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JUN 11

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Build Your Own 1000 Watt Wind Turbine
Written by Hank Green on 11/06/06   

{mosimage}Live in a windy place? Need an extra 1000 watts? It's certainly enough to power your laptop, and probably also a microwave oven at the same time. What else could a guy want?

The folks at instructables are creating a step by step guide to creating your own 1000 watt wind turbine – from scratch. Sadly, the tutorial isn't finished yet, so, if you start now, you might be spending a lot of time staring at your wire coil disk waiting for them to write the buy viagra online at chapter on creating the turbine blades. Nonetheless, the complex stuff (DIY power generator) is all finished, so it's worth a look.


JUN 10

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"This confirms what I think of the government. Big Brother, indeed...."

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Human Life Worth Less than Janet's Nipple
Written by Hank Green on 10/06/06   
{mosimage}In no way is this eco or geeky, but since no one seems to have noticed this anywhere else, I had to tell the world.  
This week the U.S. Congress sent to we use it non prescription levitra bills to the White House that will likely become law next week.  
Bill #1 (S 2803) The maximum fine to a mine operator for violations that could easily result in a human death is raised to $220,000 
Bill #2 (S 193) The maximum fine to a broadcaster that shows "sexual material that does not rise above the level of obscenity" is raised to $325,000
That's right, this week will go down in history as the week when Congress declared that Janet Jackson's Nipple is online pharmacy viagra a worse offense than killing coal miners.
Thanks to my friend Abby for calling this to my attention. 
We now return you to our regularly scheduled programming.

JUN 09

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Mysterious Russian 'Star Battery': Explained (almost)
Written by Hank Green on 09/06/06   
{mosimage}Well, we've been keeping our eyes open for more information on this 'stellar battery' that we blogged about last week. Twice as efficient as a solar panel, operates in darkness and low light, cheaper than a solar panel. Lacking details, we were skeptical.

Well, the Russian scientists at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR) have given us some more information. They're claiming a 54% efficiency in converting visual light to buy canada in levitra electricity. They're claiming a system of storing that energy that does not use acid batteries, and they're claiming a 31% efficiency at converting low-light and infrared light to electricity. And, finally, they've actually given us a glimpse of how, exactly, this is supposed to work. Of course, they told the order cheap levitra world in Russian, and we don't speak Russian, but we're happy to try and translate the translation / explaination we found at PESN.

The Russians said:
We have a revolutionary new 'star battery' that is made of levitra pfizer 50 mg heteroelectric matter.

The Russians meant to say: We made an ultra-capacitor and an ultra-efficient photoelement out of a metamaterial.

Now, this might not strike you as a huge difference. But we can actually figure out what they're talking about in the second sentence, while, if you google “heteroelectric” you find only articles talking about the star battery.

Read all about it after the jump: 

{mosimage}Only the most foolhardy among us continue to be in denial about Global Warming. Experts agree - it's happening. Problem is, nailing the specifics is tricky. The vast number of variables involved makes for complex models requiring processing power that makes Deep Blue look like a sissy.

The BBC Climate Change Experiment hopes to predict the buy cialis 5 mg future climate of our planet by harnessing the power of distributed computing (remember SETI@Home). You can join in by downloading a small program that will connect your computer to the experiment. The application doubles as a screensaver, and uses your computer's excess processing power to canada cialis crunch away at the Met Office climate model .

An open source platform for distributed computing called Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing (BOINC) is being used to run the experiment. Developed specifically for individuals to donate their computing power to scientific projects, BOINC harnesses processing power that would otherwise be wasted. The more people who participate in the experiment, the more complete predictions about the future climate will be.

More Specifics After the Jump

JUN 03

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"Things cannot be evil, they are just things, with no direction, no com..."

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Chinese Fusion Reactor, From Left Field
Written by Hank Green on 03/06/06   

Lets start by saying that this isn't cold fusion, and it's not even producing more energy than is going into it. But...the Chinese did build a fusion reactor, and apparently no one knew about it.

The reactor is a smaller version of the 10 billion Euro International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) just begun in France (and not scheduled for completion for 10 years). China and the United States are both partners in the ITER project, having contributed 10% of the cost of construction.

So this Chinese thing is quite a surprise, though, given their desire to usher a billion people into the middle class, we probably should have expected that they'd be working on something like this. It's not like they're afraid of natural viagra large projects (see Three Gorges Dam).

The reactor, somewhat ominously called the “EAST” (experimental advanced superconducting Tokamak) was built using technical specifications from the ITER project. The system should go online later this year with a goal of producing electricity for 1000 consecutive seconds.  If this turns out to be a viable fusion technology, the world might become a significantly better place.

I mean, coal is cialis samples evil, oil is evil, nuclear is evil. Fusion is what we've been waiting for, that is, if the Chinese agree to share the technology with us.

Spotted at Hugg - via PhysOrg 


JUN 02

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"We can only dream that car manufactures will see the light...."

