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How to look here levitra online pharmacy no prescription make gas from cotton
{mosimage}Well, color us happy. Just as we were tired of talking through the "is corn really an efficient form of fuel" debate, Maywa Company -- a manufacturer of agricultural and enter site indian levitra generic environmental equipment -- has developed a way that raw cotton can be used as fuel.
The company carbonizes cotton waste stalks and leaves by cooking them for 30-40 minutes at 500-600 C in an oxygen-free environment. In the end the plants can supply 1,000 to 1,700 cubic meters of gas to a village of 250-500 homes -- enough fuel for household cooking.
Even better, Maywa predicts the device will help reduce carbon dioxide and particulate emissions. They're targeting China and India, both of whom have thriving cotton industries.
[Trading Charts ; thanks to EcoFriend .] 
NIMBY to YIMBY: The Aesthetics of Wind Turbines
Written by Philip Proefrock on 27/07/06   
prettyturbine3Wind turbines.  EcoGeeks love 'em.  Environmentalists do too. Unless they happen to be in their back yard.

We've been considering this and we think maybe it's because wind tubines are kinda ugly. 
Well, the American Wind Energy Association thought of this too.  Recently they set up the enter site buy canadian levitra online first National Wind Art Exhibit in conjunction with their annual conference in Pittsburgh earlier this year.  Although the conference has ended, the exhibit is still online.  The idea here seems to be to celebrate the wind farm in art so that we can see how pretty they actually are.  I think they're doing a pretty good job.
"Windfarm installation is controversial in many communities, largely due to the concerns the visual impact of turbines will have on the natural landscape.  Enter REimaginations, which aims to elevate the discussion around the viagra no prescription in usa aesthetics of renewable power generation. Compared to polluting energy sources, the exhibit suggests, 21st century wind farms represent an elegant blend of form and function."
The first real-life foray into wind turbine aesthetics that we've seen is a Dutch proposal for "trees" with up to eight turbines on a single base stalk.  These turbine trees have the potential to be the first visually interesting and pleasing wind power plants.
Did the people of Cape Cod complain when they put up light houses on their rocky points?  No, because light houses are pretty.  Well, if pretty's what they want, maybe it's about time to make wind turbines pretty too.   


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Climate Change Camp Vows To Close Drax Power
Written by Gavin D.J. Harper on 27/07/06   
In the heart of "Megawatt Valley" in the UK, the Climate Change Action Camp is threatening to close down Drax power station this August.  Their reason? Drax is the biggest emitter of carbon dioxide in the UK throwing 20.8 million tonnes of carbon into the atmosphere.  Their course of action? Er...Camping?
Whilst Drax is the biggest, it is also the most efficient coal fired station in Europe, which leads me to question the group's motives.  If they're goal is levitra fast delivery to close power plants maybe they should start with some older, smaller, more inneficient plants that are nearing the end of their lifespan anyway. 

The camp offers to raise awareness of global warming, climate change and the impact that big carbon emitters are having on canada medication viagra our environment.

I appreciate the camp's sentiments - their case is very valid... but the question remains "How Are They Going To Shut Down Drax?" Expect a full report of whether they achieved their aims and how it was done early September - don't touch that dial!
The camp will be wholly powered by renewable energy, the logistics of renewably lighting and powering the enterprise may turn out to be the most powerful part of the camp.  As such, there are opportunities for EcoGeeks to get involved, they will very likely need your expertise. So if you are tech-savvy and fancy a week in Yorkshire, get in touch with the only for you on line pharmacy camp organizers at :
A battery-powered airplane
Panasonic, insistent on proving that its new oxyride batteries have been increased by 120% in terms of efficiency and longevity, decided to prove the batteries' buffness in a logical way -- by powering an airplane with them earlier this summer. 

With our recent obsession with batteries, we stopped our "batteries + anything" Google search long enough to admire the work of Panasonic and the Tokyo Institute of Technology.  

