the dwelling.

The concept also employs passive ventilation, doing away with the generic cialis 50mg need for any air conditioning, furthermore, greywater from the roof is recycled to meet the water needs of the dwelling.

The design also features some of that smart photochromic glass featured in "Introducing Electrochromic Skylights"

This retro futuristic eco dwelling I feel will certaily win the hearts and minds of many EcoGeeks... all I wanna know is buy viagra pills the price tag!

via Gizmag and TreeHugger

Windpower Paper
Art students everywhere can now get sketch, drawing, and bristol paper that is made by 100% windpower. The company behind the Windpower series is Strathmore, and they've beat everyone to the punch by creating the first line of paper in the U.S. that uses windpower exclusively.
Even better, the price (which my art student friends will argue is high enough) is not affected, nor is functionality or quality of is pfizer viagra available in india the paper. And the payoff is huge for the environment -- the windpower efforts have resulted in 13 million lbs of toxic air emissions not generated and 94,500 trees not cut down.  
[Via Treehugger .] 

JUL 31

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Smart Meters: A Review
Written by Philip Proefrock on 31/07/06   
smartmeterThe Eurpoean Union is considering a mandate to require smart energy meters for homes. "A smart energy meter enables consumers to check how much energy they are using and how much it will cost."  The idea is look there purchase levitra that more informed power consumers will pay more attention to efficiency.  Just like in-car efficiency meters effect driving styles, Smart Meters should effect living styles.
This is reminiscent of a competition for a similar idea organized by Viridian Design back in 2000, for an internal whole-house meter that would display how much power the house was using at any given time.  Viridian's intent was to real levitra online without prescription have a display that would become more interesting and visit web site order cialis now beautiful as the house became increasingly efficient.
Along the same lines, there are also currently available websites for buildings with photovoltaic arrays that display the visit our site uk levitra sales net metering effects of the building. You can see both the production of the solar panels and the demand from the building, so you can see when the building is consuming more power than it produces, and when it is "running the meter backwards" and producing more than it consumes.
There are even some public libraries that have energy meters available for patrons to use to see how much power individual devices draw.

JUL 30

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If you saw the meatloaf I did, you'd eat weeds, too.
{mosimage}Okay, I admit it, I'm stretching from the Ecogeek mission of being gadget-friendly to help you all reconnect with the Earth by well ... eating it. 
Weed 'Em and Reap is the punnily-named offering from Roger Welsch that serves as an introduction to food you can eat right out of the ground.
You'll learn about morels, cattails, and smut-fungus (ed: yikes), and also how to make wines, jams, and jellies. 
As I've mentioned, I'm in upstate New York dining on camp fare for my three squares a day, and I'm glad to have an arsenal of ideas if I head to no prescription cialis the dining hall and see "Leftover Night!" scrawled on the small green chalkboard. Especially the dandelion wine, which sounds like the perfect drink at the end of a long summer day.
[Via GoTo Reviews .] 

JUL 29

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Introducing Electrochromic Skylights
Written by Philip Proefrock on 29/07/06   
electrochromicglassSkylights can be wonderful things.  They give a house free and sustainable light and they add spaciousness to a room.  But there's such a thing as too much light, especially during these warm summer months.   For just this reason, manufacturers like Velux are beginning to produce skylights with electrochromic glass.  
The glass itself has special layers of material which turn dark when an electrical current is applied.  Instead of needing shades or blinds, the glass itself darkens and clears in order to control light levels.  Some sizes are currentlyavailable and more are scheduled to be in production later in the year.
They are still several times the the best site cialis samples in canada cost of a traditional skylight with a shade, but they could be especially useful in places where it is difficult to accessthe skylight.  The shading provided is enough to cut glare, heat and sale levitra UV coming through the window, but it does not a completely opaque the window.
Operating the windows takes only a small amount of electricity.  "[I]t takesless electricity to operate a house full of SageGlass® products than to combine cialis and levitra operate a single 40-watt light bulb."  Of course, this would all make much more sense to us if it had some thin-film solar built in.

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