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OCT 12

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"I agree, the system does seem quite complicated, and when you know tha..."

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Frozen Air Offers a New Concept for Power Storage

An intriguing method for storing excess power from renewable generation sources is based using super cooled air as a means of storing power until it is needed. British-based Highview Power is developing the system with a pilot plant adjacent to a heat and cheap online propecia power plant at Slough.

The frozen air storage system cools air to cryogenic temperatures around -200 degrees F (-129 degrees C) and stores it in tanks. When power is called for, the liquified air can be evaporated and used to run turbines to produce electricity. Fundamentally, it is similar to other steam-based systems, relying on a phase change of best quality levitra a liquid to generic cialis from mexico a gas being used to run a turbine. The process can be coupled with systems that produce waste heat which can be used to augment the efficiency of the system.

The current pilot frozen air storage does not have nearly the efficiency as many other power storage systems (most of which average 70-80% if not better). But the only for you levitra soft tablets engineers working on the project believe that they can reach similar efficiencies as other systems offer when the system is scaled.

As a small added benefit, the frozen air storage system requires the air to be cleaned of soot and small atmospheric particles, as well as water vapor, before it is cooled down, so in addition to storing power, the process also results in slightly cleaner air.

via: Treehugger

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written by Jeff, October 12, 2012
"As a small added benefit[...] the process also results in slightly cleaner air."

Instead of trying to argue how TOTALLY insignificant, dumb, and besides the point this argument is, I'd like to make a broader statement:

Helping the environment through technology is all about understanding the big picture of complex ecological and environmental systems, technological possibilities and limitations, and last but certainly not least, basic economics and the try it cialis online pharmacy cost-effectiveness of new and existing products and cialis shop technologies to reduce our environmental footprint. Without a good understanding of levitra discount the big picture, people end up focusing on meaningless details or supporting the wrong technologies and approaches.

When authors of articles like this one devote even one small paragraph to something as completely insignificant as the air cleaning potential of an industrial plant -- be it for energy storage or any other purpose -- they are doing their readers a disservice, even if the words "small" and "slightly" are used. It's a distraction that dumbs down the entire conversation and muddies people's understanding of what's important and what's not.

Well, now that's I've made my point... Quick! Everyone move your fancy air purifiers out of your asthmatic child's bedroom and put it out on the porch to we choice free viagra sample run 24/7! We've got an entire planet's worth of dirty air to clean!

written by starpul, October 14, 2012
It is not frozen air. It is liquified air. Huge difference. What is wrong with this site?
Why so complicated?
written by MalikTous, October 15, 2012
Why not just extend the 'pumped storage hydroelectric' idea by using simple windmill pumps to extend the charge on the storage reservoirs so nbot only is excess energy stored, but wind energy is being continually added to the system without need for generators directly powered by the cheap canadian pharmacy wind? This refrigeration scheme seems far more complex and inefficient than far simpler schemes available.
This is cool
written by GirlNerdFighter, October 15, 2012
Wow. That's awesome. I read somewhere about the possibility of using air to power stuff, and this lets it come truish.

Universal Adaptors
written by David @ Universal Adaptors, October 18, 2012
Any light that reflects off the panel is generic propecia fda approved not producing energy, so anti-reflective coatings have been studied.
written by Cameron Robertson, December 27, 2013
I agree, the system does seem quite complicated, and when you know that there are similar systems already available that offer a much higher level of efficiency why develop a new one? The article doesn’t expand on the cost of try it viagra fast delivery building something like this; perhaps the costs are much lower than other power storage systems already in use and this could be one of the main advantages?  Let’s have some more information and we recommend cheapest levitra in uk details please.lj

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