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OCT 04

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"I am always interested in reading news about solar and viagra online order renewable power..."

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Stronger, More Cost-Effective Flywheels for Grid Storage

Beacon Power, a major player in flywheel energy storage, is now working with U.S. Department of Energy’s Advanced Research Projects Agency – Energy (ARPA-E) on the development of a next-generation of flywheel storage. The new flywheel storage system is expected to be able to store 4 times as much energy as present flywheels, and at one-eighth the per kilowatt-hour cost.

This could lead to more capable power storage systems that could more readily be used with renewable power production such as wind and solar. According to Beacon Power, "One new application of particular interest to the Department of Energy is so-called "ramping" support for wind and solar power. The goal would be to provide one hour of lowest viagra price flywheel storage as an energy-balancing resource for intermittent renewable energy assets, and thereby reduce the amount of fossil-based backup power that might be used to provide the prescription levitra same effect. The benefit would be to enable significantly greater market penetration of renewable generation resources in a clean and sustainable way."

Flywheel energy storage is a technology that has been seeing advances and developments in its use for grid storage over the past few years. Recent projects have been installed in New York and in New England in the past couple years, and more are being explored for other parts of the country. Developments in grid storage like this can lead to reductions in the need to run expensive peak power plants in periods of high demand and can help facilitate the use of more renewably generated power on the grid.

via: Solar Thermal Magazine

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written by Mon, October 04, 2010
Finally for the grid
written by Debug the World, October 04, 2010
So far flywheels have only seen usage in small scale application (Datacenters, buses, labs,...). Its good to see that the get tramadol without perscreption technology is getting ready for the use in the grid.

I think that FES can be used in combination with other storage systems (e.g. pumped-storage hydorelectricity) to help in peak situations.
written by cramsib, October 06, 2010
if this technology is so great, and the DOE is pumping money into it,why is Beacon's stock at a 12-year low of 30 cents ??? what is amiss???????????????? would someone explain to me like i'm a 6 year-old why Beacon's stock stinks ???
written by cramsib, October 06, 2010
the threat of cialis generic canadian de-listing Beacon's stock is a red herring. if their business model is truly viable and the business is mastercard tramadol real, the company should breeze through the appeal process and remain listed. the government is providing the company loan guarantees and grants (free $$$), private investors and v.c funds continue to finance them, and yet on good news the stock continues to languish. are their patents REAL ?? environmental goodness and technological breakthroughs don't take place through "invocations". real investors have always financed new technologies.. so far its reality ZERO and hype $125 million (12 years of losses). show me the money !!!
written by cramsib, October 06, 2010
From the DOE website

The Tyngsboro, Mass.-based company’s innovative flywheel energy storage plant—which is the buy levitra soft first of its kind in the world—is expected to improve electrical grid reliability and efficiency by continuously absorbing and injecting electricity, in effect “recycling” it.

someone's drinking the cool-aid
Can this create new jobs?
written by Julie K., October 06, 2010
As we know government supports any project that can create new jobs. Maybe this is one of examples. Apart of that the idea is more then good. Obviously we should stop rely on fossil fuels and turn towards new sustainable sources of energy. Well, we should keep up thumbs for this kind of projects…

Electrical Engineer PE, Low-rated comment [Show]
Better Electrical Engineer PE
written by ResearcherGuy, October 14, 2010
I get so sick of click here buy cialis no prescription people claiming they're a PE or something or talking about renewables as emotional or saying stupid things like conversion causes losses or stooping to the least intelligent form of debate which is saying that they can't be an answer because they aren't already an answer.

Mr. Jerry A, Please turn your brain on when you write something. The benefit of flywheels is that you can reduce peaks and lowest prices viagra uk fill in valleys. That needs to happen on viagra to buy a second, minute, hourly and daily basis and these can cheaply do more than one of those. The cost you pay for electricity and the overall energy required is by and large, set by the peak rates, not the total amount used. It costs way more to keep up with variable demand than it does to simply provide what you can without consideration for timing. California has some tier rates that vary from 9 cents (off peak) to 56 cents (peak). If a flywheel can smooth that out by half, that range will be cut in half!

