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NOV 09

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"I think that the cheapest cialis 'hydro powered calculator' they sell on dilbert, and ..."

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Water Powered Battery?! No, No they arent.

carbonbatteryThree times today I've seen this headline, once at the very reputable Engadget. But it looks like they got the headline from the mainstream media at Reuters. What the heck, if these were water powered batteries the world's energy problems would be solved! No, they are water activated, not water powered, someone somewhere misunderstood what Susumu Suzuki was saying. Either that, or they're just looking for a sweet headline.

But what they are, is still quite remarkable. They're batteries made by a kind of powdered carbon capacitor. They produce the same amount of energy per kg as a normal battery, but they're made entirely out of some kind of dialectically active carbon. The amazing thing is just try! buy discount levitra online that the carbon particles do not connect to click now generic levitra 100mg create a current until they are moistened. Of course, this means that they would be extremely sensitive to humidity. But if kept dry, they would keep their full charge indefinitely, unlike any other kind of battery.

Also, because they're made of just try! cialis generic brand carbon, which is everywhere, and not processed metal, which is hard to find, they are much cheaper (about 10% the cost of normal batteries), take less energy to produce, and entirely non-toxic. Water-powered, they aren't.  Environmentally friendly, they are.
Via Engadget 
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written by Joe, November 10, 2006
I'm not sure I'd attach the moniker 'reputable' to Engadget. They do a good job, but for the most part, as with many blogs, they simply post what they see as quickly as possible and viagra make up a little story about it (adding the suffix -licious to as much text as possible) ... sometimes with very little actual research into the facts. Only my opinion though.
written by Carl, November 11, 2006
Dialectically ≠ dielectrically.

Unless you think the batteries are advancing a dialogue.
"dialectically active"...?
written by Joel, November 11, 2006
You're saying the carbon speaks with different accents, like Tracy Ullman?

I think you mean "electrochemically active".

And many, many batteries use carbon electrodes, from the traditional ( primary cells to the most advanced lithium ion and lithium polymer cells. In such cells, the interesting part of the battery is always the electrode opposite the carbon electrode, for exactly the reasons you mention: cost, durability, and toxicity.

You might say that both electrodes are carbon in this battery, but what drives a battery is the difference between electrodes, which means the carbon would have to be processed in some energy-intensive way in order to generic viagra made in usa introduce the imbalance that drives the current forward: you don't escape the viagra without prescription need to refine some metal or invest some electricity in order to make the battery work.

Also, there are other batteries with very long shelf lives that are activated by exposing them to the environment. Zinc-air and aluminum-air batteries are just two examples off the top of my head.

Nice catch on the "water-powered" BS, but I really don't think you've taken the de-bunking far enough. These batteries may still be interesting, but not for the reasons you've listed.
written by billn, November 11, 2006
I think he meant 'dielectrically active.'
Indeed I did
written by Hank, November 11, 2006
Though though a dialectically active battery would probably be something I'd buy in a heartbeat.
Oh, and also...
written by Hank, November 11, 2006
These batteries are interesting because they don't, really, have a cathode and an anode, they are much more similar to capacitors, and they don't contain any metal (unless the casing is metal.) The carbon, I imagine, does have peculiar processes, but the 1/10 the price of regular batteries comes from the scientist, not the levitra discount prices headline writers, so I'm willing to stick with that. And they are definitely more environmentally sensitive than todays batteries disposable batteries.
how many of your dorks are going to make
written by rsfeller, November 13, 2006
about his misssspelling? who cares, we get the point?
written by Jacky Lo, June 07, 2007
yeah you're right rsfeller, WHOS CARE abOUT MISSSPELLING.. >:( :'(
you suck, Low-rated comment [Show]
written by Pedant, April 14, 2009
Missspelling does not have four S's :)
written by matt, May 14, 2009
i would like to know where to buy cialis from mexico buy these battries.
it would save me a lot of mony and i would be helping the econmy at the same time.
water powered calculator/clock uses this tech maybe
written by thijs, November 16, 2012
I think that the 'hydro powered calculator' they sell on dilbert, and slightly cheaper on comes with 3 of these batteries...

Not sure if its the same tech, but looks like it..

Think I might need to buy this to find for sure.

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