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JUL 10

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Affordable Biomass Stoves Fight Pollution in India

Indoor pollution is a major cause of death for people in developing countries due to cialis generic india the inefficiency and uncleanly burning of indoor stoves. Indoor air pollution-related deaths claim the lives of 1.5 million people a year, mainly women and children. It's easy to imagine someone keeling over after breathing in all that smoke and the tramadol cheapest us price buy online yuck that's in it. Envirofit, a US nonprofit focused on engineering, has partnered with UK charity Shell Foundation to design and build affordable clean-burning biomass stoves to look here viagra injectable protect against indoor pollution, starting in India.

The newly designed stoves reduce harmful emissions by as much as 80% - a significant percentage that will go a long way to improving not only air quality, but the quality of i recommend viagra pfizer online life of people who use the stoves. They’re less expensive to run because they use half the fuel of traditional stoves, while still using the same sources of fuel such as wood, crop waste and animal dung that the users typically burn. And the stoves have an added perk of speeding cooking time up by as much as 40%, which I'm sure is helpful to harried mothers. Cultural relativism was taken into consideration, with the new stoves adhering to the unique cooking methods of Indian women. The team will move on levitra online in canada to other areas including Africa and Central and South America, designing clean-burning stoves to fit the residents.

Envirofit as an organization goes beyond just stoves, fighting pollution in developing countries through fixing up two-stroke engines, and they’re working on cost-effectively retrofitting emissions-spewing two-stroke engines with direct injection technology. They’re starting up this endeavor with the Philippines.

Via GoodCleanTech, Envirofit

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written by Stupidmop, July 11, 2008
Once again you hit me with what I want to generic viagra online canadian pharmacyonline viagra no prescription hear ecogeek! Thanks for the best stories on what I am interested in! Wake up NORTH AMERICANS. THIS SHOULD BE NA 2.0 and SOLAR THERMAL :)
(our only hope)
You must be joking
written by theirritablearchitect, July 11, 2008
Simply unbelievable.

And this,


Sounds a lot like despotism to me. You willing to force others to take up your approach? Seriously, I'm asking.

Hope you guys die cold...and in the dark.
written by noone, July 14, 2008
... helpful to harried mothers. Cultural relativism was taken into consideration ...

makes me wonder - have you ever been lived outside of the US? or even travelled?
written by BAYOR, July 31, 2008

Nous vous felicitons pour votre découverte concernant vos cook stoves adaptés à l'usage des déchets de récolte du bois , des excréments d'anmaux .

Nous souhations vous representer ou etre votre distrobuteur au TOGO Burkina-Fasso etc...

Le desert avance au Togo et pour la protection de l'environnement nous pensons que sa sera un treés bon marché car nous pensons cantacter les autorités ,les décideurs du TOGO qui sont des camarades de classes.

Nous profitons pour porter a votre connaissance notre Societe qui dénommées Comptoire d'Exploitations des produits agricoles et Marketing qui opére depuis 1997 au TOGO.Directeur de la societe et suis président de l'Association "ARTISANT TRANSFERT DE TECHNOLOGIE ADAPT2E ET ENVIRONNEMENT"Toutes nos structures sont enrégistrées au TOGO.

Disposant moi meme d'une huilerie industrielle légere , les déchets des graines oléagineuses , les tourteaux servirons eventuellement comme combustible.toute forme de coopération pour la vulgarisation de vos cook stoves serait la bienvenu.

Dans la suite de vous lire sous peu recevez Merssieurs Mesdames , mes salutations les meilleurs.

Le Directeur

BAYOR Soufiane

Administrateur Civil,Documentaliste



Subject:We wish to be your sole agent in TOGO

Dear sirs,

We are interested in your Biomass stoves.

We would like to be your distributor or buy them

We are looking forward to hearing from you

Yours Fathfully

BAYOR Soufiane
written by dr.kalyan basnet, October 27, 2008
date: 27oct.,008,

love physical labors, and always do it.
Never be lazy like Indians, Africans, ....
do not think, believe, act, that medical doctors, health personals, nursing home, doctor's clinic, hospitals, health institutions, will provide you, health, healthy and long life, because, that medical doctors, health personals, themselves are over weighed, alcohol abuser, physically not hardened, fit,..... these people are thinking, believing, and trained for running for money ,passing stressful life,...
eat balanced, and essential, needful, less carbohydrate, less protein, plenty of buying viagra in canada green vegetables, salads diet.
loose your fat as much as you can.

Drink plenty of food drinks, water, according to best online generic viagra your physical works, hotness, dryness, etc…. be happy with what you are, what you did and free levitra sample what you are doing.
always share happiness, not your sorrows with all.
feel that life is beautiful, life is precious gift provided by god, happiness is abundance around
Feel god is enter site cialis cialis online present near to you, around you.
Feel happy, and feel, strong, satisfied, having plenty, healthy, beautiful, worthy, even if you are, weak, not good looking, diseased, poor, neglected, in scarcities, failures, etc…..


