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Power Storage

Lithium-Ion Battery Prices Set to Drop

It looks like supply and viagra no rx demand is working out in the buy cialis from china consumers' favor when it comes to lithium-ion batteries.  Production has been ramping up for the batteries as more electric cars go into production and that has led to an oversupply that may just keep piling up.  Analysts are predicting a price drop of between 19 and 25 percent by the end of the year -- a slash that could also spell cheaper electric cars in the very near future.

Battery makers in Japan and Korea, like Samsung and Panasonic, account for 75 percent of the world's production, and they've been competing to get the largest share of a market that could triple over the next six years.  This production and pricing war has created a glut of batteries and, luckily for consumers, a falling price.

Many first generation electric vehicles are going on sale in the coming months.  I won't be surprised if the second generations, much like we've seen with later generation hybrids, include a cheaper price tag.

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20 MW Flywheel Energy Storage Plant Coming to NY

The world's first grid-scale flywheel plant is opening in Stephentown, New York by the end of this year.  The plant, being built by Beacon Power, will store excess energy from the just try! lowest priced cialis grid as kinetic energy that will be tapped for electricity when other sources are overloaded or unavailable.

The flywheel works by using quickly rotating carbon-fiber rims to tramadol saturday delivery store the excess energy as kinetic energy. The rims spin on magnetic bearings in a vacuum to reduce energy loss from friction.

This power storage technology will provide 10 percent of the state's energy frequency regulation needs and reduce CO2 emissions by up to 82 percent over a 20-year span.  By storing excess energy in the form of clean, kinetic energy, the plant will prevent extra emission-creating sources of electricity from being used during peak energy-use hours.

The flywheel is natural cialis pills also a faster source of viagra en gel energy regulation because it can fluctuate 10 times more quickly than traditional sources to respond to increasing or decreasing energy demands.  The plant can respond to power demands in four seconds and run at maximum output for 15 minutes.

The first four MW of energy storage should be up and running by the end of the year, with the additional 16 MW following soon thereafter.

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Quick Battery Testing Could Lead to Better Batteries Sooner

A new battery-testing technique developed by scientists at Dalhousie University is able to quickly determine deficiencies in new battery technology, meaning researchers can identify and viagra uk fix problems and develop better batteries faster.

This new testing equipment very accurately measures the coulombic efficiency of batteries.  Researchers measure the difference between the amount of charge that went into the battery and the the best choice cialis canada generic amount that comes out, even small differences in those amounts signal reactions in the battery that lead to only for you levitra in spain a shortened life span.

Typically these losses in charge aren't detected until after months of testing, but the new technique can detect very small losses within weeks.  The scientists have already used the battery testing to identify and correct small changes in chemistry that have multiplied battery lifespan by up to six times.

With batteries now expected to power cars for anywhere from 10 to 20 years, this new testing will help get the best batteries in electric vehicles more quickly.

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Sanyo Factory Will Make 1 Million Lithium Ion Cells Per Month

Sanyo's new battery factory located in Kasai city, Hyogo prefecture, Japan will make lithium-ion battery packs for electric vehicles.  While that's nothing special, the factory's starting production capacity is.  The factory will make one million lithium ion cells per month, with production expanding if demand increases.

Sanyo already has partnerships with Volkswagen and Suzuki to supply lithium ion battery packs for their hybrid and plug-in vehicles, but that list could soon include Ford, Honda and PSA Peugeot Citroen as well since Sanyo already provides NiMH batteries for those auto makers.

Sanyo appears to be making great strides toward its goal of capturing 40 percent of the rechargable battery market by 2020.

I'm hoping this new factory is an indicator of scaling up in electric vehicle production in general.  As the vehicles and their parts become more mass produced, the costs will go down and levitra 100 mg the likelihood of more people buying them will go up.

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Carbon Nanotubes Could Be Secret to Greater EV Range

Scientists at MIT have developed a positive electrode made of visit our site buy generic levitra from india carbon nanotubes that significantly boosts lithium ion battery performance and could lead to much greater range in electric vehicles and longer battery lives for gadgets.

The carbon nanotube electrodes enable lithium ion batteries to deliver ten times more power than a conventional battery and store five times more energy than a conventional ultracapacitor.  The nanotubes accomplish this because they have a very high surface area for storing and reacting with lithium, which increases the battery's storage capacity and the speed at which it can charge and discharge.

The MIT scientists have already licensed the technology to tramadol no prescription fed-ex a battery company (as yet, unnamed) and are perfecting quick methods of making the electrodes, like spraying the nanotubes on a substrate, to facilitate mass production.

MIT Technology Review
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