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Solar recharger
It's a whole new generation of campers -- we need our cell phones on and levitra mail order charged at all times, and I'm now finally numb to passing the little campers on viagra herb alternative the trail that have brought their portable DVD players.
Whatever electronics you can't live with as you negotiate the great outdoors, you have a cool way to charge it with this new device, the Sunlinq roll-up solar panel. It can charge your cell phone, PDA, digital video cameras and mp3 players.
This little guy is weatherproof, UV resistant, and very flexible -- you can attach it to cialis canada illegal buy your coat or backpack to create a little solar backpack while you hike.  
If you really need some power, you can up the voltage by attaching one of the 6.5 spec sheets to one of the 12 or 25 spec sheets.  
Via: Ecofriend
Mail yourself some bookshelves
For those of us that have to pack up everything we own and move once a year, we start to look at any larger pieces of cheapest generic cialis furniture with abject hatred throughout the year.
But rather than toss the "free" sign on our clumsier items and dumping them in the front yard, maybe we could check out these bookshelves from D.E. Sellers.
This bookcase was created without any waste at all, and uses no fasteners or glue. You can even just pack it up in a big 'ole envelope and mail it to your next address if you run out of room on the Penske.  
Sellers has also created a single-panel series in which movers can create a table and chairs from a single sheet of wood, though it looks like the comfort level may be sacrificed for movability.
Via: Treehugger

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"We have nutrition info on food in the US, so why not CO2 info on cars?..."

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France's Auto Eco-Labels
Starting this week France will start posting eco labels that will be indicate the CO2 emissions per kilometer for each car.
As France’s environment minister, Nelly Olin, said, “We must avoid a drift towards cars that are too big for our towns, too polluting, like in other countries."
Hopefully Olin hasn't visited our hometown, where soccer moms drive Hummers to go grab a gallon of milk at the grocery store. And we really hope Olin doesn't know that we've currently made a sport out of watching college girls try to parallel-park the SUVs that their daddies bought them.
A matching "energy label" will also become compulsory for French homes starting in July. 
Via: Greenbiz .  

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"Maybe you should try telling us the materials in them idiots..."

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A wind-up flashlight from Freeplay
The forces behind the Freeplay Sherpa Xray torch know that even though us eco-friendly folks have rechargeable batteries, we still randomly forget to viagra soft charge them and break down and buy viagra online purchase buy the land-fill-happy Energizers. Which is why they created a flashlight that recharges using a wind-up technology.
And if you, like us, still have a soft-spot for the clear-view world of Robotix where you could see how everything worked in your home-built robot, the Xray torch will scratch that itch with its clear casing that will let you watch your elbow grease get turned into light. It doesn't take too much elbow grease, though -- just 30 seconds of winding gives you eight minutes of light.
For us, this seems like a great flashlight to stash in our car for emergencies. And the price isn't bad at just $29.99.
Via Ecotopia .  

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"Being a New Yorker, I\'m compelled to comment. For 10 years, NYC has p..."

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Chicago's mulch helps make it one of the greenest cities
It's almost ironic that Chicago mayor Richard M. Daley was born on Arbor Day. He's pledged to try to restore the Windy City to the "urban forest" he remembered as a kid, and he's succeeded in making Chi-town one of the greenest cities in the U.S. -- all thanks to a little mulch.

There is mulch around the 30,000 trees planted annually. There's mulch along the only for you cialis order online 70 miles of canadian viagra green medians. There's mulch in the open space that's required to accompany new homes and offices. And there is mulch on top of the energy-saving green roofs of 200 buildings. 

Daley's report card is coming up pretty green as a result -- he's put in 500,000 trees, is putting in the most energy efficient and environmentally sensitive municipal buildings in the country, helps fast-track building permits if they're for green buildings, and promises that 20% of the energy used by the city will be from clean and renewable sources.

Read more about Daley's green efforts in this NYT article .  

