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Gore's global warming movie

While "The Da Vinci Code" overshadowed most movie screenings in Cannes, rising from the publicity ashes is the unlikely star Al Gore, who has been making the rounds promoting a global warming documentary called "An Inconvenient Truth."  
In a review published today in the New York Times ,  movie reviewer A.O. Scott points out that this is not, however, the Al Gore Show:
"But as I said, the movie is not about him. He is, rather, the surprisingly engaging vehicle for some very disturbing information. His explanations of complex environmental phenomena — the jet stream has always been a particularly tough one for me to grasp — are clear, and while some of visit web site viagra india the visual aids are a little corny, most of the images are stark, illuminating and 50mg cialis retail price powerful."
The film is being touted for its clear descriptions of complicated subjects, and has been receiving rave reviews about being an engaging and sometimes even humorous look at the future of global warming.
The film opens today in New York and Los Angeles. 
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