Hell-bent on showing off the batteries, the Tokyo Institute designed a glider plane that flew -- albeit, briefly -- on 100 of the oxyride batteries. While it's certainly not the "21st Century Wright Brothers" as they're already claiming, we'll certainly salute you with our battery-powered flashlight over our solar-panel charging monitor.
Bill Joy: Green Tech Will Spawn the Next Google
Written by Hank Green on 25/07/06   
billjoyBill Joy, one of the founders of Silicon Valley giant Sun Microsysetms, was recently asked if there were going to be any more Googles.

His answer, "yes," and they will come from green technology.  Oh man!  That's just about the most exciting thing we've heard since we started this magazine!  Bill Joy, someone who has proven himself to have the ability to see when something new and amazing is on the horizon thinks that green technology will give birth to the next Google.  

Anyhow, Joy continues:
"John [Doerr] used to say Google is the greatest legal creation of wealth, and I think the greatest legal creation of wealth today is in the green area -- not just in the U.S. but in the developed world. We have been looking at a lot of things related to new fuels, such as ethanol, fuel cells, advanced battery technology, and new ways of using biotech to make fuels.... There will be an enormous amount of new [green] technology, new wealth, and we are trying to create the Googles, the Microsoft's of the new era."

Oh yeah!  You create those Google's of the next era!  As soon as I get a few million dollars I am SO joining your Venture Capital Firm. 

Via Business Week, Spotted at The Sustainable Future


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If you, like us, are living in a place with only one electrical socket....
Some of us here at Ecogeek have chosen to spend our summers in the thick of the Adirondacks, and while New York's finest foggy mountains are quite pretty, some of their accomodations are well ... er... a bit rustic. While I've managed to find a way to power my clunker of a desktop computer, every time I so much as try to plug in my socket-charged flashlight my entire cabin gives a disappointing flicker and fades into darkness.
Needless to say, I've been desperately searching for battery-powered anything
Thanks to Treehugger , I found the following round-up:
The fan is boasted to be the longest-running battery-powered fan on the market, but we're also enamored with its versatility. Our cabin has a square footage that rivals a tool shed, so we're happy to know it can be mounted on the wall, can stand on the floor or a table, and also has a handle that can be used on a wire or clothesline.
On the left is the gadget that's going to make me very popular with the other folks around me up here -- a Coolmatic cooler that runs on a 12V battery. You can set the cooling temperature you want, and boasts that your food and drink will stay cold for two days.
Finally, since plugging in our flashlight doesn't seem to be an option, we might be checking out the little gadget in the middle, the 20-LED Pivot Lantern . It has a couple levels of lighting to choose from, runs on 8 D-sized batteries, and lasts about 24 hours.

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Closer to Complete Burn: Georgia Tech. Radically Reducing Emissions
Written by Hank Green on 23/07/06   
When we say Complete Burn, we mean that all of the fuel is being turned into carbon dioxide.  While no one is ready to get excited about CO2 anymore, it is the desired product of combustion and it is not deadly like carbon monoxide and the various nitrous oxides that spew forth from tail pipes and power plants as a result of improper combustion.  We breathe carbon dioxide every day, it's pleasant.  Carbon monoxide, on the other hand, we only breathe right before we die of carbon monoxide poisoning.

A new type of combustion chamber created by researchers at Georgia Tech. has reduced the amount of CO and NOX gasses created by combustion to below anything seen in tradtional combustion (> 10ppm and > 1ppm respectively.)  The new chamber might almost be called emissionless, if it weren't for all that pesky CO2 that it's still emitting. 

This ultra-low emission combustion chamber alters one simple precept of combustion.  Instead of mixing the fuel and the air before injecting them into the chamber, it injects the fuel and the air separately.  The flow of air and fuel into the chamber can be directed and altered in order to ensure a more complete and proper burn of the fuel.  The design is much more simple than other high-tech emissions reducing chambers and it could be cost effective for anything from power plants to household water heaters. 