Please read that again because it seems to be a foreign concept. I say this because you then follow those comments with the most ignorant of the comments on this article. That being that we should support nukes. With the concept refreshed in your mind, please consider what a nearly endless supply of 'baseload only' would do to the peaking situation. You can't simply turn a nuclear plant up and down. That takes hours.

On top of that, nuclear is by far, the most expensive. Current estimates are $1,400 per kilowatt to build a plant compared to where to buy viagra online $600 for natural gas, $400-1,200 for coal (w/wo sequestration), $1,100 for wind, $1,300 for solar.

Nuclear is un-insurable so are you saying you want the taxpayers to again subsidize this risk?

The mining to support nuclear are just as bad as the cheap cialis without rx coal ones because it takes tens of tons of dirt mined to get a pound of fuel which basically equals the same generation as the coal found in that much dirt. Since the coal mines are most polluting because they concentrate their found contaminants into their tailings (waste water), don't you think that removing less stuff would increase the contaminant percentage-wise and make them a bigger problem?

Since nuclear is most economic in massively large concentrations, don't you think that this would increase the concentration of transmission lines in one area which causes the most effect during an outage?

Since nuclear is similar to coal and generic levitra mexico natural gas in that it requires processed potable cooling water to remove roughly double the heat that it produces in electricity, don't you think that our water shortages should be considered when you go committing another few million gallon per day to this?

Honestly people, we have problems headed our way and we need to solve them, not spout industry talking points that haven't been researched. Our world has become immensely dependent on fossil fuels and they're not always going to viagra best peice be here. They not only pollute at every stage of their use, they cost a tremendous amount at every stage also. But the worst problem with them is that they're finite. When we hit a problem with one of them, the problem will propagate to the others in no time. You might want to start here...

The US imports 15 million of the 20 million barrels of oil it takes to operate each day.
Perception of a problem is the most frequent cause of cialis without perscription the problem itself.
Many exporting countries shut off food exports in '04 within two weeks after the we like it online pharmacy cialis perception of a food shortage.
Oil reserves are NOT audited and oil revenue rises with inflated reserve reports.
The numbers of countries hitting their peak production is not only increasing, it's accelerating.
The numbers of wells it takes to sustain production is not only increasing, it's accelerating.
The size of the average "producing" oil field is not only shrinking but that's accelerating.
The announcement or leak of news about the perceived shortage or real shortage would cause hoarding.
Hording would more than double our demand in one day, draining storage tanks immediately.
The US military uses fully half of our oil.
During a shortage, priority use would go to military, emergency and life saving operations.
Under a major crisis, marshal law would be imposed to stop looting.
Domestic military would be used to maintain order under marshal law.

You do the math. It's not a pretty sight for a continued reliance (and increasing reliance) on fossil or imported fuels. It's not even smart to spend excess money on nuclear which costs in so many hidden ways. Renewables have only one problem. They don't get to cheap levitra with fast delivery play on an even field when it comes to money. All the other sources got more money, more time and a much easier regulatory environment for their emergence into the market. Only naivete can say otherwise. Let's concentrate on helping privately fund the developments that will take this industry to the next level, not rely on the entrenched and lobbying so called experts to tell us they're doing it for us.
written by GoNukes, October 16, 2010
The nuclear industry has to self-insure for $10B dollars. Have you even read the Price-Anderson Act? How much is BP required to carry? Your estimated costs for solar & wind don't include huge transmission costs, storage and gas backup. Since the Uranium atom contains 2 million times more energy than a coal atom, there is generic viagra soft significant less mining required.

There is similar water requirements for solar thermal plants as they also us steam to power their generators. A large nuclear plan has the viagra overnight delivery same water requirements as 100 acres of farm land.
written by Cameron Robertson, December 27, 2013
I am always interested in reading news about solar and renewable power. Anything that saves energy and cheap prescription cialis is more efficient is good news, so even though there are a number of levitra soft gel doubts about this company we need to applaud them for their attempt at improving flywheel energy storage techniques. Working together with the U.S. Research Agency is sure to it's great! viagra philippines produce something that will benefit us all in the long run.

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