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JAN 09

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"eventually the batteries are going to have some negative effect in tha..."

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Fuji Launches Landfill-Safe Batteries at CES

You really should recycle your batteries. But let's be honest, at one point or another, we've all thrown them away, contributing to the toxic pollution of our ground water. And while I'm not going to throw EcoGeek's full weight behind any battery that isn't rechargeable, it is nice to see Fuji's new take on the battery.

The EnviroMax batteries contain no mercury, cadmium or PVC and they are encased in plastic instead of steel. In fact, Fuji claims that the buy cialis us batteries (while 100% recycleable) are safe for landfills. We're still waiting to see if they're awarded RoHS certification, but I imagine they will be.

But, once again, I encourage you all to use rechargeable batteries, and to dispose of just try! gay cialis them correctly at the end of their useful lives.

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written by bbm, January 09, 2009
Does anyone know of a lifecycle analysis showing that rechargables are actually greener than standard throw-aways or are we just assuming this?

I ask this because probably a lot more energy and generic propecia online within canada specialized materials go into rechargables. Less so since cadmium isn't used much anymore.

How to dispose of dead rechargeable batt
written by Matthew Weed, January 09, 2009
Maybe add this to your post?
written by Jeff Court, January 09, 2009
I'm glad to see that there will be slightly less pollution going into the landfills. It is not the best solution, but it is certainly a step in the right direction.

Also, you have a typo - "their" should be "they're"
written by Milo, January 10, 2009
This might be going in the right direction, but I still think there's a bit of greenwashing going on here. Saying that you can just throw these things away is not green at all because they will still take 1000+ years to break down.
written by Theresa, January 10, 2009
Thanks for promoting the awareness of rechargeable battery recycling. According to the EPA, alkaline batteries don't contain chemicals hazardous in our landfills. The alkaline industry doesn't support the recycling of their product, nor are they mandated to do so. All small dry cell rechargeables can be recycled at a local participating retailer. And it's completely free.
written by, January 14, 2009
At the end of the day, nothing should end up in a land fill.
written by Karen, January 14, 2009
I think this is levitra india pharmacy definitely earns a thumbs up from me. Personally, I use the rechargeables because they are so convenient. I would like to only best offers what is cialis professional see alkaline batteries eventually go the way of the incandescent light bulb. If we start small, with a light bulb or battery here and there, then other recycling efforts may become a regular part of inexpensive levitra our daily lives.
written by Jen, January 15, 2009
Zero waste!
written by Fred, July 16, 2009
eventually the batteries are going to have some negative effect in that area

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