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DEC 31

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"Awesome, but would love to see solid waste hazards on here as well. Ai..."

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Googling Pollution

Google Earth rocks. We've seen it monitor illegal coal mining, keep tabs on reforestation, and inform the masses about environmental issues all over the ordering viagra on-line from canada globe.

But now the US EPA is using it to display nation-wide pollution sources and generic levitra cheap levels. You can zoom right in on your neighborhood and check out carbon monoxide levels and see the major sources for pollution in the United States.

The one major source of generic viagra wholesale pollution not displayed on this map is very good site levitra rx transportation. As there are so many cars, and they're always moving around, the EPA can't keep tabs. But everything else is right there at your fingertips. Check out your town and see who your major polluters are.

Via Inhabitat

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Googling Polution
written by Becky, December 31, 2007
That is pretty cool, Hank. I had no idea about this feature. As soon as I get back to Ga, I'm going to google earth my city. (we're in NM on vacation)
written by anwar, January 01, 2008
Cool!! here in Malaysia one guy using Google Map for air pollution index.
written by Mel Carroll, January 02, 2008
Awesome, but would love to see solid waste hazards on here as well. Air good, water better.
Where's the nuclear power plants, the landfills, the brownfield sites, the RCRA sites, the NPDES permit holders, the sewer overflows, the incinerators, radioactive waste storage facilities, strip mines, etc...,
sorry, I live in IL and I know where most of this stuff is, would love to see it pegged on the map.
Or would I?????

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