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Intel fights for Efficiency
Written by Hank Green on 02/06/06   
{mosimage}You might not have noticed, but in the last year or so, Intel has been totally smashed by AMD. Their processors have not met the efficiency of AMD and, as a result, Intel has lost a lot of market shared and big clients (including Dell).

Intel, has always focused on performance.  How many Gigahertz can they squeeze out of a chip.  The result has been extremely fast chips that run hot and suck power.  So fast, in fact, that no one needs them anymore, and so dealers aren't buying them. 

 Intel's new game plan follows the wisdome of AMD: Pay less attention to speed, and more to discount generic levitra online efficiency. Oh if only car manufacturers would see that light as well! The true goal of efficient processors lies in battery life of portable computers, but we can't help but see the conservation angle.

Intel is fighting the battle for efficiency on a lot of fronts. Most interestingly by increasing the viagra name canadian pharmacy number of processing cores per CPU.  This allows each core to operate at a much lower clock speed without losing overall speed. This step alone is making the new Core 2 Duo (which we at EcoGeek are hoping to own fairly soon) six times more efficient. This means longer lasting portables, cooler desktops and, most importantly, more efficient households.


JUN 02

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CRT Trash Can
Written by Hank Green on 02/06/06   

{mosimage}OK, there are an awful lot of cathode ray tube monitors headed towards landfills, and though this doodlepost article on how to turn a CRT into a trashcan doesn't really solve the problem of all the heavy metals inside the tube itself, it does elegantly turn trash into a receptacle for trash.  And, in general, is very humorous.  What better way to display your EcoGeekyness than by turning that monitor collecting dust in your basement into a dustbin for your office.  Plus, it's a perfect size for a plastic grocery bag to line it.  

But be careful, this definitely falls into the category of an extreme activity. You will, for example, be asked to decompress a vacuum tube with a shovel.

Via: DoodlePost 

Java necklaces
We have started receiving numerous e-mails from our editor, who sits in a hemp suit and only here order cheapest levitra online tie, begging us to try it online levitra prescriptions quit writing about clothes and accessories. "Write about gadgets," he begged, eating a Clif bar.  "Things I can tinker with. Things I can tweak."
We have to remind him that ladies are ecogeeks, too, and sometimes our moment of brand viagra weakness in geekdom is spotting an adorable necklace made from real coffee beans . I mean, look at the sidebar. You can choose the tint of your necklace based on the roast of the coffee bean.
Nothing says "I'm organic, but in that caffeinated way" like taking public transportation wearing a Cafe AuLait necklace, earrings, or bracelet.  Each bean is naturally roasted to produce its full color, and then specially treated for strength and water resistance.
We'd type more but we're too busy ordering a Blackberry Mocha.

JUN 01

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Mysterious Russian Substance Could Save the viagra online usa World
Written by Hank Green on 01/06/06   

{mosimage}A while back, a mysterious announcement printed by Physorg piqued the EcoGeek interest. According a press release from the Dubna Nuclear Institute, a 'battery' has been created that can extract energy from both solar and stellar sources, is twice as effective as solar panels at converting light into energy, and is cheaper to produce than solar panels.

Only one piece of information has arisen since we first spotted the article. A second release found at ITAR TASS explains that the substance is a 'heteroelectric' but does not explain what a heteroelectric is. They do, however, re-confirm that “This product of development studies has already proved its high efficiency both in darkness and in cloudy conditions.”

So, that's very exciting, but also very mysterious. We'll keep our eyes open and let you know when more information appears.

 Via PhysOrg and ITAR TASS


JUN 01

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Have a Green Summer with Google
Written by Hank Green on 01/06/06   
Google has created it's first "Mashup."   Mashups are, apparently, videos tours tied to Google Maps, further ushering Google into the category of content provider, as well as information manager.  

{mosimage}But, we here at EcoGeek aren't complaining, because the first Mashup they've chosen to release is .  Holy crap!  The Mashup, entitled "Have a Green Summer," provides environmentally conscious locales in five top destination cities (Orlando, Las Vegas, New York, San Francisco and Las Angeles.)  This EcoGeek is actually from Orlando and used to work at the Google Green featured Orlando Science Center, so that was pretty exciting for me. 

But I urge you to check it out, and their tips for how to conduct searches for environmentally friendly services and products.  

I'm not sure that traveling to any of the places listed could actually be considered environmentally friendly.  But, since we're probably gonna be traveling anyway, it's nice to cheap viagra 50mg see Google is giving us educational and price of cialis ecologically minded options.   

Via Ecofriend, 


JUN 01

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Electricity from your flush
In case you just looked down at your to-do list and tapped your pencil thoughtfully on the entry "What have scientists in Belgium been up to?," we here at Ecogeek are happy to supply the answer.
They've been turning toilet water into electricity. No kidding.
Researchers at Ghent University have been working with microbial fuel cells, which are an emerging technology that helps capture the energy that is emitted when bacteria break down waste.
The project is still in a trial phase, but prototypes have produced small amounts of electricity.
Link via Ecofriend , news via ABC

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