> solar power, wind power, hydro power, atomic energy { nuclear power plants,

> etc..... }
> bio-gas, gas produced from, GOBAR {dung of domestic animals, which are very common in third world countries: - cows , buffalos, goats, horses, donkey, camels etc },....are, not only, everlastings, sustainable, lesser pollutants,
> better eco friendly ,
> safer, etc.................... but also, huge sources of energies, for to
> day's energy hungry,
> human population. we must immediately devote, dedicate, contribute, etc....
> time, money,
> wisdoms, know ledges, resources, men powers, human experiences, scientific
> knowledge,
> wise, united, firm ,determined, political and social leaderships,
> develop
> sciences, and technologies, skills, political, social support systems, management, business systems, etc in world wide levels,.... utilizes the nature provided free
> gifts, which are
> above mentioned, energies resources, as soon as , as much as, as large as
> possible.
> ………………………………………………
> urgently stop the centuries old bad habits of hundreds of millions of illiterate south Asians, Africans, south American, poor and illiterate people of central Asia ,south east Asia, who
> were, and are lazy, illiterate, stubborn, irresponsible, who never care for own children’s education, wise rearing, upbringing, to whom these people were producing in large numbers in each family, in the past and continuously, irresponsibly producing in the same manner at present also, causing ever-increasing human population in these, always backward , poor, illiterates third word countries. these people are always passive for good works, not eager to learn good things, always hopping for others help for simple, easy, achievable, fruitful,…,thinking, deeds, …. Who were and are
> cooking the foods in fire burn by
> woods, dried cow dung, buffalos dung,...,which were and are
> self destructive, health hazardous, ......, rather use Gobar gas { which is also bio-gas, produced from, GOBAR = dung of domestic animals { which are very common in third world countries } , which are:- cows , buffalos, goats, hoarses, donkey, camels etc.. ,} urgently in all villages of south Asia, Africa, poor countries of we use it levitra label south America, central Asia ,south east Asia, who use woods, dried cow dung, buffalos dung,..., for cooking purposes, so that we can urgently stop further destruction of scare, very useful forests, and urgently stop of further damages , destruction soil [due to burning of dung of domestic animals, which was and is to be very useful natural fertilizers [compost fertilizers] for soil, urgently stop the ever increasing misuse of chemical fertilizers, in the soil for agriculture purposes because people of villages of above regions, are having less and less dung of domestic animals to make compost fertilizers, due to uncontrolled, ever increasing human population in these third world countries . As the human population of above mentioned third world countries, was and is increasing rapidly, the numbers and volume kitchens burn by fire woods ,dried cow dung, buffalos dung,..., are also increasing rapidly for cooking purposes by the uncontrolled, ever increasing human population, in these third world countries, by which was and is causing ever increasing pollution of soils, water resources. urgently stop the further air and atmospheric pollution due to ever increasing burning of above mentioned fire woods, dung of domestic animals for cooking purposes by the uncontrolled, ever increasing human population, in these third world countries, so that we can urgently stop the further damages and destruction of ecology, environments,...
> dr.Kalyan Basnet
> mental hospital, Katmandu, Nepal

over population
written by dr.kalyan basnet, January 09, 2009
Date, 9 Jan. 009
Indians were and are numerous types of Gypsy crowd, who were and are dirty, filthy, lazy, not innocent, cheaters,………………..producing too many children, who were and are causing un controllable human over population not only in already over crowed , always backward, always remained and is being remained impoverish, unmanaged,…………… India, but Indians over crowd, rapidly burdening the all over the world, due to their ever increasing, migrating population of skilled, semi skilled, unskilled Indian crowd to the countries of whole world.

Dr.kalyan basnet,
mental hospital,
Kathmandu, nepal
written by dr.kalyan basnet, January 12, 2009
Date, 12 Jan. 009
Chinese, you are massively polluting the atmosphere through your out dated, gas juggling heavy industries, every day increasing millions of motor vehicles in your china, … make matter worse, why you Chinese were and are chain smokers of cialis 50 mg cigarette ? which were and are doing harm to your health, were and is shortening your precious lives, at the same time you cigarette smokers Chinese, you were and are harming the health of your children, your families, your communities,….. through passives smoking effects. as ever increasing millions of motors vehicles in china also, hundreds of millions of Chinese cigarette smokers, … are adding the pollution, causing cumulating effects, on environmental pollution of, all ready sick mother earth, due to world wide ever-increasing environmental pollution. did you Chinese learned, the chain smoking habits of cigarette smoking , from your late chair man Mao, late reformist leader teng siao ping, who were also chain smokers in their lives.
Dr. Kalyan Basnet,
mental Hospital , Kathmandu, Nepal

written by dr.kalyan basnet, August 03, 2009
date, 3 aug.009.

