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FEB 26

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"I was surprised that the UbiCycle was included in the viagra legal online 50 finalists...I..."

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Greener Gadgets Preview: Ubicycle Public Bicycle Program

One of the popular design ideas isn't a gadget at all, but a concept for a shared bicycle network with lots of green details. The Ubicycle Public Bicycle Program aims to solve the problems that have held other public bike programs in the past.

The program consists of solar-powered bike stations, smart-card readers and discount viagra europe the bikes themselves. The stations would be located conveniently in residential neighborhoods, near schools and downtown workplaces as well as near mass transit stops. The smart-cards in the program would work for unlocking the bikes and charging the user based on the length of visit web site official canadian pharmacy time the viagra 10 mg bike was used. The same card could ideally be used to cialis vs levitra access buses and trains to create a full network of car-free options.

The bikes would be uniformly-colored a bright green to deter theft and include a built-in locking device. Solar power runs the stations so that they remain secure without being manned.

Bike programs have had varying degrees of success in the cities that have launched them, with theft and vandalism being major issues along with just plain lack of use. If this design could advance security measures and offer more convenient locations, especially linking to other mass transit, this program could really be effective.

via Greener Gadgets

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written by Cory Hagen, February 26, 2009
I Love Biking. I don't live anywhere close to where they might put something like this, but the idea is awesome.
They already have this program going in
written by Gregg, February 27, 2009
In Paris they have a program just like this (less the whole solar charging) It's called "Velib" and is very useful. There have been some problems, but mostly on the user end (stealing and trashing of bikes).

Reinventing the wheel
written by Niels, February 27, 2009
We already have this system in the Netherlands. Last year there were 480000 rides with the bikes out of the dispensers. More than 50000 people have subscrided to the service and there are 182 locations where the levitra paypal uniform bikes can be lended. Check out their site: (unfortunately in Dutch)
written by vvv, February 27, 2009
in Bangkok too.occasionally see peps using them.
written by Laura, February 27, 2009
www.carectomy is down. Just thought you should bring it back up. Keep on riding!
A few MAJOR steps behind
written by M, March 02, 2009
I was surprised that the UbiCycle was included in the 50 finalists...I live in Europe and most major cities have (or are planning to have) excellent public biking access with bikes and bike lanes provided. It's cool, trendy, healthy and much more social than SUVs in parking lots....But is the UbiCycle really possible with suburban sprawl, strip malls and no real city centers that are alive in the US?

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