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China May Surpass U.S. Per Capita Carbon Emission Levels By 2017

A new report form the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency says that China's per capita carbon emissions are rising at such a pace that the country could reach, or even surpass, U.S. levels by 2017.

The report states that China's per capita carbon emission were at 2.2 tons in 1990, but have since risen to 6.8 tons.  That amount is about equal with Italy and more than France.  During that same time frame, U.S. per capita emissions have dropped from 19.7 tons to 16.9 tons.

China became the world leader in total greenhouse gas emissions back in 2007 and has doubled its emissions since 2003.

This breakneck speed of development and increasing carbon emissions has caused environmentalists to say that China should now be considered a developed nation during climate change talks, which would means it would be expected to take on more responsibility in controlling carbon emissions.

via Yale e360

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