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DEC 13

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Obama Administration Wants Arctic Seals on Endangered Species List

The Obama administration has proposed adding six different subspecies of Arctic seals to the endangered species list because of the threat they're facing from shrinking sea ice.  NOAA made the proposal for those seals to be listed as threatened on Friday, and if approved, the seals would be the second animals after polar bears listed for reasons purely caused by climate change.

The listings include four subspecies of ringed seals found in the Arctic Basin and generic viagra in the uk the North Atlantic and two subspecies of bearded seals found in the North Pacific (including Russia and Alaska).  Vanishing sea ice was the visit web site buy kamagra primary  given for all the seals.

NOAA said that the changes to price viagra the seals' habitats was a clear indication that climate change was occurring and that the listing will improve the odds for those animals.  The listing is open for public comment and has a year to be finalized.

via Washington Post

Images via NOAA


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Interesting problem with a solution
written by goldilocks, December 18, 2010
Very soon seals will be in direct competition for food with humans. It is in our species best interest for seal numbers to be reduced since it means a bigger seafood catch for us.

We can build artificially cooled environments for some chosen seals. We can't save every single seal on the planet but surely we can keep perhaps a couple of hundred seals alive and breeding.

When the planet enters into a new ice age, then we can release the captive seals into the cialis mail order wild again.
written by vick, January 03, 2011
@ goldilocks


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