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USB Chargeable Batteries

 usb battery
Until that micro gas-turbine power supply is available, here's a standard size AA battery that can be recharged using its built-in USB port on a computer or other powered USB port. They are rated at 1300mAH. While there may be others with more capacity, it's hard to beat the convenience of we like it viagra professional the included USB connector.

Moixa Design, the makers of the battery, also have plans for future versions including AAA and C/D size, 9 volt, and cellphone and buy cialis in australia handheld device sized batteries. For now, these are only available in the UK, but expect them to spread quickly and be available in your particular part of the globe before long.

If doing away with the overnight levitra charger isn't green enough for you, the manufacturer sweetens the deal even more with a free recycling program for their batteries.

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Loss of capacity.
written by rob., October 10, 2006
It looks like they have about a third less capacity than normal batteries, which could be a nuisance.
But you could recharge your batteries at work, without anyone grumbling about you plugging in a recharger.

I have bigger version of this idea, a lantern battery that plugs directly into the mains, works pretty well, but the capacity is only about half that of a standard lantern battery. It contains a bank of Ni-Cad AA batteries, if anyone is interested (I dismantled it, to see how it works).
I use it on my home made system, to power my bicycle lights.
How Many USB Ports Do You Have?
written by Matt, October 10, 2006
Intriguing technology. But even my ming-dynasty 2.0MP camera uses two AA cells. Frankly, I'm hard-pressed to think of purchase cialis canada something that only uses one of the silly things.

Invent a USB strip (like a power strip) that plugs into your USB port, and the battery becomes more viable.
any USEFUL reasons to buy this ?
written by Jason, October 12, 2006
If the computer's plugged in, then why use it on a computer? If the computer's not plugged in, then you're stupid for even bringing it. I can't find any good uses for that.
Power strip USB port
written by Philip Proefrock, October 13, 2006
There's this small, flexible USB port that might work:
written by reyzon, August 26, 2007

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