immediately start to construct the massive underground electrical railways system like in Moscow in all the large, overpopulated, over crowded, over polluted, cities of the whole world , particularly compulsorily make above mentioned electric underground railways system in all the cities of impoverished third world countries, where more than 90 % of these regions of third world countries are situated in very hot , very dry, dusty , highly polluted regions. compulsorily promote ridding bicycles by the public even by king, queen, prime ministers, ministers , and all the vip, and common people , poor people..... compulsorily promote public buses in every nook and corners of all cities even in late night times, compulsorily promote efficient mass transient systems in all over the world. compulsorily and urgently construct, build above mentioned mass communication, mass transient systems in all third world countries .compulsorily construct, built efficient electric rail ways system like bullet trains of Japan in all over the world but compulsorily construct, built in all third world regions. from now onwards in all over the world. immediately stop to built, construct heavy, bullet proof , luxurious, super heavy, super fashionable motor vehicles for ultra luxurious lives, for romance of heroes, heroines, super stars, for ultra fashion, honeymoon,..... .....................other wise you will certainly die like Indian cheater, most corrupt,........... Guru. osho bhagban Rajneesh, Michel Jackson,. who was one of the un polite human being in this earth, extremely undisciplined, extremely vulgar,............. young man and due to god is almighty there must be so many criminal human souls waiting for god's judgment in the long line in coming days....... from now onwards in all over the world. try our best to harvest the rain water however, wherever possible, to store the above mentioned rain water however, wherever possible in all over the world .in these rapidly growing concrete jungles age, and concrete jungle's world let us try and buying viagra in canada do our best to plant trees, shrubs, grasses ,.. with help regular irrigation with store rain water so that we urgently make dry , dusty land , concrete jungles into green, non polluted, clean cities, town, villages in all over the world. let us try our best to make the roof of the our home, houses, buildings, each and every concrete jungles of the whole world , green if possible green for whole year by planting small types of plants in flower pots , irrigate these plants with harvested and stored rain water. which will help us to breath the clean air easily, easily to see [ look] all around, easily to live , work , studies, learn, play , do sports ,go around ,roam, go outing, pass leisure time, go for hiking, trekking, rafting, enjoy holidays, that we can happily enjoy the levitra priese precious human lives even in these very hot , very dry, very poor, impoverished, over populated, highly polluted, highly noisy, quarrelsome, diseases prone , volatile, always disturbing, nuisance, very roughs, rowdy, unpleasant, very hard to survive, troublesome ,... in today's third world countries.
written by Ron, November 10, 2009
Hopefully this will work for India and keep it clean. India must industrialize
indian stool
written by dr.kalyan basnet, January 27, 2010
Date. Jan. 27, 2010.

Dirty Indians

Go to hell. Dirty Indians do NOT Directly dispose human raw excreta [ stool, urine,…,] into streams, rivers, ponds, lakes, lands, oceans.,. do compulsorily process it,….., and make gobar [ human excreta
] gas,. and, use it,…, as a fuels,…, for kitchens,…., before
criminally, continuously disposeing100 of tons of raw excreta [ stool,
urine,…] from your so called mega cities in all over the India, [
which you Indians are doing since more than 100 of years ], which were and are causing extreme contaminations, pollutions,……, of above mentioned natural resources, which are so essential for the survival of all living being including human being. Due to daily direct disposal of human excreta into the water resources, lands, sea, residential areas [ 100 of thousands of villages, tows, cities,……. ],of not only India but all over the world, which were and is causing direct severe contamination, pollution ,….., of above mentioned natural resources, which were and are continuously causing, spreading,……., infectious, parasitic ,……, diseases e.g. diarrhea, amoebic dysentery, bacillary dysentery, different types of parasitic diseases , protozoa, viral disease e.g. giardiasis [ delhi belly ], malaria ,lesmeniasis [ kalazar ], typhoid fever, intestinal tuberculosis, different types of helmenthic diseases, paralytic disease of click now levitra india children due to polio virus,…………,. not only in India but all over the world. in this way you dirty Indian , you were and is making vicious cycle of infectious , parasitic diseases,…., in the human, animal, insects, …., population which you were and are causing heinous crimes to the human, animal population of whole world.

Date: 3 jan. 2010.

Africa, china, India and all so called least devolved, under developed, poor
, always not developing, over populated, ……….., always hungry mouths

Go to hell.

What hell you did in that very very clean, nice, civilized, well to do,
beautiful,…….. capital city of Denmark : Copenhagen during your 2 weeks of
stay in that city, which cordially, generously welcomed, became a host
city for climate change conference in that city.

Developed countries of the whole world, do not any more contribute,
donate,………., single cent to these parasites, who were ,……, are, and always
remain lazy ,very very rough, rowdy, ill mannered, un grateful, hooligans,
always critical minded, negative thinkers, dirty, spoilers, extremely un
civilized,…….., population of so called third world countries

Dr. kalyan basnet

Senior medical officer

Khotang hospital, diktel, khotang, Nepal.


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