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MAY 04

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"The Capitol Power Plant is the epitome of politics and online cheap viagra power brokering..."

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Congress Stops Burning Coal, Should Also Install Solar Panels

Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid announced yesterday that the almost-century-old Capitol Power Plant, which provides heat and hot water for congressional buildings, has stopped burning coal. Over the past few years, the plant has used increasing amounts of natural gas in place of coal and since March, the plant has solely used natural gas.

This news is definitely something to the best site canadian drugs viagra cheer about, but Congress could take this even further. While any reduction in the amount of buy tramadol no prescription coal being burned around the globe is order cialis online a good thing, if Congress really wants to set an example, they should be switching to renewable energy sources, or at least integrating them into the buy viagra soft current plant. Natural gas is far better for the atmosphere than coal, but solar, wind, geothermal and biomass are even better than natural gas.

Switching lightbulbs and updating government fleets to more fuel-efficient vehicles are all helpful and necessary changes, but the government could make a much more dramatic change that shows that they are fully invested in the climate and levitra online sale energy bills they are writing by using renewable energy technologies and making the Capitol more sustainable.

via Boston Globe

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Renewable energy
written by david, May 05, 2009
I would donate some panels to Congress if they decide to go green,
written by Tom Van Sistine, May 05, 2009
Just think how much enrgy and pollution would be saved if Pelosi use commercial flights instead of a private jet all the time. The enegy in one jet flight back to California would like the capital for a long long time. "Do what they say but don't do as they do."
Energy Audit?
written by Carl, May 05, 2009
I haven't heard of any comprehensive energy audit (though I see there is a whole department on greening the capitol). It seems like it would be useful to require an energy audit on all federal buildings, then require energy conservation upgrades that cut costs with a payback of say 10 years or less.

Wouldn't cogeneration would be a good way to provide building heat (after proper insulation)? From Wikipedia, it used to supply electricity, but no longer. The waste heat from electric generation could be used for building heat.
Congress Stops Burning Coal
written by Glenn, May 05, 2009
Here's news: Students are lobbying for sustainable living and promoting renewable energy, 'gifting' solar panels to their schools and now, finally our leaders, the US Congress begins to follow our kids!?
written by Mr. Sinister, May 05, 2009
A wise man once said, "Better is the enemy of good". Can't we just take a piece of good news and be happy instead of tacking 'but' onto everything?
written by Musson, May 05, 2009
Get serious and convert to natural gas. There is currently a surplus that is predicted to last for decades.

Or, you could put up a couple of solar panels for show - while buying power from the grid. And, pretend to be green.
written by Tom Blakeslee, May 06, 2009
Solar thermal panels can preheat the boiler water. That way fuel, which should be biomass fills in the rest. A hybrid
Clean Coal At Last
written by MajorAluminumm, May 17, 2009
The Capitol Power Plant is the epitome of politics and power brokering,pun intended.This should have happened long ago.

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