Ethical fashion
Whatever is a conscientious ecogeek to how to get viagra illegaly wear? You can't just hop in your hybrid wearing sweatshop clothes, oh no. The ecogeek has to wear his or her values as well, and last weekend a group of ethically minded designers got together in Paris to put on the Ethical Fashion Market .
The goal of the  event was to bring the eco-minded players in the fashion industry together to focus on high quality cialis fair trade and sustainable development in fashion. 
All fashion shown over the weekend complied with the International Labor Organization rules, used elements of recycling, often worked with local artisans, and reinvested itself in community events. Pretty impressive for those of us that like to wear what we preach.
Via: Treehugger .  

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"I have been a huge energy drink guy but hate all the funky ingredients..."

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The organic energy drink
There is one thing, and only one thing, that a true geek needs. I'm not talking about just computer geeks, or just academic nerds. I'm talking about any of us that are passionate about one subject to spend way too many hours on it. {mosimage}
We drink energy drinks. We're not proud of cheap cialis sale online no prescription it, but we do.  Myself, I've tried Red Bull, Monster and Rock Star. I've tried low-carb versions and sugar-free versions.
Now if you're an environmental geek you're about to get the best of all worlds -- Syzmo Energy Drink is the buy real levitra online first 100% organic energy drink. That's right, not one artificial flavor, color, and not one teeny little preservative have made it into this can.  
Syzmo touts on its Web site that it not only has less calories than the other leading energy drinks, it also has more vitamins and uses organic blue agave nectar as a sweetener.
Syzmo gets its buzz-enhancing ingredients from guarana, yerba mate and caffeine, which is naturally derived from coffee.
You can get the drink at Whole Foods, Exxon or order it from Amazon
Via: Goto Reviews .  
NASCAR for Ecogeeks
Let's just say it: the Shell Eco-Marathon   -- the finals of which are this weekend in Nagaro, France -- is simply adorable. Competitors toodle up in cars that look like they're designed by the Pixar team and compete with the cartoonish dream of getting great mileage.{mosimage}
That's right -- the only goal is to drive as far as possible using the least amount of energy.  
And this isn't just a biodiesel fiesta. Teams can use any conventionally available energy source, including petrol, diesel, propane, solar, electric, hydrogen or biomass. 
255 teams from 20 countries are revving up to compete -- 163 are using gasoline, 21 are using diesel, 19 will use propane and the remaining 52 will use alternative materials. The results have been fairly astounding in the past -- in 2003 a French team achieved fuel consumption of 10,705 miles per gallon. 
Via: Treehugger
Even Alcatraz goes green
It's wind and sun that will soon power the hybrid ferries that will take tourists out to look at Alcatraz. The National Park Service has paired with Hornblower Cruises and Events to create these green ferries in a ten-year multi-million dollar contract. {mosimage}
The use of solar and wind energy will lead to zero emissions at the wharf, and the ferries have been touted to get much better mileage and levitra online usa pollute half as much as the previous vessels. 
The first ferry will be built within the next two years, and the second will be built by year five.  
Water vessels are making big strides going green -- Canal Boats, Inc. has launched a bio-diesel/electric hybrid ferry named "Clay Shaw." These ferries are powered by a 100KW John Deere bio-diesel Genset 6068 TFM that uses an 80/20 mix of best place cialis diesel fuel and vegetable oil. 
Via: Ecofriend
50 mpg to usa cialis 100 mpg in 2 Strokes - Scuderi Air-Hybrid
Written by Hank Green on 15/05/06   

The Scuderi Group has recently gained a lot of publicity with its “Air-Hybrid” engine that can double the viagra label fuel effciency of a car and decrease toxic emissions by as much as 80%.

The engine is a 'hybrid' in that it extracts energy that is normally lost, stores that energy, and then reuses it. The energy that is normally lost is tramadol overnight airpressure, and it is stored for only an extremely brief moment before being forced into a combustion cylinder. The increased air pressure in the combustion cylinder effectively super-charges the engine cycle. The fuel burns hotter and more fully, and the Air-Hybrid engine is able to use more of that energy.


The engine is remarkably simple and very efficient. We're looking forward to seeing these things in mass-market cars.

Great story on these things at AutoBlog, I found it via GizMag .

For more information see this video on how the Scuderi Air-Hybrid Engine works.

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