We can also go ahead and add this to innovations that will be making flight more environmentally friendly as putting one of these in an single airplane engine could prevent literally tons of nitrogen oxides from being released into the environment.
 Via Georgia Tech.  Spotted at Hugg

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Lutz Says Hybrids are Good for Press, Little Else
Written by Hank Green on 23/07/06   
The Vice Chairman of GM wanted us to know exactly why the auto-giant is headed for the dirt.  In a recent interview with Just-Auto, Lutz implied that hybrid vehicles are a useless technology that the American people have been duped into desiring.  And the Hummer is...I don't know, a very sound financial decision?

"[Hybrids are] the popular thing to do, many people believe that if we all drove hybrids the world would suddenly get cooler again and then it's the patriotic thing to do because if you drive a hybrid you will no longer be funding the Arab terrorists, and so forth."

Many people believe also that the internal combustion engine is a hundred-year-old, dangerous, outdated technology that our society is deeply dependent on and needs to be phased out.  No...he didn't say that. 

Lutz continued, "so, with all those beliefs out there, you have to do a hybrid for public policy reasons."

Right, apparently you don't have to have a hybrid because they're selling well.  Because selling cars has nothing to do with what GM does.

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eBook iPod?
Written by Hank Green on 23/07/06   
Engadget seems to have some insider information concerning the next generation iPod.  Thereebook ipod's already been discussion about the magnificently increased screen real estate, but so far, we just thought it was for watching movies.

Well, just in case you'd rather read the Homer's Iliad than watch Pitt's Troy, it is very likely that this fancy new iPod will come with eBook functionality, allowing the device to drop into a monochrome, high-contrast, low-power mode.  But, must important, Apple's iTunes store will very likely be carrying eBooks with basically the same DRM as the iTunes MP3s.

This juicy tidbit comes from someone at a major publishing house who was just ordered to send ALL of their manuscripts to Apple's Cuptertino headquarters.  Once again, that's ALL of their manuscripts. 

We've been waiting for something that might take eBooks into the mainstream.  If Apple manages to get every book published by a major publishing house for sale on line, we would definitely call that mainstream. 
via Engadget


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Solar Ferry also a Power Plant
Written by Hank Green on 21/07/06   
Solar BoatUSA Today has a short article this week about the Serpentine Solar Shuttle, an all-stainless-steel passenger ferry powered entirely by the sun.  The Shuttle is equipped with 27solar panels and two electrical engines allowing it to reach a maximum distance of 82 miles loaded with 42 passengers. 

It's not fast, but it is clean and, according to it's designer, Christoph Behling, it's the "most technologically advanced shuttle in the world."  The boat cost 20% more than a diesel boat of the same size and goes about 20% as fast, but it produces 100% less pollution.  Behling hopes that this boat will help spur development of further solar-powered transport.

The Shuttle is also designed to be plugged into Brittain's power grid when not in operation, turning the boat into a miniature power plant. 

The next step for Behling is a 300 passenger ferry designed to run on the Thames scheduled for launch in 2008.

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iRex iLiad Becomes an Ultra-Low Power Web Browser
Written by Hank Green on 21/07/06   
iRex iLiadThe iRex iLiad is the most recent and also most expensive contribution to the e-book market.  The device comes equipped with a gorgeous high-res e-ink display and an internal wireless card.  The wireless card, theoretically, will only connect to the iLiad news service, which will send you whatever news you have subscribed to (some free content, some not.)

Well Ali, Arivero and R2D2 have created some pretty user-friendly hacks for the iLiad that, when used together, allow web browsing.  This is officially the only device on which you can browse the web online with an e-ink display.  iRex didn't do it on purpose, but you can do it.  The hack is simple and non-intrusive, but it does require the iLiad network card to be constantly on which will drain the batteries a bit.

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