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NOV 05

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"Many local independent hardware stores also provide recycling. Browni..."

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IKEA to Recycle All CFLs!

CFLs are wondeful...except when they're not. The miniscule amounts of buy generic cialis mercury they contain aren't really bad for you. But when you add up the cialis pfizer canada hundreds of thousands of the new bulbs that are being purchased, it's a real problem.

Either all that mercury can get wasted in landfills, or it could get reused by bulb companies. Unfortunately, there's no retail focus on recycling the bulbs. Even Wal-Mart, which has a serious love affair with the bulbs, currently has no plans to recycle CFLs.

But we're happy to buying cialis announce that IKEA has become the first retailer to offer free recycling of any CFL that walks through its door. And while that's great for people who have an IKEA nearby, it doesn't really represent a full-blown solution. So let's go ahead and visit web site lowest priced viagra ask....hey, Wal-Mart...You wanna help us out here?

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IKEA - Great Move
written by weee recycling, November 05, 2007
I think we should be grateful for IKEA showing other retailers the direction that they should follow.
For too long retailers have been happy to do nothing to help recycling in spite of the fact they have the resources to reverse their distribution to return equipment for central recycling. Done properly they can do it at almost no cost.
written by Ashley F., November 05, 2007
Yet again Ikea is taunting me by offering things I want/need while remaining so friggin far away.
There should be mandatory recycling
written by Jason Kratz, November 05, 2007
Any retailer that sells CF bulbs should be required to take them back for recycling. This model has worked just fine for other things and it would work well for CFLs. In Illinois for instance places like Jiffy Lube, etc. have to we recommend viagra from mexico take motor oil from people who bring it in even if they aren't getting an oil change. Recycling efforts should be the buy cialis in canada same.

The other bonus for the retailer is cheap levitra 40mg that you're drawing people back to the store for a potential sale. Gotta wonder why more stores aren't doing this but I'd rather have it set by law so they all have to. It's a win for everyone.
written by Billy, November 05, 2007
The IKEA by my house has been doing this for the past 2 years already. Didn't know it wasn't at every IKEA, but glad it is now.
Wholefoods has always done this
written by Jon, November 06, 2007
Whole foods has always done this , i iwish everyone would
What about Home Depot, Lowes and Target
written by BenInBrooklyn, November 07, 2007
I applaud Ikea's moves. Along with WalMart, Home Depot, Lowes and Target should follow Ikea's lead. That would get a recycling outlet within reach of nearly every American consumer.
Read more about compact fluorescent bulb
written by James Livingwell, January 06, 2008
And how my family and I are green-sizing our lives.

Read all the details, and watch the impact on electric, gas and water bills.
written by UKBB, June 26, 2008
"I think we should be grateful for IKEA showing other retailers the direction that they should follow."

Apparently Home Depot was listening.
written by EasyEcoBlog, October 09, 2008
Many local independent hardware stores also provide recycling. Brownies Hardware location in San Francisco is one. These guys deserve our business.

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