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JUN 05

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"I found this guys in US, they manufacture eco-friendly glass bottles f..."

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Beer for Greenies!

After the introduction of Wal-Mart’s scorecard, I’ve enjoyed watching manufacturers make a mad dash to modify their packaging and buy viagra on the levitra no doctor internet processing to reduce waste. Everything from laundry detergent to purchasing levitra electronics to soda pop. And beer is not to be left out! While keeping an eye on this evolution of packaging, I noticed Adnam’s efforts. Of course, the fat NPR piece on their new beer helped grab my attention too.

Adnams (a UK beer manufacturer for those dry readers) already has in place an eco-distribution center, an energy-efficient brew house, and a light-weight bottle that reduces transportation fuel requirements. But in their effort to be carbon neutral as a company, they’ve managed to get one of their beers in the zero zone.

East Green is touted the UK’s first carbon neutral beer. It is made with local, high yielding, naturally aphid-resistant hops, decreasing the use of pesticides and transportation of goods. It is processed, bottled, and distributed from their already in-place eco-friendly systems. These factors shrink CO2 emissions down from 583g per bottle to 432g per bottle. They offset this amount through Climate Care, a highly transparent carbon offset project. The Carbon Trust thinks so highly of the product that for the first time ever, they’re allowing their logo to be used on packaging. CRed has worked with Adnams on cialis professional 100 mg the research to we recommend generic cialis india make sure the numbers are legit, and they give it the carbon neutral thumbs up. As if I needed another reason to pop open a cold one! The only downer is that all that carbon neutral-ness is kaput should I, a US drinker, purchase it and have it shipped to me. Bummer. But for those of cialis prices you living in or visiting England, you can get your carbon-neutral buzz on!

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written by Tim Norton, June 06, 2008
There is also the Australian equivalent - Cascade Green. Doesn't taste too bad either...
written by james, June 06, 2008
The issue of "carbon neutral" taken to extreme silliness.
I like it!
written by chaosgone, June 06, 2008
We won't solve global warming overnight. Every little bit helps.
written by Virgil, June 06, 2008
Wow, just wow!

I wouldn't mind betting that 90% of that is transportation related. Solution - brew your own beer at home using tap water. No transport = significantly less carbon. Now if only I could find a way to do a brew-boil without burning natural gas.
written by theirritablearchitect, June 06, 2008
I'll make sure to avoid it, thanks.
written by Jim, June 06, 2008
Virgil, a lot of home brewers are making electric mash tuns and boil kettles using water heater elements. You can get sizes for 110v or 220v.
hey Virgil
written by Simon, June 06, 2008
This may be overkill, but you could probably adapt somesort of waste oil burner. If done properly, W.V.O. and even used motor oil will burn fairly clean. You can usually get the oil for free, and a blower motor uses a lot less electricity than a heating coil.
P.S. I wonder if they calculated in the amount of C02 produced by the yeast itself.
written by John Tripwire, June 06, 2008
Ymmmy I love that stuf. Soo good it is.

written by David Rochlin, June 06, 2008
What do you mean, finally? Every malt beverage was made that way, 100 years ago.
written by Lasher, June 07, 2008
if i wanted a beer that friendly id want to discount cialis without prescription shoot it with a bow and arrow first.
written by Caroline Streich, June 07, 2008
Most environmentally safe choose-stop drinking beers.
Maybe that's cynical.
More organic beer
written by zchamu, June 18, 2008
There's also Mill Street Organic Lager in Canada. Quite yummy!
Why not?...
written by erika, June 19, 2008
Sure, I'll bite.. or sip.
I just think its funny that there's an
ad for Chuggler-the modified beer bong on this page. As long as
we're slammin' carbon-neutral beer our drunken debauchery will seem less off putting because we drink for the environment. Recharge that chuggler cuz this one is for baby seals!! :P
I found this Eco-Friendly Bottles
written by bemont, July 27, 2009
I found this guys in US, they manufacture eco-friendly glass bottles for Wines, currently they have 2 models and they are looking expand to other models, as far as i understood they have a 100% green manufacturer process. Check it our at

I think we should buy products in eco friendly packaging.

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