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JAN 09

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"The Argument of tampering with Nature is age old to generic cialis sale say the least if n..."

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Scientists Testing Iron Fertilization Off the Coast of Antarctica

Recently, the British Royal Navy made an interesting discovery off the coast of Antarctica. The melting icebergs were releasing iron into the click now generic viagra mastercard ocean, which in turn lead to large blooms of carbon-absorbing algae. Once the algae were full of CO2, they would sink into the ocean, taking the CO2 with them. Basically, a natural form of carbon sequestration was happening, as though the earth was trying to stabilize itself.

Now scientists want to see if they can ramp up this natural sequestration by fertilizing the ocean off of South Georgia Island with several tons of iron sulfate, hopefully creating even larger algae blooms and link for you gay viagra even greater absorption of CO2. The real test is whether the algae sinks far enough (at least two miles) to actually keep the CO2 out of levitra 30 mg the atmosphere and if so, if it stays underwater long enough to slow down global warming.

If it does work, scientists think iron fertilization could slow global warming enough for us to make the changes to stop it in its tracks. Because the process was already happening naturally, scientists have been able to beta blockers and levitra make sure aquatic life isn't affected by the increase in iron.

While I think the idea of the earth "wanting to save us" as one scientist put it, is an incredibly romantic notion, I do think that if the planet already has an effective system in place, it's a good idea to go with it. In some ways, this idea is as logical as saying, "trees absorb CO2, so let's plant a lot more trees." Yes, carbon sequestration is still on shaky ground, but this could be a real true test of its potential. The algae is just doing its job. Now we just need to observe.

via Treehugger

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written by Colin, January 10, 2009
"Now scientists want to see if they can ramp up this natural sequestration..."
"Because the process was already happening naturally, scientists have been able to make sure aquatic life isn't affected by the increase in iron."

Kind of a cool idea, but ramping up natural processes doesn't guarantee no effects.
I.e. forest fires occur naturally, so we can ramp them up and nature should not be affected.
Leave them algae alone.
written by Taka, January 11, 2009
"Ramping" ? Maybe we should ramp down what we do. Perhaps we should focus more energy on reducing our own actions than getting unsuspecting natural systems, habitats and ecosystems to do our dirty work for us.
Exciting Times Ahead
written by Michael, January 12, 2009
It concerns me of the level of doubt cast upon ideas that are forward thinking.

We already view the changing of the planet in a negative format as it is without methods to reverse the brand cialis for sale process getting negative comments also.

Instead of levitra buying continually pushing the negative effects and using the age old tactics used by governments "Scare" in order to cialisbest cialis get our point across.

The recognition that the earth is being effected by the continuing emmissions of C02 to massive levels above those capable by the natural world and the lungs of the world are being cut down hectare by hectare..

We know all of that.. so lets fix it.. I planted 32 trees last year in my garden and if I had a swimming pool it would be full of algae!!!!

Lets try everything we can to fix this!!!
This is ridiculous
written by David Hau, January 12, 2009
There will be unforeseen and discount generic viagra unfavourable repercussions with this sort of tampering. Instead of trying out these "solutions" which involve tampering with nature, how about we just work on reducing our emissions?
Tampering with Nature.. What next? Cures
written by Michael, January 13, 2009
The Argument of tampering with Nature is age old to say the least if not on follow link get levitra the archaic side.

All that is being looked at is a method of enhancing what nature does best.

If you want to focus all your attention on reducing emmissions when so many before you are already doing this please go ahead, im sure they'll appreciate the support.

However be realistic we have massive Industrial growth in India and China, we all saw the professional cialis cloud above Beijing during the olympics.

Im not saying that side should not still be at the forefront of all endeavours but if you dont stop looking around that very small box that your in, it will be too late.

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