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AUG 11

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"Hey, it's not just chickens that have productive poop. Humans generate..."

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Chicken Poo Power Plant Replaces Coal Plant, Reduces CO2

This is levitra cialis viagra price one of were can i order a real viagra those things that make my Monday a little happier. A chicken farm north of Beijing is making a better use of a coal-fired plant by converting it to utilize its 220 tons of chicken manure produced daily by its 3 million chickens. So chickens can power people, and homes.

Maure is handy for helping out with alternative energy and fuels, and this plant will be pretty significant in terms of getting power from poo. The revamped plant is the online cialis Dequingyuan Chicken Farm Waste Utilization Plant, and will reduce CO2 emissions by 95,000 tons a year while producing 14,600 MWh of electricity annually.

An anaerobic digester will treat waste material and produce biogas that powers two gas engines. The heat generated during the process will be cycled back in to the fermentation process, as well as heat the farm and all those chickens during winter…so they can poo more. Nice loop, isn’t it.

While factory farms like this are ridiculously hard on the environment, we know that they aren’t going away in the immediate future. So it’s good to see this farm doing something to reduce its footprint a bit.

Via Cleantechnica; photo via darynbarry

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written by Doug, August 11, 2008
14600MWh/365/24 = 1.67 MW.

This plant will produce roughly the same output as a single large wind turbine.

Of course, they're using the visit web site sale levitra heat too (essentially a co-gen setup), and probably selling the remaining waste to neighboring farms as fertilizer, so they're using this resource with very high efficiency.

Also, they're taking what would have been methane released to the atmosphere, and converting it to CO2, which will reduce its greenhouse-warming impact quite a bit.

So it may be more meaningful to view the electricity as more of a by-product of these other benefits, than the other way around.
written by Nick, August 11, 2008
Well, I can condone that kind of cheapest price viagra deliverd uk activity, all though it is a little odd. 'course, I had chickens, and we used their poop all the time for fertilizer.
human waste too
written by Tim, August 12, 2008
Hey, it's not just chickens that have productive poop. Humans generate an enormous amount of waste also that just gets, well, wasted. A lot of waste could be prevented and heat and energy generated by harnessing municipal solid waste (MSW). See "A Crappy Solution":

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