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Intventor of LEDs Wins Millenium Prize

nichia-shuji-nakamura-bigThe Millennium Prize is given out every two years and order viagra now is, basically, technology's equivalent of the Nobel.  Professor Shuji Nakamura was awarded the cost cialis 1m euro prize for his invention of white, blue, and green LEDs as well has his invention of the blue laser diode.  LEDs, if you haven't been paying attention, promise to provide a low-cost, highly efficient and non-toxic alternative to Edison's light bulb.
Eschewing traditional Japanese modesty,
Nakamura said, "I hope the award of tramadol in veterinary medicine this prize will help people to understand that this invention makes it possible to improve quality of life for many millions of people."  He refers here to the ability of blue LEDs to sterilize water efficiently and also to solar powered lighting initiatives to which he has pledged to donate part of his award money. 

As an example of how big a deal LEDs (and Nakamura's works) are, the only other Millennium prize ever was given to Tim Berners-Lee, who invented the Internet.
Via Hugg and BBC News 
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