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JUL 23

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"OK... I appreciate that. I suppose this technology will be used for ae..."

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Closer to Complete Burn: Georgia Tech. Radically Reducing Emissions

When we say Complete Burn, we mean that all of the fuel is being turned into carbon dioxide.  While no one is ready to cialis overnight delivery get excited about CO2 anymore, it is the desired product of combustion and cialis in canada it is not deadly like carbon monoxide and the various nitrous oxides that spew forth from tail pipes and power plants as a result of improper combustion.  We breathe carbon dioxide every day, it's pleasant.  Carbon monoxide, on the other hand, we only breathe right before we die of carbon monoxide poisoning.

A new type of only today purchase viagra online combustion chamber created by researchers at Georgia Tech. has reduced the amount of CO and NOX gasses created by combustion to below anything seen in tradtional combustion (> 10ppm and > 1ppm respectively.)  The new chamber might almost be called emissionless, if it weren't for all that pesky CO2 that it's still emitting. 

This ultra-low emission combustion chamber alters one simple precept of combustion.  Instead of mixing the fuel and the air before injecting them into the chamber, it injects the viagra side effects fuel and the air separately.  The flow of air and fuel into the chamber can be directed and altered in order to ensure a more complete and proper burn of the fuel.  The design is wow it's great cheapest prices for levitra much more simple than other high-tech emissions reducing chambers and it could be cost effective for anything from power plants to household water heaters. 

We can also go ahead and add this to innovations that will be making flight more environmentally friendly as putting one of these in an single airplane engine could prevent literally tons of nitrogen oxides from being released into the environment.
 Via Georgia Tech.  Spotted at Hugg
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So what...?
written by a guest, July 26, 2006
The majority of those concerned about climate change would argue that CO and NOX are the very least of our concerns, simply due to their less severe greenhouse properties and relatively low atmospheric concentrations. CO2 is arguably the real threat to humanity here, and it is it's emission what we should all be seeking to i recommend indian levitra generic reduce.

Sure, the other two gases aren't nice, but they don't pose anywhere near as large a threat as CO2 (on a global scale). As far as I can tell, all they've created is an efficient emitter of the greenhouse gas we should be most concerned about today...

I'm quite concerned if the opinions of greenhouse gases stated in this post represent that of the general ecologically minded person.
Climate Change
written by a guest, July 26, 2006
Climate change is a very big deal, but it's not the only environmental issue. CO and NOX aren't greenhouse gasses, they're traditional pollutants (chemicals that kill or harm people and plants).

The vast majority of our power still comes from combustion, and as long as that is the case, we'll be producing carbon dioxide.

No, this new combustion chamber doesn't do anything to prevent climate change. But it could reduce the amount of poison in the world, and we're all for that.

written by a guest, July 30, 2006
OK... I appreciate that. I suppose this technology will be used for aeronautical propulsion; something not easily removed from such nasty carbon producing tecnology.

I guess I was just miffed at the lowest priced levitra use of the term `pesky' for CO2, when it is far more than just pesky when emitted in bulk.


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