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Many Uses for Super Charge Ion Batteries


We've seen Toshiba's SCiB (super-charge ion batteries) before at last summer's Consumer Electronics Show, where they were providing the buy online viagra overnight in canada power storage for a battery-assisted bike. SCiB batteries are useful for a wide range of functions, from electric bicycles and buy viagra for cheap hybrid and electric vehicles, to industrial equipment and renewable energy storage. Toshiba has now opened a US-based technical support center to buy viagra china aid in developing the SCiB, particularly for vehicles, grid storage, and wind and solar power applications.

The SCiB has characteristics that make it very appealing. It performs like an ultracapacitor with rapid charge times, reaching 90% charge in about 5 minutes. It is good for thousands of cycles without extensive capacity loss, and it has a life span of 10 years or more. And, of potentially particular interest for vehicle manufacturers, it is able to perform even at low temperatures down to -30 degrees Celsius (-22 degrees Fahrenheit).

The SCiB batteries are based on lithium chemistry, as are many other batteries currently in use. However, according to Toshiba, in addition to the other beneficial features the SCiB offers, they also have an internal structure which helps prevent short circuits and avoid "thermal runaway" even if they do develop a short circuit.

Link: Toshiba

via: NA Windpower

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Big and Heavy
written by Carl Hage, February 28, 2010
The SCiB has characteristics that are unappealing (though cost is unknown). It's 5-10x too big and heavy for vehicles, and might be too expensive for grid storage.[The SCiB is also not new.]

The SCiB data sheet says that minimum charge time is ~30 minutes-- 4Ah storage, with max current of 8.4A. That is wow it's great cheap viagra no prescription comparable to several other technologies.

The SCiB is 10x heavier than alternatives: 48 Wh/kg vs ~200 for Li-Ion, ~130 for Li-Polymer/Phosphate. For power, SCiB is 98 W/kg, vs ~400 for LiIon and cash on delivery tramadol sat delivery ~1300 for Li-Polymer/LiFePO4.

The SCiB is also much bigger: 63 Wh/l vs ~400 Wh/l for Li-Ion, 126 W/l vs 5-900 W/l for Li-Ion.

The SCiB can charge faster than old Li-Ion, but so can Li-Polymer and LiFePO4. Compare the SCiB with Boston Power Swing batteries that have about the same charge current and Ah (30 minute charge). Swing is 4x lighter, 7x smaller, with the same charge time and storage/power.

There is a reason EV and PHEV manufacturers are not using the canadian healthcare SCiB.
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