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DEC 22

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"It amazes me that the myth of buy viagra online cheap us clean coal is not adequately discussed i..."

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"Clean Coal" Coalition Made $57B Last Year...With Dirty Coal

The ACCCE, a coalition of coal and the best choice high quality cialis energy companies that have been paying for a deluge of advertising discussing the merits of tramadol without rx clean coal technology made a LOT of money last year. That was last year.

Since the very first dollar was spent on carbon sequestration technology, that "clean coal" coalition has spent about 6% of that money acftually doing research on carbon storage. And the VAST majority of that comes from two projects, one from Duke Energy and the on line tramadol other from Mississippi Power.

The scary and true thing about coal companies is that they have never spent money on research unless they were required to. The only significant research undertakings of the coal industry were spurred by the clean air act.

Carbon storage is one of the most important aspects of our clean energy future, but the companies that have the ability to research and implement it have no reason to do so. So we're stuck with renewables (likely a more expensive option) being researched and developed far more quickly. Just one more reason why old industries die hard.

There is really no surprise here. Energy companies will not spend money cleaning up their act unless they are forced to. And while the $45 M they've spent on advertising (and $125M they've spent on lobbying congress) is a pretty strong force for the status quo, I'd like to think that true progress, and clean technology will win the cheapest mail order viagra day.

Information for this article comes from a report (PDF) published by the Center for American Progress.


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So what?
written by EV, December 22, 2008
They list a bunch of non-energy producing companies. Alcoa, for instance, is on the list. So is General Electric, the company that is building all those wind turbines.
written by Michael, December 23, 2008
These coal scum bags would lie cheat and steal for anything. They are worse the the lowest criminals held in jails and prisons. They are merchants of death killing thousands of people yearly. There are technologies out there that can and compare cialis levitra viagra will completely replace coal and oil that are natural and sustainable. These lying thieving scum bags have destroyed the air and water dumping hundreds of millions of barrels of ash and slurry in the Gulf of Mexico killing millions of fish and plants. In addition, roughly 13,000 people a year die as a direct result of pollution by big coal corporations. They are evil men. May the good Lord have mercy on their souls as I can not and will not-they make me sick to my stomach.
written by Clinch, December 23, 2008
I have to ask you Michael, do you generate you own power from renewable sources, or do you use coal-produced power, bought from the energy companies, just like the cialis from canadian pharmacies rest of us?
So if they're evil, and you're paying them to do what they do, then what does that make you?

I agree that coal has bad points, but at the moment, it is a necessary evil, there would arguably far more problem from mass power-shortages, than are currently caused by the pollution they create.
It's better that they're trying to be green while we still need them, rather than trying to get as much money as possible before they inevitably die out from being replaced by renewables.
Clean coal technology
written by Clean coal technology, January 07, 2009
To know about clean coal technology we should have a clear glance about coal and the emissions.And also the new technologies like hybrid engine and some renewable resources.
Clean Coal Companies
written by Clean Coal Companies, January 12, 2009
Since the very first dollar was spent on carbon sequestration technology, that "clean coal" coalition has spent about 6% of that money acftually doing research on carbon storage..nice article.
Fight the Myth of 'Clean Coal'
written by Kathryn Schwartz, January 16, 2009
It amazes me that the myth of clean coal is not adequately discussed in the television news media, however, it does give me hope to see people commenting on just that, even if it is online. We all know that the internet has the ability to affect massive amounts of change, and I hope the issue of clean coal is one of them.
If you have not yet discovered it, there is a coalition of many groups dedicated to fighting the misinformation about clean coal. has launched a 100 Days of Action to Power Past Coal campaign, and its goal is to provide, through the order cialis online cheap website, the ability for community activists to add their local events and cialis non prescription gather information about clean coal. Please check it out, and let’s make this a powerful campaign. In order to do that, we need all the assistance we can get.

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