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NOV 14

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"It would probably be a positive thing for GM to go under. They have ha..."

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Carbon-Monitoring Spacecraft Arrives at Launch Site

NASA's Orbiting Carbon Observatory has arrived at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California where it will launch in January 2009. The observatory is NASA's first spacecraft designed to study carbon dioxide.

The spacecraft will spend two years in a 438-mile, near-polar, sun-synchronous orbit. It will map the globe every 16 days and viagra soft collect information about levels of click now cheap viagra soft CO2 in the Earth's atmosphere. Three high-resolution spectrometers that spread reflected sunlight into its various colors will provide scientists data about the gases present. Scientists will then be able to estimate the monthly volume of CO2 over a given 621-mile region.

This observatory will allow to buy ultram cheap online scientists to see where CO2 is collecting in the atmosphere and what human activities are contributing to it and what parts of the world are acting as sinks. Most importantly it will allow more accurate measurements of total CO2 in the atmosphere and enable more reliable predictions of future climate change.

I have to say I am really excited about this spacecraft. This is a great use of NASA's technology to help solve a problem that is affecting us here on the ground. This observatory is going to give us invaluable information on what we're up against in the fight against climate change.

via CleanTechnica

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written by Jacob, November 14, 2008
that's so cool, so they'll be able to look at Industrial centres in China and see where the order cialis online CO2 gathers?
Why not orbit the carbon instead?
written by Eric, November 16, 2008
A network of geostationary satellites with ultra strong nano-titanium cable tethers would provide a means of buy cialis online pharmacy ejecting excess carbon into outer space.

Carbon pellets could continually lifted 24/7 from Earth to viagra low price space via these satellites.

There is purchase levitra soft tabs an added benefit in that the process will slowly reduce the mass of the Earth. The Earth will probably shrink slightly, lessening the tensions that cause earthquakes.
Note: Future of GM/Volt and electric car
written by Mike, November 16, 2008
Hank and All,

With GM needing assistance from the government just to stay afloat, do you think there will be significant set backs for the production of the Chevy Volt?

In my opinion, GM will eventually go under because consumers will not want to buy a car from a bankrupt company. In addition, by the viagra alternative natural time the Volt is released, Toyota could have a hybrid vehicle with 80-100(?) mpg range that is more affordable than the Volt.

Please write a post related to this issue, there is a lot to be discussed.

Thanks, Mike
re: GM/Volt electric car
written by Gossens, November 16, 2008
It would probably be a positive thing for GM to go under. They have had a lot of time to create their particular bed, so it is only right that they get the chance to lie in it.

The best outcome would be for GM to be purchased by a large Chinese automaker. A Chinese automaker would be able to bring advanced manufacturing technology to the table.

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