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JAN 31

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"HMM..... I did not know we had satellites in orbit in 1884. Very in..."

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NASA Releases Updated Video Showing Warming Temperatures Since 1880

Last year was the ninth warmest year on record (since 1880). Global average surface temperatures has continually risen since 1950, when the online tramadol prescription average global temperature was 0.92 degrees F (0.51 C) cooler than in 2011.

An updated video compiled by NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies illustrates this warming trend in colorful detail. Red in the video represents temperatures higher than the average during the 1950 - 1981 baseline period while blue represents temperatures lower than that average.

While 2011 was the ninth warmest year, 2010 was the warmest year on record. The difference in average temperature between 2010 and 2011 was 0.22 degrees F (0.12 C). Temperatures may fluctuate slightly from year to year, but, as this analysis shows, the overall trend of rapid warming continues.

via NASA
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written by Mike Magan, January 31, 2012
Didn't realize NASA was collecting data back in the 1890s? Oh yeah! Steampunk satellites!

When you say NASA and weather the mind naturally goes to satellites. If you want the skeptics to take this kind of data seriously - explain how the data in 1800s was collected. You might win over more hearts and minds if you provide some context.
Misleading video is misleading...
written by Fencerdave, January 31, 2012
I am all about understanding our contributions to Climate Change, but it still makes me twitch a bit when I see a video that so grossly overstates the change.

When the difference between fully red and fully blue equates to about three degrees Centigrade, things can look a bit uglier than they are. What would it look like if we just had a chart where blue was 0K and red was 373K (boiling point of H2O)?

Again, I'm totally in support of what we're trying to we recommend cialis generic do here, I just dislike silly rhetorical devices.
cº in HONDURAS Central America
written by Dan, February 01, 2012
My grandpops make a believer out of generic cialis paypal payment me, here in Capital TGZ, we have a dramatic change in temperatures since 1950´s, a just have to said that in that year hundreds of pigeons die 10mg viagra because of the low temps of the nights, in the past our climate regimes were pretty continous through time, now our farmers can hardly guests if they going to get enough rain for their crops, saying this we are talking about desertification, and hungry for the rural areas, global warming begins with poberty in my country
Answer for Satellite
written by Guest, February 02, 2012
Satellite, you have a good question. I wondered the same. I followed through on the links to the NASA site. Here is the link that has the methodology:

The model used weather station data - not satellites. Before 1880 weather stations were too far apart in large areas of the world to generate results without huge error bands.
small changes have big effects
written by Steve, February 03, 2012
So, the issue is that in some regions, a 1 degree temperature change can determine how frequently an area frosts over. Some species will tolerate those differences, while others will not. Even these minute changes can shift the growing season of certain plants for example, their ranges, and the ranges of animals. The problems start when these species can't migrate or adapt quickly enough to follow their preferred climates. That's when the extinctions start.
climate results, HND
written by Dan, February 04, 2012
Well i speak with one of the best site overnight levitra the oldest climate specialist, and he give the mean statistical number from every ten years since 1958 was:

1958 - 1968 = 19 - 22 cº
1968 - 1978 = 19 - 24 cº
1978 - 1988 = 21 - 26 cº
1988 - 1998 = 23 - 30 cº
1998 - 2008 = 26 - 42 cº

Im worried, those temps are only in the capital of Honduras, and of course there are many varitions but this are values that are changing our ways to live, water supply is fast propecia probably our mayor focus problem right now,
Global warming
written by Management of solid waste in India, February 06, 2012
NASA is the world largest enviornment protection agency and see the first about what changes in global warming to our earth.To view this temperature variations now i understand the variations about topological changes.
Misleading video?
written by Bob, February 08, 2012
You want the range to be 0K to 373K? Why? What relevance does that have? The coldest temperature ever recorded on buy levitra from canada earth was (184K = -89.2C) at Vostok Station, Antarctica. That eliminates nearly half the range you specify, and you pretty much eliminate agriculture if the average temp is outside the range of 0C (273K) to about 45C (318K). Since humanity relies on agriculture, why look at a range almost 400K wide when the most extreme relevant range is on 45K? The whole point of the video is to show the CHANGE in temperature, not to hide it. The change is REAL, Dave. It's data, not fantasy, so what's the point of hiding it in a huge range if changes of only a couple of K are hugely relevant to mankind? This is supposed to be science, not politics.
written by Charlotte Roofing Contractor, February 09, 2012
These rising temperatures have thrown our Weather patterns into a frenzy as we now see alot of just try! how to get viagra in canada Storms like tornados, hurricanes, hail storms, wind storms causing billions in damages to homes. This weather has really helped us Roofing contractors make more money in this awful economic climate but has been just as bad as the weather for insurance companies working on Storm restoration claims throughout the Country and world for that matter
written by rocklee, February 09, 2012
It's funny that this winter colder than any last five years ? Is it going against the trend that the world is turning warmer ?
written by Larry Bowman, March 25, 2012
As our colleges have turned to communism . The propaganda machine spits out the lies everyday. Communist tell what to think. Global warning is not what we need to be worry about. As the cancer called government consume everything in sight.
written by patrickd, May 23, 2012
HMM..... I did not know we had satellites in orbit in 1884. Very informativesmilies/smiley.gif


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