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Australia Boasts First Carbon-Neutral, Solar-Powered Resort

Australia’s Hidden Valley Cabins has been a relaxing destination for vacationers since 1982. But the resort has upgraded itself drastically since opening. Ian and Bonnie McLennan bought the resort in 1986 and have proven their ecogeek mettle by improving it ever since and turning it into what is now Australia’s first stand-alone 100% solar-powered resort.

Ninety 130-watt solar panels power the resort, saving 78 tons of CO2 every year. The energy gained from the solar panels is stretched by using compact fluorescent bulbs (that hopefully aren’t swiped), shutting off major appliances at night, minimizing waste through composting and recycling, and best of all, educating tourists about the get viagra drug online importance of earth-friendly power conservation and renewable energy. I’m sure once visitors learn up on why saving energy is so important, it’s a lot easier to get them to waste less – a huge issue in the hotel industry. And it isn’t a finger-pointing lecture coming from staff, but rather the education is done through events and activities, including solar energy tours, night safaris, walks around the resort among the native flora and fauna, bird watching, a platypus safari (I’d book THAT one!) and a lot of other activities that reconnect visitors to the nature around them and reinforce why all the techy solar panels are so important.

And to help negate the remainder of their carbon footprint, Hidden Valley Cabins purchases carbon credits, earning them a certificate from the Climate Friendly organization showing that they’re carbon neutral. Considering how hugely un-green hotels can be, resorts like Hidden Valley Cabins and only now female viagra others around the world make serious impacts by improving their practices, and it’s good to see their example spreading.

Via Inhabitat

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