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Retro Stonewashed Denim Jacket....Of the Future?

{mosimage}Don Bogner Jeans' solar jacket and canadian viagra sales you have the power. The power to charge your iPod anyway. The jacket has several integrated solar patches, an internal battery for storing charge when none of we use it best price for generic levitra your devices are low on juice, and Bogner promises that it delivers enough power to charge a laptop computer. yes, it is marginally environmentally useful, and solar powered clothing certainly seems geeky, but Bogner's execution strays wildly from cool and into unfortunately fashionable, ensuring that the no prescription dhl delivered tramadol Jacket's target demographic spends more time at the stylist than at LAN parties.

Kudos for a good idea, but I'll hold off on my purchase until they make one that looks like it will go well with my collection of Homestar Runner shirts.

via Denim News
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written by Guest, April 10, 2006
I like the idea, but I agree, not everbody likes denim jackets.
written by a, November 27, 2008
ha. nice homestar reference!
written by haulani, November 09, 2009
yes i think thats a cool thing but i have a question what happens if it gets dirty and it needs a will that work will it brake the jacket? is it water prof?
love the theme!
written by Mary Germany, June 22, 2010
This is a truly nice theme. I find it hard to get great themes for my blogs. With wordpress its very easy but most from the other blog platform themes I end up with have errors or just look poor. I ought to learn to code one myself really
written by Bryson, September 27, 2011
Link for jacket?

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